From the mouth of babes...


My daughter made a particularly astute remark the other day. She is an uncommitted voter…(in this election all voters will likely be committed, with various phobias, delusions and general anxieties. ) and said that she had watched most of the RNC ,especially approving of Mr.Trump’s family. She says she was almost persuaded…but every time she weakens, and is ready for TRUMP NATION, “he opens his mouth and says something stupid.” I am an old campaigner, but I can NEVER remember anyone shooting themselves in the foot as often as Mr.Trump. This thing should be sewn up! Of course, if I may be (HAHAHA!) “Devil’s Advocate”, we should remember:

  • The media is against him and every word he says and Tweets is combed for ammunition
  • Billionaires are used to having their own way…and common folks take offense at “plain speaking”, especially plain DUMB speaking, and even the most kind hearted staunch Republican has only so much
    grace , love, and forgiveness in their souls.

I propose a DONALD J.TRUMP MORATORIUM for the next two months! Mr. Trump must put a sock in it and say NOTHING for two months, until the Republican Candidate can garner the Party and Independents behind himself, taking back the lead in likely voters.
Our watchword is "REMEMBER “SILENT CAL” COOLIDGE" …go and do thou likewise, young Donald.:embarrese


Yes indeed Trump puts his foot in his mouth more than any politician has ever. I don’t think that anyone can disagree with that. On the other hand I doubt that any person alive has never done the same thing (Trump just does it a lot more often).
Here’s the way I look at it.
Which would I rather listen to: 1. A finely crafted speech made by a professional speech writer to please the most people & garner the most votes or 2. Someone who says what they are truly thinking at the moment? I for one am TIRED of hearing what someone else wants me to hear & which very possibly has not an ounce of truth in it. If I wanted to hear those same old tired lines I could listen to any politician because they all have speech writers & all know how to sell snake oil to the masses. So I don’t mind his mistakes because I make them myself, they make him seem more human. Also I don’t expect or want even him to agree with me 100% of the time because if he does I know that he’s just selling himself for votes before the election & will change after the election (like all politicians).
But again Trump doesn’t matter to me. It’s all about the objectives that the party has & I’m against socialism so I’ll vote for Trump or anyone that runs against the democrats.


I can see it now another desk calendar put out, just as they did with Bush, by the left which tells us all Trumps blunders or perceived blunders.


I just had a kind of twisted idea. It’s not logical but kind of interesting. Here goes:
There are a LOT of stupid people out there. People that will hear an obvious lie over & over & start believing it just because they hear it over & over. Well with all of Trumps mistakes & the lefts attacks on him, his name has been repeated over & over in the media. I wonder how many people will vote for him just because they have heard his name in the media about 5 times more than Hillary? Now on the face of it that idea sounds stupid. But if you apply stupid ideas to the actions of stupid people one would have to assume that it would be right more often than not. I know, dumb but on the other hand saying lies over & over has worked for the democratic party more often than not.


Oh, I thought this would be about how Trump booted a mother and her baby from his rally:

""Trump Flip Flops On Crying Baby, And Has It Ejected From His Rally"


With Billary riding herd, I don’t think the antidemocratic Democrats have the credibility they once did.


It does seem to work in advertising… :vomit-smi


I have been away for a while.
My pc ‘broke’!

Got a new one with a TWO TERABYTE hard drive!!

Well let me dive right into this …

I can see why you have Liberal as part of your user name.

You, like the Liberal media continue to spread phony, made up stories!

Here, let me enlighten you:

MEDIA LIES EXPOSED – Mother with crying baby at Trump rally: “Trump NEVER kicked me or my child out”

*Politics By Amy Moreno August 5, 2016

It was the “shock headline” heard ’round the world, “Donald Trump kicks crying baby out of rally.”

Things got increasingly nutty.

Rolling Stone published, “Watch Donald Trump Throw Crying Baby Out of Rally.”

The Guardian said, “Trump ejects crying infant from rally.”

However, according to the mother, everyone is wrong.

From Red Alert Politics:*

A message from Devan Cierra Ebert, who other attendees confirmed to be the mother at the Ashburn rally, was shared on Facebook. In her statement, she said, “Mr. Trump NEVER kicked me or my child out of the Briar Woods High School, Trump rally.”

“The media has severely blown this out of proportion and made it out to be something that it wasn’t and is clearly using this as political gain for the Democratic Party. I hope this message sheds light to what really happened,” she said.

No one from the press spoke with the mother before running their stories, and if they did, they would have learned she is still a vocal Trump supporter. “I fully support Mr. Trump,” the statement reads.

The statement is actually directed at Trump. She wanted him to know that she never felt kicked out, was not kicked out, and walked out on her own accord. “I would just like him to know personally that I, by no means felt I was ever ‘kicked out’ of his rally. I excused myself and my child when he awoke from his nap and began to cry.”

MEDIA LIES EXPOSED – Mother with crying baby at Trump rally:


RedState is liberal media? Were you TRYING to make me spit out my coffee?