Gay Shop Owner Kicks Christians Out Of His Business


A Lesson In Free-Market Economics: Gay Shop Owner Kicks Christians Out Of His Business Because Their Beliefs ‘Offend’ Him

On October 1, activists from the group Abolish Human Abortion (AHA) took a break from handing out anti-abortion pamphlets, and went to Bedlam Coffee in Seattle, Washington.

As the activists quietly drank their brew, the owner of the shop, Ben Borgman, entered the room and demanded that they leave. Although the group had allegedly not handed out any pamphlets in the shop, Borgman had one in his possession, and was offended by what he saw.

Holding the anti-abortion material, which can be seen in the video footage initially uploaded to Facebook, Borgman says: “I’m gay. You have to leave.” A female activists then asks: “Are you denying us service?” to which Borgman replies: “I am, yeah.”

MAYBE they could BAKE A CAKE?


I bet every “bigoted” baker, florist and photographer would be happy to help a gay activist carrying gay activist literature even if they won’t participate in gay events.

The article’s response to this was spot on.


Looks like a clear violation of Title 2 of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Seattle, Washington? I wouldn’t hold my breath until the gay shop owner is charged,


Prob never happen.

Some years ago, very quietly Congress created classes of people. As time has gone by its come down to 2 classes, the protected and privileged minority groups and the White Man.

The divisiveness in the country was born the day the law was passed and its fermented till today and we are seeing play out on the streets of America, on the sports playing fields and almost everywhere you look.

While we will never know if this law was meant to heal wounds or to gather votes, what we do know and live with is the result and its created a permanent class of voters who have been taught that can have anything they want in trade for their vote.

How this law got passed is amazing as its clearly unconstitutional by any read, it flys in the face of: “We the People”. Thru social engineering even the members of this class of people have a clear hierarchy based upon the number of boxes you check for you given minority status…a black, muslim, gay, transgender may be the top block with 4 boxes checked. A simple black man is good for only 1 box. The more boxes the higher your status and the less likely you would be subject to the laws of America.

Nothing will happen to these people and I would like to say Rightly so. Its their PRIVATELY owned business and if they don’t want _________ (fill in blank) then so be it. But what has occurred is its OK for a GAY (ETC) to discriminate, but let a white christian not want to bake a cake and the govt shuts down the business.

Is this right? NO and HELL NO and here is WHY: The Constitution acknowledges certain rights as GOD GIVEN or inalienable (unable to be taken away) , 2 of which are key: 1st Freedom of speech and religion, Freedom of association (Right to Assembly), 2nd) Right to keep and bear Arms.

Owning a PRIVATE business (SHOULD) give me the right to serve who I want, but as we can see it only applies to minority ownership). If I value my right to associate with who I want more than selling my product and putting food on my table then that is my choice. If I chose to be a bigot and don’t like __________ fill in the blank, that is my choice, the Constitution acknowledges that GOD GIVEN RIGHT! In some cases it might not be so smart, but that is my choice as a free and sovereign person.

As a PRIVATE business owner I have met these challenges. A call came in one time for an on site it issues to be resolved. The caller stated they were gay and did we have an issue with that. Well some of my folks did, I own the company and I took the job. I arrived and the clearly dressed and in action and voice was told that I might find some things on the computer offensive…that was an UNDERSTATEMENT. My guess was this gay couple either made or like to video a lot of gay acts and sell them in the gay community. I was there to sort out some video issues.

I am sitting there working and the guy sitting next to me finally says “hope you are not offended”. I paused and looked at him and said: “I am not here to make a judgement call, but to fix your computer”. I went back to work, got it fixed and got paid.

That was my choice because I am a capitalist and work for the money (I saw nothing illegal on the computer). On the other hand I should be free to have said on the fone when the call came in, that we would be uncomfortable working there and thanks, but no thanks to your business.

We have lost our freedoms in America, the 1st Amend is all but gone and they 2nd is NEXT!!!


The only thing that might happen is that they’ll lose business.


In Seattle, that’ll drum up business.


Even there, are you sure? Remember when the LGBT crowd tried to organize a boycott of Chic-fil-A? They got a minimal response, and supporters of CFA swamped what little they did drum up. From what (admittedly little) I’ve seen, the left generally isn’t much for putting their money where their mouth is when it comes to boycotts and support.


I lived in Seattle and its FAR FAR left for sure. I can say I was drinking Starbucks before most of the world knew what it was. I remember when I moved there and SB was EVERYWHERE…you had a hard tine going into a public store and not finding a SB bar. I remember walking into a jewelry store to see about a watch repair and there was a SB cart selling coffee, its was crazy…


Yes. The place is nutty as San Francisco and Portland.


Here is his take on it…

Not that it matters any. Personally, I wouldn’t have stayed a sec. longer once I found out he was gay and had a problem.
But at the same time, I totally support any business owner who doesn’t want someone in their establishment.
Never really understood the mentality of forcing ones presents. Not to mention, they were consuming product from this place. It’s never a good idea to yell at the ones preparing your food or drinks.
But hey, I used to work for Hardees, (night shift), what would I know? (snort)


I don’t think anyone is really confused why he kicked them out, but thanks for posting this because I was unaware of the comment I quote below. It’s pretty clear in the OP article, which is also spot on how to respond to this. I do think a lot of folks are confused about why Christian bakers won’t bake a cake for a gay wedding.

Both kinds of business owners ought to be allowed to proceed as they did, and apparently Borgman agrees with me at some level.

“I don’t think she should have to (serve customers she doesn’t want to),” Borgman said. “I don’t think anybody should bake a cake or sell flowers to anybody they don’t want to. And apparently that is not what I’m supposed to think … my only real reaction to that is: Why would you want to force somebody, that doesn’t want to make you something, to make you a wedding cake? It doesn’t seem like they are going to make it really well. They are not going to give you their best work.”


IMO, the guy has the right to serve or not serve people as he chooses. And to continue to be an @#$%^&* about it. Let the marketplace deal with him as they see fit. Maybe in his part of Seattle his @#$%^&*ry will attract more customers.

The really big underlying story is the hypocrisy of Libs & Progs who support his right to refuse to serve certain classes of people, but would force Christian bakers, florists, restaurateurs, wedding chapel owners, and wedding photographers to participate in something that violates their beliefs.


Not just the libs but the govt will put you out of business if you don’t bend over for the LGBTQ crowd. It’s called social engineering.


The baker’s obvious solution should have been to make a wedding cake for that gay couple, but, instead of sugar, make it with a mixture of alum and salt! They can’t claim he didn’t make their cake. Nobody has to make one that’s EDIBLE, however.


Viagra AND Alum, that ought to be a HOOT!