Galileo Was Wrong

Yes, but I was making an observation.

My profile shows 518 visits, and among the last 10, only two are legitimate members.

Just looked at my Profile. Four of my last 10 visitors are real members. IIRC this stuff has been going on for over a year, maybe two.

I saw the name “Traditional Catholic” on the late, unlamented, troll’s profile. I wonder how many of them are from that same person. Remember the guy who came under several different names, saying that if you aren’t a traditional Catholic, you’re going to hell.

If you look over the fauxny member names in the recent visitors lists in several folks’ Profile pages you’ll see an anti-Protestantism theme in many of them. So I do think we could be dealing with a dude (or a few such) with Internet Multi-Personality Disorder.

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This is hilarious. From mine:
The last 10 visitor(s) to this page were:
“The Common Sense Show”, (SAMSPADE) ISIS IS CIA!, ECONOMICCOLLAPSE SEPT/OCT, freedomnut, GWWDVD.COM, J.Anderson, On Your Knees RET423, RET423, sillipuddi*, tperkins

Yeah, I think those oddballs (or that oddball) have visited everyone’s page. I checked several people out, and most - if not all of those - were on them, plus a couple others, I think. It was on the troll’s own profile where I saw “TRADITIONAL CATHOLIC.”

I can’t imagine wasting so much of my life doing something like that. What a pathetic existence.


One I got was a website. I googled it and got a bunch of Chinese writing. I’m wondering if these are phishing bots. When I did a translate, a lot of cosmetic descriptions came up. ???

There are spamsters in the mix, too Cruella. Many days 10 or more new registrations are deleted because they are spamsters. It’s one of those things that Mods (one especially) do in the background.