Gas Prices Peak

Gas prices peaked on 6/14/22 and have been falling nationally ever since to AAA.

What if they keep falling?

Maybe, but not by a lot. I think that people have adjusted finding ways to combine trips and use less. That might not be good news for the vacation industry this summer and going forward.

I seldom drive my big red CT-6 Cadillac. The gas costs $5.5O a gallon even after the recent price decreases. It gets 20+ MPG around town and in the high 20s, even 30 MPG on the interstate highway. My wife’s SUV Cadillac gets a little better mileage, but uses regular.

Diesel fuel prices are still high, which will jack up prices for everything we consume.

Biden might get a breather, but inflation shows no overall signs of slowing.

My Mortgage is 518 a month, I bought my house in 2013. 3 bed 2 bath 1465 Sq ft. It’s worth 200k now. Obama Did that. So no matter the gas price, the mortgage rates under Trump and house prices sucked. I can walk if I need to. I just don’t wanna be homeless again. My father calls me incredibility lucky. My friends joke I’m a cockroach I can survive anything. The American voters are willing to trade their rights for cheap gas you say? I’m just saying gas is going down from the peak crude is trading lower. What if it keeps going down. Tony Evers and Gretchen Whitmer are holding their own last I checked you needed Michigan and Wisconsin. Fetterman is ahead by 4 points. You need Pennsylvania.

When you can post something either than partisan nonsense, I’ll respond. Yes, I know you loved Obama because he was a Black Democrat. We all know that. Come up with something better.

Did you become a raging conservative to spite your father?

No. I learned that the Democrats have become increasingly hostile toward successful people. Over the last decade, the growing number of socialists within their party have made it clear that those who do well financially are the enemy. This is woke culture which has taken them down a very counterproductive rabbit hole.

My father was a blank check Democrat who was also a small business man. He inherited his Democrat political affiliation from his mother, who could be best described as a George Wallace admirer. My grandmother was very much “a southern lady” She felt that “Black folks should know their place.”

If you discussed politics with him, he was as politically incorrect as you could get. He railed against welfare recipients, gays, the IRS, high taxes and government information survey forms that “wasted his time.” When it came time to vote, however, my father voted straight Democrat because the Dems were “for the little people” like him. He LOVED Joe Biden and held signs for him at rallies.

He blamed a Delaware, Republican senator from long ago, John J. Williams (retired from office in 1971) for the fact that the wage and hour law people came after him during his busiest season and almost put him in bankruptcy. Accordingly to him, Williams kept the government off his son-in-law’s back until the season was over. The son-in-law was one of my father’s business competitors. You could not explain to my father that the minimum wages laws were a Democrat, New Deal program. It was “the damned Republicans” who had screwed him.

My father was a civil rights advocate, however. He LOVED Hubert Humphrey because of his stand on that issue. My father thought Humphrey was a great man, “the greatest politician of our time,” and grieved greatly after the results of the 1968 presidential election were known. He HATED Richard Nixon and railed against “old man Ronald Reagan.” My father and grandmother strongly disagreed on the civil rights issue.

As you can see, there were complexities to my father’s positions.

It will likely prove that the lower gas prices are going to be short-lived . I am grateful but sceptical, because to BIG OIL a buck is a buck and to Democrats a vote is a vote and screw the American people.

Big oil is in the business to generate net income as are all capitalists who have their head screwed on correctly. Within reason there is nothing wrong with that. Without net income, a business will fail. Successful businesses provide income and benefits to their employees, shareholders and the economy and nation as a whole.

If you don’t like that model, the alternative, all powerful big government, is much worse. When you mix big government, corrupt politicians and corporations that thrive on insider influence, you have the Biden and Clinton crime families.

I’m thinking maybe the break (such as it is) in gas prices might last until the November election.

I don’t think that the November elections have anything to do with the current dip in oil prices. It has to do with a change in consumption patterns which has reduced demand. Even so, the price reductions are not enough to make a big difference for those who are struggling economically nor quell the anger against Biden and the Democrats.

The Democrats are banking that the “right” to kill your baby will be more important to people than a bad economy, increases in crime and the mess on the border. I hope that they aren’t.

I was speaking kind of tongue in cheek. I’m just saying that lower gas price aren’t the goal (or desire) of the Dems; they just want votes. And once they have them (or it’s clear that they won’t get them), they’ll say stuff the consumer at the gas pump.