George Allen Running for Senate 2012


Alexandria Times | George Allen wants Webb

Republican George Allen, a former senator and governor of Virginia, will run for the United States Senate in 2012, he announced Monday.

In a video posted on his website, Allen announced his candidacy with pledges of an “American comeback” and a “wise and frugal government” to a montage of American flags and other patriotic symbols like the Statue of Liberty.

“You know what we’ve been getting from Washington?” Allen queried. “Overspending, finger pointing and government mandates. What’s missing? Listening.”

Allen, who has a consulting business in Old Town, covets Sen. Jim Webb’s (D-Va.) seat. Webb beat Allen by a slim margin — about 9,300 votes — when the two butted heads in 2006 for the same seat.

So is this a very bad idea or what? I’m honestly not sure what to make of it.


I seem to remember he had some RINO accusations leveled at him before the “macaca” bunch of nothing. I am not familiar enough with him to know for sure.

Some GOPers got labeled RINO’s for supporting some of Bush’s ideas out of Party loyalty, others were on board because they embraced the ideas.

I always thought at the time that Allen was one of the guys pressured into supporting his Parties President but that is an impression gleaned from thousands of miles away.


I have also heard people saying he’s kind of a party man… but reluctantly because Bush was POTUS at the time.

The other interesting thing is that Jamie Radtke - a former aid to Allen is running as a Tea Party candidate too. She has been running the Richmond Tea Party.

Jim Webb hasn’t announced he’s running for reelection at this point but most assume he will.

Another guy from the state assembly is rumored to be in as well, Bob Marshall. Marshall is said to be a very conservative member of the state assembly.

Anyway it’s shaping up to be an interesting election for that seat.


Paul Allen looks like a good candidate… I think he is the front runner for that race or something like that.


This is the US Senate seat occupied by Jim Webb from Virginia. George Allen who you mean?