‘GAME OVER!’ Trump Tweets Impeachment Finished After Stunning John Bolton Video Exposed

In the words of Mark Levin:

[I]Interview with John Bolton describing the president’s conversations w/ the president of Ukraine as warm & cordial in Aug 2019.

If he thought at the time that the president was stiff-arming the Ukrainians, he had a funny way of showing it.[/I]

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i’m not an attorney but it seems to me that conflicting remarks sorta undermine your credibility. But then…we really don’t know and neither does the NYT what Mr Bolton alleges in his book. Yevgeny Vindman knows though. What’s leaker in Ukrainian?

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It will be interesting to see what Bolton really did write. In the past he has been a super hawk and the darling of those conservatives who think that military responses are frequently the best solutions. Trump would like to reverse that cycle, and Bolton didn’t like it. That’s why Trump gave him the gate.

Now he’s PO’d and thinks he’ll get some revenge and cash in on a “tell all” book. If he has written what the Democrats want to hear, that book will be good only for the purposes that Americans used for old Sears and Roebuck catalogs at the turn of the previous century.

It’s hard to believe that Bolton has gone over to the other side to get money and vindication. If he has, he’ll be politically dead for conservatives and only the flavor of the month for the socialists.


Democrats have been contemptible for a long long time. We’re finding out how shallow, vindictive and opportunistic repugs are.