Georgia police chief and officer busted using racial slurs while praising slavery on body cam

End proactive policing? … So if a cop sees a guy dragging an axe and a machete down the street looking angry wait until he kills someone to hassle him? Are there more people who feel this way or only you?

And thank you yet another reason to stay out of Washington.

Michigan is an Open Carry State what is unlawful about carrying an axe or machete? What is looking angry that seems to be a really subjective description. What about resting bitch face? Is everyone with resting bitch face carrying anything that could be used as a weapon prone to the police harassing them? I thought you folk loved Due Process and Reasonable Suspicion. I mean did Kavanaugh get due process? Whats up with supporting shake downs?

I’m involved in first and second amendment audits in regards to the group cop watch. It’s actually quite fun when their supervisor phones in and reminds them about the right to record and the right to bear arms. Why are our rights just salt and piss to you? You wanna hose them down so bad, because you saw some gang stuff when you were younger. My Step Bro Gilbert “Titio” Alaniz got shut in the stomach for running his mouth in a gang. That was his damn right to the out there doing that as long as he didn’t bother no one else. You can have arms on private property, and public, but on Private property its not unlawful to have a few beers or joints with them neither.

Can you not handle freedom? My dumb arse step brother almost died for his right to pack heat. Never got a charge never spoke a word about the dumbarse who pulled the trigger. I guess what I am really trying to say it’s I’d rather have hatchmen running around rather than aggressive policing. In fact police have laid the EFF back in the last couple of years here, and I feel like I can breathe. I don’t like insuring and registering my car, they’re not enforcing it here even after covid wrapped up. it started out just as a covid thing. Now it’s because people skip bond they have to prioritize violent vs civil crime. So if you wanna live in MittRomneyville where you got 5 cops to 1 person you can live in your police state.

I wanted you to know something about cities there’s The Law, and “The law people live by”. A law is only as good as its enforced. I haven’t updated my tags since I bought my car in 2012. I just don’t drive it in places prone to enforcing that. I never tag my jet skis or ORVS. The honor system worked during covid… they weren’t taking any class short of murder rape and active gun crime.

Actually, I think your grammar is the problem. I can’t make heads or tails of either the original quote or your response.

Someone dragging an axe and a machete down the street falls directly under reasonable suspicion. And if they stop him and find blood on the blades then you have probable cause. Perhaps if they’re carrying the weapons on their shoulders and whistling and skipping, smiling and singing nobody would care.

Excuse me what? What I described in the minds of normal people is a crime just waiting to happen, if it hasn’t already. If the police stop the guy, take 10 minutes out of his day and discover he hasn’t killed anyone and isn’t planning on it then THAT’S OKAY WITH ME.

A cop drives by a group of 6 men wearing masks and holding rifles next to a bank where you live. “Oh hummm hurrrr… oh wow those guys look purdy scary! Hur hurrr!! They have the right to carry those firearms and wear masks it’s all good! Golly I hope nothing bad happens!”

Then they rob the bank and kill 3 people because you think it’s wrong for the cop to hassle people. And then let me guess; you’ll complain that guns kill people.

Let’s train all our police to just “wait until they get a report that yes 100% a crime just happened someone is dead” before they do anything. I’d rather have your 5 cops to every one person than a police force that does nothing but wait until there are dead bodies before being allowed to possibly show up.

I don’t care if your uncle got shot in the stomach, or if you don’t believe in drivers licenses. I don’t agree with your concept of ditching the police in favor of an investigatory committee that shows up to count the dead bodies and inventory the stolen goods. If you’re not doing anything wrong, you should have nothing to fear.

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