General arrested for Disobeying standown order?


Is a U.S. general losing his job over Benghazi?
Is an American General losing his job for trying to save the Americans besieged in Benghazi? This is the latest potential wrinkle in the growing scandal surrounding the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack that left four men dead and President Obama scrambling for a coherent explanation. …

“(The) basic principle is that you don’t deploy forces into harm’s way without knowing what’s going on; without having some real-time information about what’s taking place,” Panetta told Pentagon reporters. “And as a result of not having that kind of information, the commander who was on the ground in that area, Gen. Ham, Gen. Dempsey and I felt very strongly that we could not put forces at risk in that situation.”

The information I heard today was that General Ham as head of Africom received the same e-mails the White House received requesting help/support as the attack was taking place. General Ham immediately had a rapid response unit ready and communicated to the Pentagon that he had a unit ready.
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Navy replaces admiral leading Mideast strike group
(AP) Navy replaces admiral leading Mideast strike group
AP National Security Writer
The U.S. Navy said Saturday it is replacing the admiral in command of an aircraft carrier strike group in the Middle East, pending the outcome of an internal investigation into undisclosed allegations of inappropriate judgment.

Rear Adm. Charles M. Gaouette is being sent back to the USS John C. Stennis’ home port at Bremerton, Washington state, in what the Navy called a temporary reassignment. The Navy said he is not formally relieved of his command of the Stennis strike group but will be replaced by Rear Adm. Troy M. Shoemaker, who will assume command until the investigation is completed.

Navy replaces admiral leading Mideast strike group



I talked to a few of my Brothers. What they told me was both Gen. Ham and Admiral Gaouette were relieved but no one will say why. The only thing that was said was “you probably already know”.


This is Obama hanging folks to try and cover up his tracks.

In the military, the guy ON the ground, the guy standing in the bloody arena on the killing fields makes the call for help and the chain of command responds. Were that not the case we would find ourselves losing a lot of solider.

This means ME, a Pfc, with an assigned duty of Forward Observer can make the call to bring Artillery in on his own position…ask me how I know.
The GO did as he should have, not leave anyone on the killing fields…[LEFT][/LEFT]


And I thought my heart couldn’t sink any lower than it did by the day under the weight of the Clinton administration.
…oh wait!


You said he had a QRF ready, did he actually send it in? Or is he getting relieved for just organizing his men? Either way it’s BS. Just one is more BS than the other.


It will be a couple of months before General Ham is fully retired, and when he is, he will be able to speak freely. Until he is completely severed from the Army, he will not be able to speak freely. Tyrone Woods was painting the target with his laser for a reason, he thought help was coming. This administration is utterly wicked, and everyone knows why General Ham and this Admiral have gone down with the rest who fell in Benghazi.


I hope he does, but rarely do they speak out much. The reason for that is that military officers retired different that anyone else. In fact we do not retire at all, we never leave the military, what we do is “reduced pay for reduced services”, that is right out of the reg. We are subject to UCMJ for the remainder of our lives, are subject to be recalled to active duty at any time for any reason.

While its RARE there have been officers who have had charges filed against them under UCMJ many years after retirement.

As for Generals, many of them go right back on active duty after they retire, its quite common. Typically its less than 6 mo and its for special duties…


When Obama is out of Office and if the Republicans subpoena the General and Admiral to testify under oath we may learn the truth.
I hope they don’t do like past Congresses have done and drop all investigations when the election is over, proving it’s more political than not.


I can only see 1 of 3 things happening"

  1. Obama is impeached if he is sitting

  2. Obama is smeared but no serious action taken as he is BLACK and that is the ONLY reason

  3. Nothing happens and it fades into the sunset


Your right. I had forgotten about him being subject to recall. But I did wonder if he would ever be able to speak if what he has to say is “classified”. No doubt it is deemed classified.

But as Natstew said, he may be subject to a subpeona, and surely then, free to speak? I don’t know, I would think so.

I also wondered, would they be able to impeach Obama in the next term, for something that happened in a previous term? Will there be grounds? Surely. But on the other hand, he can’t be impeached for making bad judgement calls, though I doubt this is the issue. It was more along the line of dereliction of duty I would think.

Meanwhile, Admiral Gaouette is something to ponder. It is always wise not to jump to conclusions, but on the other hand it is also wise to consider fire where there is smoke. Something odd going on there. He has been temporarily relieved for “inappropriate judgement”. But when I looked up his bio, he has been decorated for outstanding leadership. So this is not consistent with his record, and there is a story going about that he was about to defend the Consulate, and his second in command immediately relieved him of duty.

Once more, we can only speculate. But all of this just spells WRONG to me, and all of it has it’s root in that night, and Obama. It is frightening to think this person could be re-elected. And when I read comments from his minions, I find myself shocked that these kind of people actually vote and have very nearly succeeded in destroying our country in the process.

  1. Yes he can speak out freely if its not classified. However few ever speak out, its just not something you do, a few have over the years and they were shunned. I can tell you they did not get to be a GO by speaking out in their career.

  2. I so no legit reason why he could not be impeached, however you can bet there would be more lawyers on this than stink on a turd. He would fight it tooth and nail is my guess, granted its all up to Congress, Klinton was impeached, but little came out of it

  3. Bio’s mean nothing. GO’s get relieved of command mostly for political reasons. I won’t go into what brings it all one etc etc, I say plenty of it. Suffice to say, never think they are one big club and they are all tighter then butt buddies, it don’t work that way I assure you…I have had to help separate 2, 2 bullets, teeth and blood is everywhere in that office.

  4. It goes beyond spelling wrong it stinks to high heaven and has bammy’s name all over it. Impeachment is not good enough, we have enough at this point in time to go forward with what is called an Article 32 Investigation leading to criminal charges that resulted in the murder of 4 Americans as he watched. He belongs in Federal prison for the remainder of his life at Ft Sill Ok…where every morning at 0500 they start swinging a sledge busting concrete, that lasts till 1700 hrs 6 days a week. That is not how I would handle it, I would strip him of his office and walk him off the WH to the street, put him on a plane, one way ticket to anywhere that will take him, he coughs up his citizenship and passport and if he ever steps foot in America or even flies over the US he will be charged, in the words of Jack Lord: ‘book’um Dano, murder 1’…


You said it so much better than I Lol…

Agreed. This is far from over, but I still go to bed worrying he will be re-elected. Meanwhile, Halloween is upon us here, husband is breaking out the Pirate gear and will not be swayed. Alas, duty calls.

Avast ye Scurvy Liberals, avast!

Thanks Don for saying it properly, I gotta get. Take care all, I’m off to get into mischief. But somehow the treats don’t seem fun at all with all these tricks at work.


have a good time Storm



  1. Bio’s mean nothing. GO’s get relieved of command mostly for political reasons. I won’t go into what brings it all one etc etc, I say plenty of it. Suffice to say, never think they are one big club and they are all tighter then butt buddies, it don’t work that way I assure you…I have had to help separate 2, 2 bullets, teeth and blood is everywhere in that office.


Oops, I forgot to say, yes, nodding in agreement. I know. Husband is retired army officer, both my mom and dad were army. I was born on an army base, and every word you say is true. Some of husbands best tales are exactly what you relate.

Speaking of husband, I really got get now, we are running late. Pleasure hearing the strength of your words, I feel the same way, but I am new here and was trying to tone it down for the gentle folk.

Now I truly have to get, we are running late…


< Retired Army, '67 - '94


I surely can’t take the credit. Husband was 68-2000. Army infantry officer. We have an age difference between us however. I’m younger, not that it matters.

As for husband, his father before him was an officer, as was his father. Now on the other hand, my upbringing was not nearly so grandiose. My mother was army as was my father. He was not an officer however, but a Master Sergeant.

My mother God love her, was born and raised Texas bred. My earliest memories are of a lady that taught me early on to be a lady, though I have surely let her down throughout the years. But in our house we were taught to say “Yes Mam and Yes Sir.”

And when we crossed the line, it was not “calm down and go in time out”. It was “At ease young lady!” Lol… God love her.

Anyway, before I started school, I knew the meaning of PDQ, ASAP, KP, and “at ease”. (see above)

Okay, have gone on and on making much ado about nothing. I have successfully sheathed my trusty pirate sword and am off to bed celebrating that as of now, there is hope for this country because Dear Leader has not yet won another election.

Regards Don, and to all, goodnight.