Future Driverless Car Laws More Government Headed Our Way?:


This can be used to question any political implications that the future may bring but one that will definitely happen in our lifetime. Driverless cars…

Yes. The very ones that Google is working on. They will be mainstream sooner than you think. Think Early 2030s.

So with that in mind comes a whole slew of ethical, moral, and legal questions. At this point Google and Volvo are still working out the legal kinks for making them state legal (that’s pretty conservative no doubt), but what’s next?

Herein lies the problem that all conservatives, republicans, and libertarians will deal with whenever new and emerging technology comes onto the market. That’s right more big government laws and regulations!!

A recent article has brought up some of these ethical questions that we will face in the future (I added a few of my own):
[]A privately owned and government maintained system maybe the DMV? will operate the future computerized roads
]A bunch of government trained computer monitors will keep an eye on all the systems, to make sure traffic flows normally. Settings by of course the US government agencies.
[]You may not legally be able to own your own car
]Seen as immoral to drive because of the danger of driving especially if these new cars of the future go 300 MPH (iRobot)
[/LIST]I’m drawing a blank now, but adds some ethical questions about the future debate in 50-60 years that we will be having as a nation about Robotic and computer Rights.

If We’re All Getting Robot Chauffeurs, We Need Robot Ethics | Betabeat


If I have a driverless car do I need to be insured to …errr… drive it?

If it causes a wreck am I responsible or is the manufacturer?

Personal responsibility was so last century…


I find this world a little disturbing.


While the driverless car technology being developed IS cool imo, I don’t understand why we cling to the entire car system anymore. Systems such as SkyTran would be far more efficient and less oil dependent.

I mean dang, MagLev tech is a proven reliable technology, and you could just hop in one of these things, and zip around on the track at 150mph while the computer knows not only where you are, but all the other pods are so it can switch you around tracks and speed in the most efficient manner. The American inventor tried so hard to implement here in the U.S. first, but all of the state governments put up so many roadblocks that he grew frustrated and then got a freaking open invitation in Israel to build. So here we are, building a more expensive and less efficient infrastructure here in the U.S.and another freaking country is going to benefit from American ingenuity first, and get all the new jobs/money in the process. Stupid Stupid Stupid.



The cars of the future will be ultra cool and King Travel and **Queen Money will continue to trump Mr. Worry, Mrs. Whine, and Monsieur Goverment Regulation.

(**Economic growth is forever joined at the hip with King Travel.)

Forbes Magazine had a great article on Elon Musk’s car wars titled “How Two Billionaires Are Supercharging The Electric Car To Upend Big Oil” in my copy that came just yesterday (amazing that it would already be on the web today.)

How Two Billionaires Are Supercharging The Electric Car To Upend Big Oil - Forbes

Crystal Ball Time:

“LA is one big freeway.” My Ball says it will get bigger with millions more cool cars as Time unfolds.

My Ball says Earthlings will be driving nothing but electric cars within 75 years.

My Ball says 90 years hence our electric cars will do 0 to 60 in 6 seconds and go 500 miles on a 20 minute charge /grin …

My Ball says wide spread use of Driverless cars are for the 23rd century :smiley:



I can see it now, Microsoft denies it has “buggy” SkyTran software. :howler:



I like my Cadillac soooooo…I will keep driving myself.


I think this would be great for freeways. The computer would plan ahead to get off, it would go a constant speed etc., keep a safe distance between cars, that would help keep the congestion down. I wonder if it would help with the ghost traffic that seems to plague Southern California?


All that fancy technology is fine for high-density population areas. Totally impractical out here in the boonies.


Amusing, heh.

Fun fact, the inventor of SkyTran worked directly with NASA on the software. The software is specifically the Plan Execution Interchange Language (PLEXIL) and Universal Executive (UE) software that NASA uses.


The more they overthink the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain. Montgomery Scott.


I imagine the law has some good examples of how to deal with these questions already via public transportation laws.

  1. I would imagine it’s similar to public transportation. You don’t need insurance to take the train.
  2. If the fault of the accident is truly the equipment, then I would indeed imagine the manufacturer would be responsible. I would imagine though that most accidents are going to be human faulted. Heck the 2 accidents that driverless cars have been involved in so far were both determined to be caused by human error. One of the cars got rear-ended while stopped at a red traffic light, and the other the google employee was driving the car manually himself.