Ft. Hood massacre survivors accuse BO of betrayal


Just saw this on the news:

Fort Hood heroine says victims ‘betrayed’ by Obama | Fox News


Remember the saying from the 60s that in the future everyone will have their 15 minutes of fame? Well, with Pres. Obama everything important gets 15 minutes as his top priority.


Oops! I didn’t complete that sentence: With Pres. Obama everything important gets 15 minutes as his top priority, and then he goes out for a round of golf.


It is a travesty that Obama classified the Fort Hood shootings as “workplace violence” instead of an act of terrorism. By this act Obama denied all the victims their benefits as victims of a wartime act.


HE is a traitor to this country and everything he does is an act of wartime terrorism. He HATES this country and everything for which it stands. Now the AmeriKan people have given him 4 more years of “NO HOLDS BARRED!!”


Well…not all of us voted for him. He only won by 3%. That means 47 percent of us don’t like him. And there must be a good 25% that will figure out the free cell phone ain’t worth it. Istill can’t figure out how he made it through Texas!

By the way I love your signature.


Thanks! And welcome to this forum!! You’ll find it very interesting. And yes, I understand that not everyone voted for the buffoon. But, enough did to put him back on his throne for another 4 years. God help us! (I was thinking of changing my signature, but I don’t have anything yet that I like. :redface:)


Plus there was all the voter fraud. Which is no longer a deeply kept secret, but is outright blatant.