Has anyone watched the National Geographic Channel’s special series on Albert Einstein called “Genius”? There is another series with the same name, but it isn’t about Einstein. A new episode airs on Tuesdays. It is marvelous! So far, there’s been 7 episodes. There are mostly unknown actors. Geoffrey Rush plays the older Einstein, but a very young, talented man plays the young Einstein. It is absolutely one of the best series I’ve ever seen! Of course, Einstein is my favorite scientist, too, so that helps. But, this is an absolutely wonderful series on his life. And, they don’t wash over the negative aspects of his life, either.

If you haven’t watched it, do yourself a favor and start from the beginning. A wonderful unknown South African musician/actor by the name of Johnny Flynn plays the young Einstein (he looks exactly like Einstein only better!). Geoffrey Rush takes up the role of Einstein as an older man. Absolutely marvelous!

Also, has anyone seen a movie entitled, “The Man Who Touched Infinity”? If you haven’t seen it, and are into mathematics, make sure you catch it on cable. It is the true story of an Indian man (last name Ramanuja or something like that) who travels to the U.K. in the early part of the 20th century (maybe the latter part of the 19th) to bring his equations (pure mathematics) to Trinity college in Scotland. What I liked so much about this movie is that this man claims that the equations that he comes up with have come from God. It’s quite, quite beautiful. It’s kind of a sad story because he is hated on the campus (because he’s Indian) and abused by some of the other students and professors. He eventually goes back to India and dies from tuberculosis (I think that’s what he had) after only being home one year. It also stars Jeremy Irons, who is one of my favorite British actors.

Ok…so those are “CT Picks” of the week!


Interesting…thanks for sharing this

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