George floyd

This means that Floyd stopped breathing and his heart stopped beating (cardiopulmonary arrest) because of the injury caused by his restraint in the custody of law enforcement officers, to include asphyxia from neck compression.


No surprise here…Because your an authoritarian who thinks he is above the law. You’re worse than Floyd by a long shot.

Though Send is unlikely to say it, you’re disgusting and you are what pollutes the GOP, Not RET, Not PapaD not Caroline, you. You are the filth that’s dragged the GOP down to what it is today and I’ll say it for them.

You don’t have much room to call the GOP “filth” when you have Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA setting fires, pointing fireworks at people, pointing lasers at policemen’s eyes and blinding them, and throwing human waste on officers of the law. Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA belong to your political movement, and most of them belong to your party.

Those barbarians are going to lose the election for you before it’s over.

I KNOW what cardiopulmonary arrest means. What I’m asking you to explain is what the HELL does

“…arrest complicating law enforcement subdual,…” refer to?

You misunderstood, I called TrumpTrain2 filth, not the GOP. There are still good people in the GOP and I think you are one of them, even if we violently disagree at times, I think you do what you think is right and I don’t think you’d stoop to TT’s level.

As I’ve said before, movements are often hijacked by radicals because people aren’t driven by common sense. Trump is popular for the same reasons that Trump is.

So while you don’t support everything that Trump does, you agree with some of it and that what you stand on. For BLM it’s much the same for me. I understand the reasons they exist and some of the things they are fighting for. That doesn’t mean I agree with the methods or tactics.

But Trump is President, BLM is not.

I have nothing to say about ANTIFA nor will I take a moment to defend them, they don’t represent my interests.

And the KKK and white supremacists belong to yours, so what?

Litterally - to mean the officers were lawfully trying to restrain him using subdual, restraint and neck compression but he got a heart attack".

If George Floyd was really on fentanyl, he wasn’t going to live that much loner anyway.

The Klan and the White supremacists have long been in you party, Mr. Brown. You don’t have to go back too far to find them. Bobby Bird, the late Democrat Party senator from West Virginia was a grand dragon and part of the Democrat leadership for years. The Democrats who worked with Joe Biden in the Senate were authors and supporters of Jim Crow.

I would be careful about throwing those mud balls at the Republicans. Biden has already told us that with rare exceptions, Blacks are all the same, unlike Hispanics. He’s also told us that if you vote Republican, you aren’t Black. Joe’s tongue is so long that he’s constantly tripping over it.

If you believe that you’re delusional and only misleading yourself.

Most people who are racist support Trump, not Biden.

Perhaps going back in time, sure, but today, no.

Biden has been in politics for generations, he is a gaffe machine, so the fact that he’s said some stupid things in his time is no surprise.

Should I create a list here for all the incredibly stupid things Trump has said in just the three short years he’s been in office? Are you ready to defend them?

Come on, we can have a “quote off” see who can come up with the most ridiculous quotes that each person has said. It will be fun!

Are you REALLY this stupid, CSB? Byrd died within the last decade and BOTH Biden and Hillary claimed him as their “mentor.” The REAL “racists” among us–not the ones that you and other Dimwits ACCUSE of racism–are all DEMOCRATS and have been throughout our nation’s history. Slave owners were ALL Democrats and Democrats opposed EVERY effort by Republicans to pass civil rights legislation–including the last one, which, by the way, was a version Republican Everett Dirksen tried to get passed in the 1950’s but was thwarted by LBJ who was then a Senator. Democrats were responsible for EVERY Jim Crow law ever passed and enforced and the KKK was started BY Democrats, populated exclusively by Democrats and REMAIN the domain of Democrats to this day. A few of them believed the Dimwits’ accusations that Trump was a racist (he never was and isn’t) and offered to support him. Trump categorically refused their offer and informed them that he and they had NOTHING in common.

I’m sorry, remind me which states had slavery?

What has that map to do with anything? BTW, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Iowa and Wisconsin all went for President Trump in 2016, in case you’ve forgotten. Chicago was the ONLY reason Illinois didn’t too and the same can be said for Denver and Colorado.

New York?
I have a few surprises for you!

Since Floyd had the corona virus, why wasn’t his death listed as “Died from Corona Virus” like every death for the last three or four months have been?

Motor cycle wrecks: Corona Virus
Gun shot: Corona Virus
OD’s: Corona Virus

I could go on but why?

That was the finding of the prosecutor not the medical examiner.

Here is the autopsy from the medical examiner (not the autopsy done by the Floyd family) if you’d like to see if you can find what the prosecutor claims.

The fact that someone has underlying medical conditions does not excuse anyone from killing them.

I’m not saying it’s never happened, but the same is true in the reverse, people are dying of heart attacks because of COVID and the causes of death aren’t always listed as COVID, same for pneumonia and flu.

So do you have anything other than your assertions that actually quantify what you claim, or because you have been made aware of anecdotal examples means that the whole thing is (conveniently) being rigged?

True, but the states that went to war over 100 years ago where slavery was most prevelent are places where people are more likely to be Republican today.

Now, were the Democrats the party of racism at a time, YES! and where were the Democrats then? IN THE SOUTH!

Let’s look at the years that followed the Civil War. A war fought over slavery.

So when the Dems were the party of racism, they were the party of the south.

Good!! God bless the cop for killing a pregnant woman beater.

But that means nothing you baby-killing POS. What matters in a murder trial is INTENT!! Did the policeman have a pre-meditated intention of killing Floyd. I am sure he did not. He had no intention of killing that man and he was not trying to kill that man.

The policeman should go free, and I for one thank him for removing unneeded vermin from the street.

As usual you are a lying sack of garbage. If it were up to me your filthy baby-killing Leftists ass would be removed from the forum.

The KKK was invented by the party of real racism, Democrats. Democrats have always used race to incite fear and division for the purpose of power and they still do today.

Thanks for the laugh.

@Sendgop Guess he’s having trouble with his eyesight, can’t tell the difference between you and me.