From Newtown, CT area...


Im from Monroe CT, the town that shares a border with Newtown CT. Our boys play Newtown in youth football. My doctor is in Newtown, my neighbors work in Newtown, both towns are very similar. Newtown spans a large area and I wouldn’t call it a “small” town, thousands of people eat at Newtown restaurants and use gas stations in Newtown on a daily basis, since it borders two major highways (84 and 25) basically surround the town.

Many citizens here own guns, and furthermore Police patrol the streets, even when there are hardly any murders here. In fact, in the last couple weeks, I drove to Newtown once every two days for instance when I met with my insurance guy at a Restaurant on 25, and to pick up food from five guys, Police are all over the place, directing traffic, sitting waiting to ticket speeders and hanging out talking to bodega owners. In my opinion there is NOT a heck of a lot of police work to do here. Since everyone here owns a firearm it’s not the best place to burglarize if you know what I mean. It is one of the last places a criminal from a nearby inner city looking to rob people would go.

When Hurricane Sandy hit us a few weeks ago, me and my son left our street in the SUV to go to the supermarket to get supplies. We pulled out of the street and immediately I see a police officer directing traffic because a tree had fallen on a power line. I immediately slow down as there are two cars going through the left lane directed by the police officer and I knew in 80 yards I would have to drive very slowly and with caution through this. I have 200,000 miles driving for 20 years with only two moving violations in that time, both occurring more than 10 years ago.

I know how to drive. As I approach the detour the police officer signals for me to roll down my window. She goes to my right side and I roll down my window as I am driving up to where she is. She tells me angrily… “Slow DOWN!” Ok, I say, no problem and begin to drive off.

Now honestly I am thinking… man, I wasn’t speeding, I saw her as soon as I left the street, why would I be doing that, that would be stupid. I am thinking, man I pay $15k in property taxes here, what the hell did I do wrong? This wasn’t the first time. In fact everytime I see a Monroe or Newtown police officer and wave to them or try to be friendly they do not reply and stare me down. I have no arrest record, and no, Im not black if thats what your thinking.

Its not the first time I felt like they are this mafia group that bullies people around here. And it is not only them, but the schools as well, Ill explain…

On Thursday, my wife asked me to come with her to meet a new geneticist for our 2 year old son, so we leave around 2:00 PM for our appointment. We are finishing up the appointment and my son calls. He tells me “My school sucks!” And I say why? He tells me that he was in art class and he dropped a stack of artwork on the floor. Immediately he was scold and told to wait outside. He asked the teacher if he could wash his hands first and she said no, so ok… he did as he was told and waited in the hallway. Now he’s not perfect, he’s 13 so of course he touches the wall with paint and then he is told he will have to do after school detention because of this. But this isn’t why he was calling. He says the vice principal who is not very fond of my son bumped into him and told my son “Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to hit you, if I did mean to hit you it would have been much harder.” WHAT??? I ask my son, are you exaggerating? “Dad, I am NOT exaggerating.” He said that.

I remember when I was young, in 2nd grade I hid under the bed because I did not want to go to school and my mother gave in and took me out of that school and put me in another one. My son on the other hand does not pull any of that. He is a good kid and has been attending the same school since he moved in with me two years ago after living with his mom.

I woke up at 10:30 on Friday ready to get to work, as I work from my home office. My 13 year old son had gone to school already as he always does. Im happy to say he has a very good routine and gets up early, makes his own breakfast and walks to the curb to catch the bus with his friends. So I wake up, my friend who works around the house is doing his thing and downstairs in the kitchen. The home phone rings and I am thinking someone will pick it up, either my wife or my friend, Im thinking if no one gets it Ill go downstairs and check the caller ID in a couple minutes.

I remember I have a fed ex pickup at 12 as I need to get my accountant my statements and I want to get them out before the end of the week, as well as make a deposit at the bank. I pick up the home phone to check the caller ID and press redial since I do not recognize the number. A message comes up “Thank you for calling the school, etc.” So I’m thinking to myself Xavier got in trouble again, but I wasn’t sure which option to press so I decide to call my son instead. He doesn’t pick up. Im feeling the need to rush, so I leave to go to the bank. I make the deposit, then I feel hungry so I go to the deli.

I walk into the deli and the wall TV is blaring a news bulletin. I look up and there is a red banner at the bottom of the screen that says “Shooting in Newtown school.” “3 injured.” I have this surreal feeling, its different than if it said “Monroe School” as I would have driven immediately to my son’s school. It was surreal, and I was so much in thought that when my friend behind the counter greeted me I didn’t say anything. I had followed the movie theatre massacre and then the massacre in the Mall, so now a school in my area I really did feel like this was confirming my beliefs that “This world is going to hell” and other stuff like that. I tell my friends behind the deli that this is why I carry a handgun, and everyone should, etc. I order my sandwiches and rush home.

I text my friend who works with me and tell him a shooting happened at a Newtown school. He says “I know…”

I get home and the phone is ringing, my friend pics it up and tells me it is a message basically explaining my son’s school was on lockdown and “everyone is safe.”

Meanwhile, children in my son’s class begin to get texts from their parents and the children start to freak out, asking the teacher what is going on. It was the texts that alerted the kids.

Remember, I am not at defcon one yet since I know there can’t be two shootings in two schools at the same time, or could there be? This is what we were thinking. At that moment, they announce on the TV that there were TWO shooters and one of them got away in a van, and there is a whole classroom unaccounted for. My friend tells me he got a call from a family friend that works as a bus driver at Sandy Hook, and basically explains to my friend that a guy walked into the school and shot all the kindergarteners.

The TV then updates and they announce 18 kids have been killed by a gunman.

It starts to get real very quick at that point. We have so many friends who have children of that age in Newtown.

I call the school and ask them if I can pick up my kid. They say yes, meet him at the front office.

As I am driving, my friend calls me and tells me one of our good friend’s Chris kids is in Kindergarten at Sandy Hook, where the tragedy occurred.

We start to really panic for our friend Chris, and at that very moment, my friend tells me over the phone he sees Chris running into the school with his wife.

About 3 minutes later my friend tells me “There he goes again, and he’s got his kid.” We both exhale with relief.

I arrive at my son’s school and walk up to the door. There is a police officer waiting and she looks at me but doesn’t come to the door. Another woman walks up and now the police officer comes up to the door and asks me who I am. I say Im here to pick up my kid.

I meet my son and we leave in the car. I don’t talk much but I ask my son how the school was handling it. He tells me they didn’t say anything about it, which I agree with. I do agree with the way my son’s school handled this.

We get home and we continue watching the news, which we are relying on for information. After an hour or so, we turned it off and I went on Facebook.

My Facebook account has 1700+ friends, consisting of people from my area, clients, people I work with in the industry, friends of mine all over the world, etc so my news feed was going off with a lot of different kids of people with all sorts of reactions because it was already national news. The people in my area reacting to it were mainly asking each other if their kids are ok. I sent my friend Chris a message telling him Im so glad his kid was ok and to count on me if he needed anyone to talk to.

He soon posted an update explaining his experience at the school and told everyone he won’t be posting for a while of course.

The next thing that started coming up on Facebook were thousands of complaints about the Media harassing people like my friend Chris. In fact, the next bulletin Chris made on Facebook was regarding this problem and he referred to the journalists (If you could call them that) as “Gouls.”

The whole time this was going down I didn’t get any texts from anyone else about what happened since people rely so much on cable TV and Facebook to find out whats going on.

Someone I know in the online business niche posts “don’t be distracted everyone” “30,000 people are killed by US drones, where was the outrage.”

I fly into a rage and immediately post to his status “Your an idiot, etc” which I NEVER do on Facebook, I would save that type of discussion for a political board.

Alot of other people were responding to him as well, saying things like “All the money has gotten to your head duche” and stuff like that.

Now all the classical musicians I know including my stepmom, start posting to Facebook “Guns should be outlawed!”

My stepmom and father call me and tell me they want to come over and I say thats a good idea, we should stick together as a family.

They get here and we have a viscous all out verbal battle debating gun laws and the conversation is mainly consisting of my father telling me “I wont be able to protect myself if someone comes in my house blasting and to jump out a window and call the police” So basically I should be fine with giving up my rifle if they come to take it.

I tell my father that no one would even THINK of coming in my house or anyone else’s home around here because they know we are armed. Not to say burglaries do not happen around here, heck some guy got drunk, crashed his car and went to sleep on my cousin’s living room sofa, but could you imagine if the law stated semi-autos were illegal and therefore our homes were basically as vulnerable as schools are? Or as defenseless as people are walking home from the subway in NYC? I tell my father that I am trained shooter and my guns are in a safe. He says “they’ll break into your safe.”

At this point I tell my father he is insane.

What is the point of this?

I say let’s come up with a solution so that there is not a civil war and the country divide into little pieces like the U.S.S.R. did.

He starts to listen.

I tell him that 90% of the gun deaths in the United states are from illegally carried weapons, which were obtained by people who bought them from states that have very lax gun laws. He agrees with this. I tell him that Connecticut laws are fine, there is a two week background check for semi-automatic rifles, and a mandatory training course, then a 3 month wait for handguns. You also need to obtain a temporary city permit for handguns, then take that and physically go to the State Police to obtain the full carry permit. There are strict laws regarding your handgun. You are made aware that you will be held responsible for anything that happens with that handgun that is against the law. If I do not store my handgun properly and someone obtains it, hurts and/or kills someone, I will be in deep trouble. You are made aware of this when you obtain your license.

I go back on Facebook, people are ranting and raving and although so many people all over the nation had shared the horror with our community, there were so many posts and arguments that were just so poorly put together it gives you a hopeless feeling. On both sides, we are failing to solve a political problem, we are failing to pinpoint what is going on here.

Aside from any conspiracies or “globalist agenda” arguments, you can simplify this. Not that I fail to see that at the very less, this is an enormous opportunity for the ones in power to control us, with terror, so that we will look to the government to “save us.”

As I write this, almost 36 hours later, the TV banner does not say “Shots in Newtown school” anymore. It says “Students were shot multiple times.”

The president is to visit our community in an hour. We were planning to meet in Newtown to barricade the Westboro Baptist Church who is planning on “celebrating” the deaths of these kids and faculty but the Police have told everyone to stay in today, there are threats at Churches in Newtown now.

The media did serve it’s purpose Friday Morning. However it is obvious that their content is stolen from those who are suffering. It is obvious that the Police are incompetent. It is obvious the government is incompetent. It is obvious that they are harassing the surviving children. With all 50+ Police on the force, where was that single guard at the school. These are our children who we send off everyday to attend a Public School, an UNGUARDED public school. With 700+ kids in one building, the generation so unprotected, and then the solution to our violent society posed by others being so idiotic, so retarded, it makes me sick to my stomach.


Hey, Monroe, I’m from Bethel - the other side of Newtown; the buddies we fondly called, “Our cousins to the East.” And they, in return. Mobs of us folks either hanging in one town or the other, or over at Squantz Pond, back in the day it was thinly populated, and easy going to hang out at.
I’ve long-since moved from there, but my sister still lives in the area, and my grand-niece attends Newtown Middle School. Yes, you could say nerves were on end that day. I thank the dear Lord that their and my loved ones came away (practically) unscathed from that horror. I weep for those who did not. A friend of mine’s sister lost her first grandchild that day. 6 years old. I gotta stop, or I’ll start crying again.

That, sad to say, is where our familiarity ends. And that is because you find this, “fine.”

I tell him that 90% of the gun deaths in the United states are from illegally carried weapons, which were obtained by people who bought them from states that have very lax gun laws. He agrees with this. I tell him that Connecticut laws are fine, there is a two week background check for semi-automatic rifles, and a mandatory training course, then a 3 month wait for handguns. You also need to obtain a temporary city permit for handguns, then take that and physically go to the State Police to obtain the full carry permit. There are strict laws regarding your handgun. You are made aware that you will be held responsible for anything that happens with that handgun that is against the law. If I do not store my handgun properly and someone obtains it, hurts and/or kills someone, I will be in deep trouble. You are made aware of this when you obtain your license.

I do not find that “fine” in any way shape, or form. NO free person should have to go through that amount of agony to obtain what should be his to obtain of his own free will guaranteed under the Consitution of the United States.!!!

But it’s a no wonder that people who accept that kind of curtailment of their god-given, Constitutionally protected rights expect everybody but themselves to protect their children and themselves…
…then turn around and blame the government and the police for their ineptitude, when - hard as this going to be to hear - it was your own.
And you know that. That’s what’s agonizing you, even if you don’t know it.

How about instead of defending firearm ownership by how hard it is to obtain one, you start making it easier so that people like teachers have an easier way to go about defending themselves - and the children you send into their care - on a daily basis?

It should, from this day forward, be mandatory that all teachers, administrators, and school clientelle be accredited by a firearms safety course on the proper use of firearms.

ALL schools, by the 5th grade, need to start a course in proper firearm handling.

You don’t stop crime by making people AFRAID of guns; you stop it by making people FAMILIAR with guns.
Once the crimminals know you are familiar and UNafraid, they’ll quit.
Afterall, isn’t that what you said about the low crime rate in your area?

Only an idiot keeps an unloaded gun in a locked cabitnet.


I absolutely agree and my guns are loaded bro. You have to understand that these people, including my father do not want to become familiar with guns and never will. When someone has such anger towards the fact that the guns used in this event were purchased here, I defended the laws here. Second, if you have noticed, one of the pillars of their argument is quoting these statistics. (10,000 gun deaths, you might have heard this before) These statistics are from criminals, not law abiding citizens. The people who stand behind Obama on this are not listening to the constitutional argument AT ALL. However they have no choice but to listen to the reality that the people who are going to be disarmed are not the ones who they are really looking for. I try everything, CT laws are not the only thing I defend. I explain how they train teachers in Switzerland to shoot, therefore extremely low crime, I explain how doctors are 9000 times more dangerous, etc. They got this idea from the media. There is NO WAY they are this brainwashed to ban all cars because of drunk drivers. When I bring up the fact that all genocides happen right after gun bans they call me paranoid. At this point I am desperately trying to get through to people before it is too late, so if you have any advice Im all ears.


Just been there and done that last night. One of my friends on Facebook (who’s also a member here on RO) was posting about the gun issue in the wake of the Newtown shooting. I pointed out the 20th century purges that followed strong restriction of private ownership of guns, and one of his friends called me a conspiracy theorist.


Okay, ya gotta start small w/small brains.
Here’s a start: Guns Used in Self-defense

You might also want to tell them that in every single resent case of mass shootings, the shooter only stopped when he was confronted by a gun, himself.
The implications of that ought to stand on its own merits.

Look up crime stats in FL - the first state, I believe, to go w/Conceal & Carry permits. Show them the major DROP in crime since they implemented it.

It’s gonna be a rough row to hoe, considering that it doesn’t occur to them WHY the crime rate in your area is so low, but maybe if you show/recall before and after stats, they’ll start opening their minds a little bit. Although, I’ll admit it’s hard to meet and open-minded person from CT.
The one thing you should not do, if you don’t mind my asking, is defend CT’s laws. They’re archaic!


I have very good news. We met again last night and after 60 minutes of my argument, were in 100% agreement. I will break it down the best I can for this thread. And 2cent… when someone in your own state is arguing with you regarding the law, stating there should be more law, against the constitution, you should defend that law and PROTECT IT. If I were to say “No, there should not be any background checks at all on AR-15’s” (Which would be all there is to argue in that respect) I would lose my credibility to be taken seriously. You lose your seat at the negotiation table which would be a disaster at this point. The thought of not being able to protect ourselves is horrifying, especially after this.

I would advise to help EDUCATE these people first and not sabotage yourself. This is why the NRA is running scared.

This is what MY argument consisted of:

“I do believe that where there is only a choice between cowardice and violence I would advise violence,” Gandhi wrote in his work, Doctrine of the Sword.

He continues: …When my eldest son asked me what he should have done, had he been present when I was almost fatally assaulted in 1908, whether he should have run away and seen me killed or whether he should have used his physical force which he could and wanted to use, and defended me, I told him that it was his duty to defend me even by using violence. Gandhi advocated “training in arms” to defend liberty


This was the first thing I presented. Immediately he said “That’s a LIE!!”

I immediately went to google and copied and pasted the sentence that had enraged him into the search bar .

"I told him that it was his duty to defend me even by using violence. Gandhi advocated “training in arms” to defend liberty


We both immediately saw “Ghandi, Ghandi, Ghandi” all the way down the page.

I then verbally explained…



Intellectual sledgehammer.

Look what happened in Australia: Watch what happens when Guns are banned in Australia - YouTube
Or how the media fails again and again to report amazing, heroic stories like these:

Obviously, this would make AMAZING news! AMAZING ratings! More Advertising revenue!

It overwhelmingly OBVIOUS that a major news source would be in NON-COMPLIANCE to report these hundreds of stories that occur every month.

PERPETRATOR or GOVERNMENT DOING the KILLING: Ottoman Turkey: 1915-1917

Victims: Armenians NUMBER Murdered (estimate): 1 to 1,500,000 MILLION INNOCENTS

Date of GUN CONTROL Law:1886-1911

Victims: Anti-Communists; Anti-Stalinist’s:
NUMBER Murdered (estimate): 20,000,000 MILLION INNOCENTS

Date of GUN CONTROL Law: 1929

Victims: Jews, Gypsies, Anti-Nazis: NUMBER Murdered (estimate): 13,000,000 MILLION INNOCENTS

Date of GUN CONTROL Law:1928-1938

PERPETRATOR or GOVERNMENT DOING the KILLING: CHINA 1949, 1952, 1957, 1960, 1966, 1976
Victims: Anti-Communists, Rural Populations, Pro-Reform Grou:
NUMBER Murdered (estimate): 20,000,000 MILLION INNOCENTS

Date of GUN CONTROL Law: 1935-1957


Victims: Maya Indians: NUMBER Murdered (estimate): 100,00 INNOCENTS

Date of GUN CONTROL Law: 1871-1964

Victims: Christians, Political Rivals NUMBER Murdered (estimate): 300,000 INNOCENTS

Date of GUN CONTROL Law: 1955-1970


Victims: Educated Persons NUMBER Murdered (estimate): 1,000,000 INNOCENTS

Date of GUN CONTROL Law: 1956

Ban ownership of all semi autos, gun crime will increase just as it did in UK. Adam Lanzas will then drive to brooklyn and buy a FULLY AUTOMATIC machine gun. Then, no one will be there to protect you. A rifle such as a .223 is the same bullet and functionality as a regular hunting rifle. They are not “assault rifles” as that would be a fully auto which is illegal. Your being lied to. The Bill of rights states that the people should have equal force as the government does. Of course we know we do not, but that’s the least we can do.

It is asinine that an elementary school would not have a guard. This is a violent society and there is no hope to change it. To disarm our only way of defense and rely on cops that take 15 minutes to arrive is ridiculous.

You are responsible for yourself.

Rebuttal: “You’re right.”

Now this was not easy and he is by no means “easy” to debate as he is history professor, but one of the most important points that I made was that the solution that you hear from the zombified, authoritarian democrats is to disarm the GOOD GUYS and not the criminals and Government goes with out saying.

If you were to divide this into a pie,

33% good guys
33% criminals
33% Government

(for example purposes only as these are not the right numbers)

You are effecting the wrong group. The Government knows this, so this is terrifying. We should be concerned.

Something we were in immediate agreement was that there are many Elementary schools all over the country right now that are UNGUARDED after this tragedy.


Put a cop at every vulnerable place. NOW.

Train security to shoot. NOW

Of course since they have resorted to brainwashing our culture into blaming an inanimate object rather than the EVIL done by a human being, they are not interested in keeping our children safe.