Funniest Article Re: All Those R.W. Blackbirds Falling Out of the Sky


All those Red Winged Black Birds and Starlings falling out of the sky happened nearby so it’s probably more interesting to me than most. However, I did hear that it made national news. Still, I’ve got to laugh - in a warped kind of way - when it takes something like this to put ‘fly-over country’ on the map.

The deluge of dead red-winged blackbirds, grackles, and starlings that fell out of the skies over Beebe, Ark., on New Year’s Eve in all likelihood has a simple scientific explanation.
Yet genuine concern spread quickly through the town of about 5,000 on New Year’s Eve, and understandably so, as environmental cleanup workers in white jumpsuits descended on Beebe on New Year’s Day to pick up thousands of dead birds from roads and walkways.
The main worry was that the birds, like the proverbial canary in the coal mine, were an indicator of a toxic threat – a possibility that has largely been ruled out. Yet the event spooked residents near and far as, in the absence of a final explanation, imaginations are running wild. People have tried to link the bird die-off – which is certainly unusual, though not unprecedented – to everything from a sign of biblical end times to chemical conspiracies, shifts in the Earth’s magnetic core, and even proof of UFOs.
IN PICTURES: The red-winged blackbird and other ornamental birds
Movies like “The Core,” TV shows like “FlashForward,” and books like the “The Doomsday Key,” which all involve scenes featuring birds falling out of the air, fuel superstitions that birds such as ravens and vultures have prophetic properties or serve as omens. It’s a long-standing belief among mankind.

It’s a fairly long screed, but if need a hoot today, read on:
Blackbirds fall from sky, fish die off: What’s a conspiracy theorist to think? -

My take is that they all died of ‘blunt force trauma’. That ground is HARD! :biggrin:


the internal bleeding could have been caused by the blunt force trauma. So that still leaves the matter of why they fell or headed for the ground.


I was reading an article on this and one comment stood out about how there have been fireworks for years and now this is occurring. Could this be an effort to curtail fireworks?

Personally I feel it has something to do with listening to Obama’s scripted speeches.


I’m thinking it’s a protest to all the Snowbirds that will coming into your State if that Casino issue passes.


infowars as usual says US testing on crowd control in the event of civil unrest? or maybe death panels?:devil:


Seroiusly, I imagine it was most likely lightning or upper hail storm.
Problem - it happened again yesterday. :freaked:

Sam, that occurred to me, too.


aren’t the idiot scientists running tests for poisoning? I dont buy the fireworks thing. Wonder if this is an ELF fund raiser.


They’re doing autopsis, (forget what it’s called for animals), but had already ruled out toxins.
However, they do believe it was toxins/poison of some sort that killed off the 80 THOUSAND drum that died all at once in one area of the Arkansas River.
Then I heard last night that a bunch MORE birds died yesterday.

I think I’d postpone any plans to travel to AR if I was you. Looks like it’s fatal. LOL

That second flock had 500 in it, and was in Louisiana.


I’m just thinking here. If this was government inspired, can we expect any scientist to tell the truth? Even if it is terrorism of some kind, can we expect the truth on that either in todays climate of protect the muslim/leftwing whackjob?


I was going to say something about the kamikaze birds in Sweden, but with only 50 of them I don’t think there’s much point :smiley: (factchecking, go me lol)