Gas Leak

I had a little bit of fun the last two days. The BIL had a leak under the kitchen floor from an elbow. A few years back his brother had put up a ceiling with drywall and later I removed it because the drywall was mildewing. I left the frame up in case he wanted to put a ceiling up later. Well I was trying to remove a piece of two by four and blam I saw sparks and smelled gas, I ran upstairs and told everyone to get out and then I shut off the gas meter outside.

We called Nicor and they came and told us it was to much work and to get a plumber. To top it off they cited him for having a water valve on his gas line for the water heater and a flue pipe that needed fixing. He had a new water heater put in several years ago and apparently there was that valve there and the installers should have seen it.

So today I spent some time removing that particular gas line because apparently it was from an old stove many years ago on that side of the kitchen. He uses an electric stove.

Al I can say is fun fun fun. Nicor put an lockout on the meter so apparently a plumber needs to do it. I could have but to spare any problem and get the gas turned back on.—

What is “Nicor” and why do they have the authority to “cite” anyone?

Our local gas company

Who gave your “local gas company” the authority to “cite” anyone for anything?

I just shelled out $181 for a plumber and Nicor came in an inspected the premises before they turned the gas meter back on. I will have to see if the home owner is charged on his Nicor bill. What can I say, Family.