Geraldo Rivera, a limousine liberal, tells US taxpayers to be compassionate to illegal entrants


Geraldo Rivera was on Hannity’s show this evening, and instead of exploring non lethal ways to prevent the participants of this invasion from setting foot on United States soil, which opens the door to catch and release and illegal entrants never showing up for their hearing, Geraldo went for the rhetorical nonsense, what should we do, “kill them”?

No Geraldo, we should not kill them. Our President should assume his emergency powers to deal with this invasion, and deploy our military and/or national guard to the border with instruction to use non lethal force to stop this invasion in its tracks, and prevent its participants from setting foot on United States Soil. One suggestion is the use of The Active Denial System (ADS) which is modern day technology, a non lethal force which would repel this invasion which our president is required to do by the terms of our Constitution.


Our federal government is granted power “To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions”.


Pfft, so what? We were getting a million illegal immigrants every year in the 1950s, more than double that by the 1980s.

The driver is the same old story; a pathological bureaucracy can’t or won’t give people clear & honest expectations, it refuses to fix itself, so people take things
into their own hands.

Same old story, the same one we’ve been having for over 50 years, it just manifests in new ways.

Even refugees aren’t new, only where they’re from. Cuba one day, Haiti the next.

Nope, I talk to illegals John, if you managed to do so, what they have to say, would surprise you.

As you are, you don’t even know why they’re coming. Even I didn’t, until I asked.


Pftt? Use English.



PLEASE stop with the BS, Alaska Slim!!! These people are well-rehearsed in what to SAY when queried about their motivations. They are coming here to INVADE the United States! They are the cannon fodder of the leftists already here. When you march to America waving the flags of the countries you are “fleeing” because you feel oppressed, it’s a lie and an INVASION not a group of “immigrants” seeking “refuge.”


One of them is my coworker, came here as a child, and is married to an American. I know his father-in-law too.

No Dave, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Because you haven’t talked to them. You’re too busy turning your nose and considering it “beneath” you.

His story makes sense, and fits the facts. So did the other from El Salvador.
So did yet another from the former Czechoslovakia.

And what they all say about America, would shock you, because I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t even know how to credit them these thoughts.


Not my fault you can’t tell the difference between economic and fiscal dude. That’s pretty basic.


Yes I can. The Venezuelans have their parents who knew what it was like before Chavez made a socialist hash of it, and the PhDs are fully capable of reading the history of the last century.


Seems like the use of CS gas (“tear gas”) would produce the same results.

(I was exposed to CS gas during a military training exercise, years ago. The purpose of the exercise was to familiarize us with the stopping power of the gas. And, boy, did it!)

“ADS” is fine, but it seems like a little overkill. Sometimes, the simple low tech method works best. Stubby pencils still write.

Granted, “ADS” can isolate a target better than gas, but why do we need to isolate anyone among a bunch of morons?

They all deserve to be a pack of drooling runners. Which is what CS does . . . sent our whole platoon formation dripping with mucus and running willy-nilly into the nearby bushes. Dispersed the crowd of us just fine . . . and we had to throw out our clothing because it smelled of CS and started the drooling/running thing all over again.


But it is your fault and MO to wander into la la land rather than keep to the subject at hand.




But the optics of using tear gas, pepper spray, rubber bullets, etc, would be a gift to our Fifth Column Yellow Journalist whereas The Active Denial System (ADS) would be far more humane and deny MSNBC tear jerking video.



BS. I have no problem with LEGAL immigrants or legal immigration itself, assuming that the immigrants are properly vetted before getting here in the first place. ILLEGAL immigrants, on the other hand…


Yeah you do, you insist that even legals take jobs away from Americans when evidence shows the net effect is that they create jobs.

And you double have a problem with legal immigrants, when the legal immigration system ends up not handing visa renewals, not because anything was wrong with the immigrant, but because the system ran behind. Yet you still blame the immigrant, whose here illegally due to no fault of their own, for the result.

That’s called stacking the deck Dave.


You brought up fiscal arguments, not me.

Problem is, they don’t change the economic reality, which is a far bigger concern.


BS. If you OVERSTAY your student or work or tourism visa, you are, by definition, here ILLEGALLY. Don’t you think those with those types of visas KNOW when they are due to go home??? So WHAT if they “don’t want to leave?”


They weren’t planning on leaving, they built a life here, and don’t want to leave it.

The Government screwed up, dragging its feet to renew their visa, and you’re blaming the immigrant?

Stacking the deck. That’s what you’re doing.

If you build a system people know they can’t trust, why be surprised that people don’t use or follow it?
Did you forget that you’re dealing with human beings, who don’t like being yanked around or played with?
As if anyone would be?


So we should cater to the “wants” of these people instead of insisting that they follow the law??? I want to win that $1.6 billion lottery so the government should intervene and insure that I DO? You can’t claim they are “legal” immigrants and then explain how they aren’t in the same breath, AS. At least not and get away with it.


If the law has been miscarrying the situation for 50 years, when do people get to take things into their own hands?

When does the apathy of the Government not to fix things start to matter here Dave?


So in your world, “fixing” things is equivalent to acceding the the demands of non-citizens and those who “sympathize” with them???


No, you only need to do that, so long as you leave the problem unfixed.

Fix the problem; make the system one immigrants can trust again.

Knock off the list of nonsensical procedure, unclear expectations, and bureaucratic rigmarole.


Are you REALLY this obtuse? You claim that we can “fix” the system by simply allowing unfettered access to our country by anyone who wants to come here and then DENY that’s what you’re advocating? THAT, after all, is precisely what the lefties are pushing for and YOU are agreeing with them. That tells me that your position is just as goofy as theirs is.