Fusionism Is Dead

Rural America is Broke Sex Sells, and cowcrap smells. The breakup of big $ and the GOP. If the GOP becomes more union friendly, and fights for the poor I’ll have to see how I cast my lot.

By all means. It’s time for corporations to cozy up to the government and get special perks. It’s a great system. Big companies get huge advantages over their smaller competitors because government officials use the system to support them. Government officials, like the Biden, Clinton and Pelosi crime families get mega wealthy from corporate kickbacks.

What a wonderful “progressive” system! It’s called fascism.

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Number one Democrats are globalist, secondly were not nationalists, nor nativist that is your party those are elements of facism we do not share. Thirdly the heart of fascism may lie in corporate state unity. Yet what made fascism was the treatment of minorities. It’s called social democracy when not everyone is racist and mass murder doesn’t take place. It’s worked in Sweden for 90 years Finland for 80 years Norway for 95 years. Denmark 85 years. Netherlands 70 years. etc. We had it until 1996 and you know why I hate Clinton he made the poor poorer than any president in history. The point is your steak is cooked this is good as it will ever get for you guys the rise before the very very big fall. Unless you pull some South Africa apartheid stuff yeah your steak is cooked this is it.

No nationalism among Democrats? Gee, I wonder how those Chinese spies ever made inroads…

You can have fascism without ethno-nationalism.

China messages openly about it’s ~53 minorities, Egypt does the same for it’s groups.

What they hype on, like the French, is the national identity.

Sweden stopped being socialist in the 90s after initiating it in the 70s.

They’ve been steadily privatizing their healthcare for years.


The generalization wasn’t even 1/4 accurate.

Going to mention the non-progressive tax code next?

That last one is the most unequal country on the planet.


Funny how not-well that metric works to picking out human or societal well being.

Not among the Democrat “intellectuals:” they are globalists. There is not much among the Democrat leadership either. They are into it for power and money. They only talk about “Americanism” when they can use it to keep power.

What are you down with the CCP was Putin not enough?

Democrats are all euro-japan baby. Talking bout that Nato Zelinsky and Hungary is next.

Our national identity is obese and loud I’m cool and not gonna take it I’m cool with that.


You know what I’m saying regardless, Democrats want a social state on par with Europe Canada and the other 4 anglo nations closer ties with Japan, Europe South Korea and the other 4 anglo nations. We don’t like Hungary Poland or Russia.

I think Alaska just said we were nationalist its hard to understand him sometimes but yes we are Globalists thank you for getting one thing correct.

Were into it for equity, civil rights, pan-nato-ism, liberal democracy and justice for all!

You are deluded about the Democrat leadership’s aims. Look at how the Democrat power brokers all get rich. The smart ones, like the Clintons, Obamas and Pelosis use insider information and bribes to get to be worth hundreds of millions. The dumb ones, like the Bidens, only get up to several or maybe $10 million plus. If the power elites decide that the Biden family follies are threatening their position, they will remove Joe and Hunter and make examples of them.

The Democrat elites have no interest in the utopian goals you think they support. They are interested in power and money, and only use the rhetoric you like as a means to getting it.


You just don’t try.

I would argue both sides exploit this like Cheney with halliburtion, Bush with the Caryle Group. Trump is facing federal fraud for his real estate holdings during office.
so to you its only the democrats.

Why do Fantasy Chaser and Sendgop call sweden socialist? I use the term capitalist social democracy because thats what I believe in. Fail Safe Markets that work for the people.

Except, no? Their markets are freer than ours. Welfare State policies have no bearing on whether a market is free.

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Tell that to Fantasy Chaser and SENDGOP. Tell them they spend 54% of GDP on government and their markets are free-er. Social Welfare takes care of the people so damn well they don’t need a minimum wage. They also allow gay marriage(which they force the state church to perform), abortion (paid for by the state), their FM radio is largely nationalized and their main broadcast channels are nationalized. Yeah tell them that please not me. Tell them how there are no Locks on prisons in Norway because the prisoners have it better there than they would on the streets or addicted to a drug. Tell them about the zero tolerance for drugs and Prostitution and the average Swedish woman has 67 partners in her life time so there would be no need for such. You know what they will tell you they will tell you that Is socialism because all things involving equity consent and fairness are socialism. If its not back breaking manual labor pull your boots up country music and a small town bar they don’t know it exists. You ever talked to a fellow from the county Alaska. You ever wonder why FC can’t get more than a 768k modem?

You know why you pay 700 dollars for a Dyson vacuum cleaner because I steal 10 of them a month and mark them down to 400 on sites like craigslist. Thats what they don’t understand.

According to TradingEconomics.com, in 2018 Sweden’s top personal income taxrate was 57.3%, Denmark’s was 55.8%, and Norway’s was 46.6%. Tax rates in these countries are relatively high on nearly all income, not just that of wealthy people.

The Nordic model embraces both the welfare state and globalization—two approaches to government that can be seen at times as opposites. The core aspects of the Nordic model include the public provision of social services funded by taxes; investment in education, child care, and other services associated with human capital; and strong labor-force protections through unions and the social safety net. There is no minimum wage because unions ensure that wages remain high.

You ever seen rural poverty alaska slim apparently that doesn’t exist either, the mere mention of it is Socialism. Remember when your guys favorite word was CUCk. Well everyone on here is a divorcee or a loner. I got a wife kids so how’s that feel?

They average 50%, we spend 45%. Pretty sure that missing 5% doesn’t result in the missing welfare state gooiness.

They’ve sold it off:

They have private stations.

Norway does Harm Reduction:

Norway does, Findland and Sweden will not join. I lost a cousin to that S8HT. I’m never gonna be ok with heroin. Ask a jew to be ok way nazis. Listen ya all talk a big game about families I’m the only on here with a wife and a kid other than SENDGOP and I think his kid is having kids and that kid should be making decisions about schools in Florida not some geriatric wasters. I left my dad because he left me there. Either A your a drug addict or B you are aspiring to trade in the futures of narcotics. I am an ex addict and I am telling you just telling you legalization will be literal hell on earth. But ya know what all this talk of drug legalization is SOCIALISM. Either you too high to realize your in the wrong party or your a libertarian and you’re higher than anyone else in the damn room. None the less drug legalization is SOCIALISM. You want real DMT that hits better than Shrooms 4-aco-DMT is legal in most states at the time we speak.
RESTRICTED TERRITORIES: Alabama (AL), Arizona (AZ), District of Columbia (DC), Florida (FL), Illinois (IL), Minnesota (MN), Nebraska (NE), Nevada (NV), North Dakota (ND), South Dakota (SD), Texas (TX), Vermont (VT), Virginia (VA), West Virginia (WV)

For other States, please view our Restricted Territories.

All those states up there are cracking down on SOCIALISM because they aren’t CUCKS. Trump is Great Blood and Soil, Tariffs and Economic Confusion. Markets love piss poor responses to bio-events. I’m sure after what Mark Esper wrote the markets are gonna love him being back I mean its not like CEO’s are turning on the hard right for fear of profits. Its not like markets are WOKE they just don’t wanna operate in the damn dark ages. If you like drugs, or prostitution you must be one of those OPEN BORDER types my God they beat you with that label here so hard I can’t see how your still operating as a republican. Folks at Cato want their cake and to eat it too but these people when they get power your liberty loving libertines at Cato will be on the rope. it’s fun to watch a mother eat her young you ever seen it Alaska?

@Unitedwestand, I read though your lists of perks, and I am more convinced than ever that you are a true believer in imposing an Orwellian nightmare on us so that you can get the government to keep you.

I don’t recall that I ever did.

If that’s what DSL is, then did anyone wonder why I don’t care? I had dial-up until a couple years ago, and it was obviously limited. I like the DSL that I have now, and I don’t see a real need for anything better, or a reason why there should be a fuss about it. Let alone why in the world we should seek a government “solution.”

I’m not a big fan of RET423 (and I’m sure the feeling is mutual), but I remember one thing he said that I quite agree with, outside of basic constitutional functions: “If government is the answer, then it’s a stupid question.”