Georgia GOPers hold meeting over Obama mind-control conspiracy


Georgia GOPers hold meeting over Obama mind-control conspiracy -

Glad my state senator is on the ball!


From the article (hoping to encourage discussion of this topic/event):

Georgia state Senators held a meeting last month to discuss Agenda 21, a supposed UN conspiracy to deny private property rights, which Obama will help accomplish through a mind-control technique known as Delphi.

The meeting was to discuss Agenda 21, a nonbinding UN agreement aimed at promoting sustainable development. It is also the target of conservatives who believe that it is part of a conspiracy to forcibly move suburbanites to cities.

Jim Galloway of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports on the meeting, which was called by the Republican Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers, took place at the Capitol and was led by a former member of the Georgia Tea Party (who was forced out because of various conspiracy theories, including birtherism), Field Searcy. A 90-minute screening of the documentary Agenda: Grinding America Down was also shown, as was a video from conservative pundit Dick Morris, who warns of Obama’s “War on Suburbs” and plan to relocate everyone to urban areas.