Geraldo Rivera, a limousine liberal, tells US taxpayers to be compassionate to illegal entrants


So, you have no problem with taxing American citizens over $44 billion a year just to provide public education to the children of illegal entrants? LINK

How about taxing American citizens an additional $18 billion to provide healthcare to illegal entrants? LINK

And let us not forget the $130 billion in new spending over 5 years for border security? LINK

Tell me, why are you so comfortable with making American citizens into tax slaves to finance illegal immigration?

American citizens are sick and tired of being made into tax-slaves to finance a maternity ward for the poverty stricken populations of other countries who invade America’s borders to give birth.


The problem are foreigners ignoring our laws and entering our country illegally.



Pretty dammed presumptuous on your part. The truth is, I have had direct contact with countless illegal entrants beginning in the late 1960s-early 70s.

Stop making crap up and projecting your uniformed believes on others.



American citizens are sick and tired of being made into tax-slaves to finance a maternity ward for the poverty stricken populations of other countries who invade America’s borders to give birth.


Ditto, JWK. AS is just another open-borders leftist…or so close as to make no difference.


As “unfettered” as Bracero was. Joseph Swing seemed to think he audited people well enough; that was his entire pitch for the I-100 visa. He thought employers would like not hiring people with extensive criminal backgrounds, so long as the hiring/application process wasn’t a complete misery to get through. Turned out he was right. Employers dropped illegal immigrants like a stone.


Nope; the problem started when we got rid of Bracero.

Before then, foreigners were following ours laws. We screwed up.

We took a high trust system, and made it low-trust.


OK . . . point taken. You’re right.


Bracero was NOT the panacea you claim it was. A LOT of the “braceros” did what we are seeing today. They “melted” into the general population and STAYED under the cover of Kalifornia’s quest for more Democrats.


Yes it was, scale is what you’re ignoring.

It lowered illegal immigration by 95%, and made people overwhelmingly compliant with the law.
A handful of malcontents is night & day compared to what we have now.

High trust systems work. Don’t feed people bureaucratic rigmarole, offer clear expectations, they behave! What a concept.


LOL. It “LOWERED” illegal immigration by 95% by LEGALIZING it. I lived through that time in our history, AS. I didn’t “read” about it in left-wing “news” articles.


Bracero is totally irrelevant to foreigners ignoring our laws and entering our country illegally.

Try paying attention.



I can reduce the murder rate by 100% with the stroke of a pen. The same for armed robbery, burglary and rape. Just make them LEGAL and “Voila!” That is PRECISELY how Bracero worked.


Nope, people were processed, given a visa, and then when that visa was up, sent home. Then next year, if they put themselves on the list, they were called up and given another visa.

Joseph Swing speaks to all of this, as does the Congressional report from the 70s investigating how well the policy performed.


People were ignoring our laws and entering the country illegally under Bracero, until Eisenhower fixed it.

We re-broke what he fixed, and we should be humble enough to admit that.


Not relevant to the current caravan invasion. Pay attention.



Eisenhower “fixed” it by declaring illegals coming here LEGAL, AS! Why can’t you understand that “legalizing” something that’s illegal is NOT a “solution” to anything?


Nope, you had to put your name on a list and be checked out.

You had to be given a visa, and when the time was up, you had to go back.

Farmers were asked by INS agents who they wanted, and who the Farmers named may have been illegal workers for them in the past. But if they’re now coming from Mexico when called upon, are being checked out properly, and are using visas, and go back once their time is up, who cares?

That’s not “legalizing” illegal activity when the illegal activity stops, and there’s a clear difference in what’s going on. That’s making immigration more formal.


BS. You just said that many of those coming under the Bracero program were FORMERLY here illegally. If that’s not making illegals “legal” at the stroke of a pen, I don’t know what is. You have NO WAY of insuring that ANY of those people weren’t simply melting into the increasingly Mexican populations of Kalifornia. What if they decided NOT to go home? How do you track them down??


Because the behavior changed. They weren’t allowed to come here clandestinely, they, from then on, had to follow the process.

People being put onto a list, dispensed visas, being tracked, and being assigned employers, cannot be viewed the same as people coming & working here illegally.

No, these are clearly not the same thing.

Bracero offered a pathway for that, something like 20-30% did end up staying.

It’s because the legal system offered clear, accessible avenues for migrants to work here, and even for some to stay, that they followed the rules.

People follow rules, if they’re clear, and don’t make a mess of their lives.

What a concept.


BS. Do you think these young men in the current invasion force that are raping children will suddenly stop doing that once they get here?