George W. Bush Defends Monitoring "Techniques"


George W. Bush Defends Monitoring ‘Techniques’ |


Bush’s presidency was a disaster for civil liberties in the United States.


And Obama’s is becoming even worse.

I’m sure those that can only blame one of the other are having their brains explode reading this thread, LOL!


Very True. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a President who cared about our rights.


I would angrily disagree with that statement, but after the NSA thing…sigh a plague on both the parties.


And there were no domestic terror attacks after 9/11.

Thanks, Dubya, you made a lot of tough decisions while having to put up with a whole lot of silly crap.


Why would you angrily disagree?



24,219 Coalition and Iraqi Security forces dead (more than half being Iraqi).

28,821–37,405 Iraqi Army and insurgents killed.

112,979 – 123,636 Iraqi Civilians killed.

At least 160,000 deaths.


14,449 Coalition forces killed so far.

No reliable estimate for insurgents.

12,500–14,700 civilian deaths as of 2011.

At least 29,000 deaths, and it’s not even over.

And these numbers may be higher.


I’m liberal. Isn’t that what liberals are supposed to do? Blindly yell?


I’ve long looked askance at claims of civilian casualties. The figure for Iraq is nearly a fourth of total U.S. losses for military men (the guys who went into harm’s way) in WWII.