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is anyone else’e front page screwed up? I’m also having a harder and harder time logging in.

Not right now…

I always go straight to the forum menu page because the front page takes so long to come up on dial-up.

It’s working fine for me and I usually have trouble with pages loaded with a lot of graphics and ads. The Blaze, Breitbart and Daily Caller are almost impossible to load. Some times my computer stalls and then it shuts down. :angry26:

The current front page has never worked for logging in. WIJG said it would be a while for that to be fixed. I have my computer set to “keep logged in”, yet when I go to the front page, it asks me to log in. I just go to “forum,” and find I am already logged in.

Seravee, hark! Check your PM’s!

Er, that was awkwardly expressed… :awkward: :embarrese

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[quote=“Fantasy_Chaser, post:7, topic:46072”]
Er, that was awkwardly expressed… :awkward: :embarrese
[/quote] oops! what a difference upper or lower case can make…

Did Seravee have pms to check? :wink:

[quote=“qixlqatl, post:9, topic:46072”]
Did Seravee have pms to check? :wink:
[/quote] he had PM’s! not PMS or pms!

This was on a par with my ‘Boca Raton terrorists." (They’re still lookin’ for 'em.)

So, you’re claiming it was a Freudian slip? :smiley:

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