Geraldo: I Must Regretfully Conclude That Trump’s Critics Are Right That He’s A Racist


Jerry Rivers speaks …:roll_eyes:


Oh good grief. Is that for real.


Yes it is.
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I’m really really tired of hearing leftists hurl the “racist” label at everyone that says something they disagree with. Instead of assuming the president meant something racist, they should chose to think about what he might really mean.

But instead, they ignorantly just say he’s a racist.


Yelling “Racist!” Is the easiest cop out there is. The left loves to talk about conservative “dog whistles.” Yet charges of racism are the main dog whistles they have. They sure can’t win the debate on the issues. Historically socialism has failed time and again. Yet you can’t have a conversation with them about the issues because you are a racist if you don’t agree with them.

These people tell us that they are the intellectuals, yet it’s hard to find a group that is more ill-informed about the issues.


With the result that the term “racist” is becoming functionally meaningless.


There’s an ultra-leftist that I sometimes tangle with on facebook. Recently he said something awful, but unrelated to race, so I said that was a racist statement. He asked me to explain how it was racist. I said “racist” doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with race anymore, it just means you strongly disagree.

He didn’t respond further, so maybe he agreed with me.