George Washington mural 'traumatizes' San Fran students; high school may remove art


When will Enough be ENOUGH!?
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Never. It’s just like politicians, taxes and spending. Never enough.


The educators who poisoned the minds of these students should be tried and convicted for treason. They are clearly guilty of giving aid and comfort to our enemies.


“Traumatized?” They sure have lowered the bar for what qualifies as trauma… (I can’t seem to find a you’ve-got-to-be-****ing-me emoji…)


This is just one more chapter in the Socialist – Democrat rewrite of history. It’s hardly new. The Communists, Nazis and Fascists have all done it. You tear down the historical figures who built our nation and replace them with new leaders like AOC and Omar.

If they get their way, we’ll be eating out of garbage trucks and living without electricity like some citizens are doing in Venezuela. Just think how great the world will be when all of the power plants are shut down and you won’t have be troubled by going to work. It’s all part of the “Green New Deal.”


Or Mao or Stalin. Except that I don’t think AOC has a snowball’s chance. I’m not sure that even Biden is as incompetent with his mouth.


Don’t count AOC out. She’s the inspiration for millions of millennials who aspire to create the socialist utopia. Just think … a barmaid one day … a DC mover and shaker a few months later.

It’s like Madero … from a bus driver to a world leader.


I suppose anything is possible, but I think it unlikely. Mexico isn’t the U.S., which has a lot more people and districts to convince. AOC is like Pelosi; she can get elected in a moonbat district, but is unlikely to win a nationwide election. And while she may be in DC, I don’t see that she’s been a mover and shaker. The only thing she’s done that I know of besides running her ignorant mouth is co-proposing that equally ignorant Green New Deal. And every last Dem in the Senate refused to vote for it (although they also didn’t vote against it; “present”).