Georgia police chief and officer busted using racial slurs while praising slavery on body cam

On Saturday, WSB-TV 2 reported that Hamilton, Georgia Police Chief Gene Allmond and Patrolman John Brooks are out of their jobs after body camera footage of them from a Black Lives Matter protest last year surfaced, showing them making virulently racist remarks.

“The video shows two men having a conversation in front of the police department, one smoking a cigarette. It appears they are unaware that the officer’s body camera was recording,” said the report. “Both men can be heard using the N-word throughout the conversation, and the police chief talked about with whom he would rather have sex with, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms or voting rights activist Stacey Abrams.”

One of the men can also be heard praising slavery, suggesting it was a better system for Black people than today’s welfare programs.

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“For the most part, it seems to me like they furnished them a house to live in. They furnished them clothes to put on their back. They furnished them food to put on their table and all they had to do was fcking work," he said on the tape. "And now we give 'em all those things and don’t have to fcking work.”

City officials immediately demanded their resignations. Allmond agreed to step down voluntarily; Brooks refused and was terminated.

Watch the footage here.

We really need to have an ongoing talk about the pure existence of law enforcement as a concept @akaOldDog saw his people being led to slaughter by a known FBI asset on Jan 6th. I think we should go back to citizens bringing things directly before a judge and seeking justice. Maybe social workers and mandatory reporters having direct access to a magistrate 24-7. As far as speeding cry me a river the autobahn is safe.

We need to de-politicize law enforcement. Big city police chiefs serve at the pleasure of the mayor. Non-partisan election of police chiefs, just like county sheriffs, would eliminate most problems.

Cleaning up the FBI is a harder nut to crack.

@akaOldDog In Michigan sheriff elections are partisan. my county hasn’t elected a republican Sheriff since the 1960s. They keep sending sacrificial lambs like this old cowboy dude ran against an experienced swat officer. There is no difference being pandered to by a sheriff who claims to be Pro-BLM when 3 people died in his jail in the last year due to preventable illnesses 5 cops are facing manslaughter charges here for stealing peoples medicine to get high and the inmates withdrawled and died. Luckily our AG is a self hating cop or these 5 would walk.

This isn’t Mayberry anymore even the cops here don’t wanna do their job half of them are on the take for as little as 50 bucks. The War on drugs the war on poverty. We need police reform NOW. My county has 180k people but its not Rural… Rural solutions don’t work in anywhere but small towns where everybody knows each others name. My wife works at a retailer here she takes a break two times a day when she does she comes back to 3 people who took their old shoes put the new shoes on and walked out the door and she has to take them to the people who run the dumpster 3 times a day. We’ve gotten to the point where we don’t even administer naltrexone anymore no point if they keep doing stupid crap.

I lived in Lake City mi population 800 county population 10k. One high school for the whole county I can see why they think with such little effort so can cause so much change. Missaukee county Michigan most red county in the state a little Idaho in the midst of the rust belt. I would recommend watching F is for Family if you wanna understand the rust belt.

GOP solution to poverty. Sinema and Manchin are GOP in my eyes.

  • Increase levels of inequality in the country to the point where poverty and homelessness are a crisis.
  • Do this with huge, trillion-dollar tax cuts for rich people so they get massively richer, while gutting social safety net programs and supports for working-class people like unions.
  • Poverty and homelessness increase, which produces an increase in crime, and that freaks out middle-class people—the majority of voters.
  • Then, build your political identity and campaign around being “tough on crime” while completely ignoring the fact that the poverty you helped create is largely responsible for much of that crime.
  • Blame the poverty-driven crime, instead, on “welfare” programs Democrats have put into place to try to soften the blow of the poverty caused by Republican policies.
  • Get elected, create more poverty; rinse, wash, and repeat.

Tell me when the GOP has ever done anything to truly cut out the heart of Poverty WORKFARE I support this but the party here doesn’t. If this stuff ever turns into South Africa urban whites will split with the rural ones. I kid you not, shop talk alone people talk about when SHTF.

Police openly talk about targeting dems:

The previous post is so full of “Progressive” cliches, it’s hard to know where to begin.

First and foremost, if there are corrupt police officers, they should be prosecuted and removed from the force. But to make blanket statements that they are all on the take is BLM rhetoric. It’s just not true.

Second, when it comes to job creation and investment asset allocation, “the rich” people you hate an envy so much are the people who are going to introduce innovative products into the economy and provide the vast majority of productive jobs. That’s the beauty of the capitalist system.

It’s no going to come from the government. If the government gains as much power as you seem to want it to have, all of the concerns you express about too much red tape and too many regulations will become our way of life. Socialism does not work. It’s failed time after time, yet “educated” people never get that message.

The tax cuts that you abhor for the rich increase their ability to create jobs and get the economy going. There is no debate about that among economists, except those who advocate big government and socialism.

Big government and absolute power breeds corruption and inefficiency. The trouble is when government has all the power, there is no one to hold it accountable. The only checks are elections and a critical news media. The Democrats are doing all they can to corrupt those checks and control them.

Except that you’ll never get a nonpartisan result.

In St. Petersburg and Tampa, Florida, the mayor is elected without party labels. If you think that is “non-partisan,” you are delusional. Given the populations in those cities, liberal Democrats win every time. The same was true for Boston when I lived in that area. “Non-partisan” elections are a farce. It becoming more and more true that most any elected politician has a party preference. That is especially true for school boards.

@Sendgop I never said that all were on the take it’s about 50/50. Talk to street level dealers they’re more worried about other “gangbangers” than the police. Okay from 2003-2010 I used to buy weed before we “legalized” it. I have a general disdain for it. I learned to quit while I was ahead I don’t like lying to myself that’s what pot did.

Word on the street is about half were on the take the other half would do something no matter what. I got this from about everyone I talked to. I still hear guys in the shop say its about 50/50.

When you have 5 Correctional officers getting high on inmates meds thus killing an inmate who withdrawled and died you think that signals something? I linked our local NBC affiliate.

I feel like it’s easy to say that this is so far left and I don’t want to address it, cause this country is sick! Maybe you don’t wanna see the reality outside your door, but until its your grandkids, kids, or relatives being beat by the police or sent into a spiral of addiction maybe you’ll see it then.

My wife was a John Mccain voter in 2008 until she saw the city. She knows these solutions can’t work. We need internal affairs in a lot of departments that don’t have them. I voted for an independent for sheriff in 2020. I worked on her campaign. I worked against my local Democratic Party they still hate me for that. Yes I’ve been to local Democratic Fundraisers, I’ve been on multiple campaigns but they didn’t campaign during covid. The Candidate I worked for her sister was stabbed mid campaign after she lost the primary the sheriff’s office worked on it for two weeks before the state took over some think it was the sheriffs dept. Time will tell the motive they got the guy.

So a former democrat runs as an independent and her sister gets stabbed to death tell me this isn’t corrupt. If connected its proof that what you said partisanship has no place in Law enforcement. Secondly it speaks volumes to how bad our sheriff is. Thirdly reform reform reform

I didnt watch the footage and I don’t want to. Up until a few years ago I hated police officers as much as anyone; when I was 17 one accused me of trying to kill him. Talking to a lawyer, they said I would be facing a minimum of 9 years in prison.

The cop was lying. And his partner. I was given 9 months instead. Yes, I used to hate cops. Now that I’m older, I realize that not all of them are bad. Not all of them are good. But the liberal ideal of labeling all cops as racist psychos and then celebrating when they find evidence that supports this does not sit well with me. Misterblue; I would love for all police to be disbanded across the entire country and see how well your life becomes. You people are insane.

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@Unitedwestand, your 50-50 number for crooked police is still too high.

So whom do you trust? Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer?

@Sendgop… I’d say 90% of politicians are corrupt you guys had Ron Paul he was to the core honest as Abe himself. In Rural America I met the cops they aren’t corrupt they mainly deal with drunk wife beaters and not good types passing through. Out here in the city half of them do drugs, take cash, act like a more modest form of gangbanger. We’ve had to bring the feds in to crack down on guns and one from the ATF got shot last night. It’s because 90% of them won’t do their jobs because they are afraid to go after gun cases or helped create those cases. How much have the police of this county costed you the federal tax payer and you sit by and defend them.

Biden is Fragged never really like him lesser of evils situation he was so pro-cop in the 90s I’m surprised urban voters suddenly forgave him.
Pelosi I’ve learned to appreciate over the years as she sees the working types aren’t gonna have it worst off than the non working types. EITC expansion huge one.
Chuck he’s from New York that means he take his barking orders from wall street, plus he almost derailed the Iran Deal he can eat one.

I could always tell you were tough when I read things here but, man you did nine months on a lie I’ve done 20 days on a truth. That takes a big heart to forgive like that, and God Bless you. The truth is about half of them here in the city lie and cheat, and half don’t. I assume 70% of us play by the rules. I assume politicians, and cops are more corrupt because it’s a power grab. I assume Nurses and Chefs are less malicious then the general person as there is no power grab.

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Having been mugged, I’ll take the cops over the crooks.


I’ve been mugged ok in Holland Michigan 2005. Ok that being said it’s not a two choice option. No one is saying no police were saying people take the problems directly to the judge or magistrate like a civil case. We can also have first responders with social workers, We can separate and Tier active threats vs Domestic/Drug. Do you know what the clearance rate is for burglary armed or Home Invasion in progress? Do you know what a clearance rate is? Do you know how often it happens? Washington State went to a tiered Response its working well.

I’m actively working with the county board here to get a tiered response here in the county they are doing pilots in Watheshaw County Michigan. I had a sheriff candidate tell me swat is useless unless the situation is contained. If you have swat 10 minutes inbound with an uncontained active shooter you might as well have nothing you gotta go solo stuff sucks. You gonna let people get shot for ten minutes straight? Cops have run from school shootings their not superman they’re not your daddy.

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Misterblue was shown the door seven months ago.

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The police who lied about the entire situation didn’t even bother showing up to my court date. Given the gravity of the situation I believe the judge gave me a light sentence just to teach me a lesson. He could have dropped the entire thing. The entire situation occurred about 1 month before I turned 18 so they just decided to charge me as an adult. The officers involved turned in their report which they knew was a lie, and then basically left me for the wolves. I guess I’m thankful that they didn’t show up to the court date and lie in front of my face; I probably would have lost it and ended up actually for real assaulting them in the court room.

I had gotten jumped into a gang when I was 16 and was not leading a good life. I already didn’t like police based on precept. It took me years and years to forgive. In retrospect; would I like to be a cop dealing with people who hate me? No. Would I lie just to spite the people who hate me? Also no. But, just because some police truly shouldn’t be police doesn’t mean I need to hate them. And we need them; trust me we need them.

Democrats cause division and home in on societal inequalities without pausing to see what they’re doing, or the root causes. If one doctor misdiagnoses someone somewhere, democrats immediately think we need to just get rid of all doctors. It’s absurd.

And I have to make this point; say one out of 20 million police kills someone; we need to end policing altogether.

But if one out of 20 million vaccines kills someone; just ignore it; it’s a necessary evil.

I don’t understand this double standard.

tiered réponse & loss of Sovereign immunity does not equal ending police, it just means ending proactive policing responding to citizens when they call not when they feel like it. Washington state did this. Is Seattle gone, What about very Conservative Spokane which acts like Boise?

I haven’t even figured out what you’re saying here.

Research the subjects at hand. Qualified Immunity abolition thereof. Tiered Emergency Response. Police Reform. Then you’ll have better counter points than I don’t understand.