Gallup poll results on lgbt numbers


The good news is that the United States has a 3.8% estimate of the population that is admittedly homosexual, in any of it’s variety of perverse stripes.
The bad news is that the United States has 3.8% that are admittedly homosexual.
Gallup also says that estimates amongst heteros was that homos were at about 25% of the population, or more!



It’s a Bell Curve. 5% total are LGTQ (The so called ‘Bi’ is in most cases and experimentation nurtured by by mind altering drink/drugs). Add to that another (as much as 5%) those who simply choose the lifestyle(s) because its trendy, where they feel most comfortable due to friendship rings and or simply pressure by others and they fall into it and do not see themselves with the ability to leave… Total will run somewhere just shy of <10%.

10%, 100% of the time is a good rule to follow in life I don’t care what it is…local bank is giving away $100 dollar bills, Friday at 6 pm at the downtown location 6 mo from today. Between now and then the bank will advertise on buses, TV, Raido, newspaper and local magazines. On the Friday at 6pm, downtown 90% of the people that live in town will show-up to get their $100 bill, 10% will sue saying they were never told about it…