Galileo Was Wrong

Please watch the trailer for this documentary and let us know what you think about it. I already watched this DVD and this is the most awesome documentary ever. I would like to see anyone here try to refute this DVD.

Not sure who it was but didn’t someone tell you that videos rarely go over big on here?

They may with some content included.

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Ah Yes!

It was our very own Susanna who gave you that very informative information!!

(I know cause … she just Thanked me!)

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I don’t know what the video is all about, but I do know that much that we “know” about Galileo is wrong.

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I already included content in the first post in this topic.

We need more information than “Galileo was wrong”.

Maybe a hint?

My reply is right below the video.

It’s a dumb movie trying to promote geocentrism.

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yeah wasn’t he the guy that explored china and brought back spaghetti?


Sounds like something many Americans with a high school education would say:no:.

Your “reply” is just another commercial, you are using this site as an advertising tool for crap that you probably have no interest in beyond making money.

If you have an opinion state it, if you are concerned about something state that concern and why it is important to you; if you are just here to hawk crap get lost.

I think so, he also invented the “Hybrid Car” and the thermos but I think the popular claim that he invented the salad fork is a wives tale.

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I don’t understand how people of all ages cannot love the Wiggles…

You realize, don’t you, that Sam was just being facetious?

Wasn’t he the one that created that wine?


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I have not looked at my profile in awhile, that was an interesting list of “visitor nicknames” though!

The Front Page must be getting some attention from the Left, which is cool.

Yeah, I’ve Ban-Hammered scores - if not over a hundred - of that/those character’s/characters’ “message” fake member names (trust me, the Magna Clam sentries have not been approving those “members”).

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