Geraldo to O'Reilly


I am a republican.

Geraldo to O’Reilly: I’m a Republican | The Right Scoop

over and out.


Geraldo is a Republican, just like Arlen Specter and Lindsay Graham.

And several other members of the RINO contingent.


…as is O’Reilly.


Yeah, or just sorta dumb.
I am torn as to which is a better description for him.

Rush called him “The Ted Baxter Of Cable”, fits pretty well.


Bwahahaha! :howler:
(Wait a minute…Now I’m not sure if you’re referring to O’Reilly or Geraldo. :confused: Fits both of 'em, actually.)


I was referring to O’Reilly but yeah, fits Geraldo as well.


If it matters, O’Reilly is what I first thought. He can be such a bonehead. Thing is, I watch his show 'cuz I like a number of guests he interviews. But no, Juan Williams would not be one of them.


Yeah, that is why I watch as well. His format and regular features work well even if he does not add anything intellectual to what is going on.

He is utterly unaware that he is completely missing the point his guest is trying to make most of the time and he berates his own point even when it is irrelevant to the issue.

When Stossel is on you can just read the frustration on his face.

Stossel is trying to make a Constitutional or philosophical point and O’Reilly thinks he is arguing the merits or detriments of some specific thing regardless of whether the thing is Constitutional.

O’Reilly is definitely a “small picture” kind of thinker, he means well but the broader scope is just baffling to him.


Excuse me RET, I remember us having an argument ages ago and O’Reiley came up…I was laughing at him, he’s very entertaining :smiley: I thought you were defending him. Never mind haha


Well, I may have defended him on something, I think he means well even though he cannot grasp things that have much depth.

He thinks he is being coy when he refers to himself as “simple”, he has no idea how many of us are nodding when he does that.

I think he was raised really well but is a few bricks short of a truckload.

Kinda like Forest Gump :shhh:


I find it hilarious when he’s shouting nonsense at his guests, as you say missing the point, and they lost control hahaha


Yeah, he is a bit of a populist as well because after he does that in a particularly obvious way he usually offers a revision of his position in a future show that tries to “explain” why he was not completely in the dark at the time.

I always figure his inbox got flooded with criticism from viewers who pointed out he was arguing a completely different topic so he was doing damage control.


BTW, how did O’Reilly react when Geraldo announced he was a Republican?


I think it soared right over his head.


Whoo-boy. I’ve seen things fly over O’s head, but that about takes the cake.

O’Reilly’s insistance upon putting words in other people’s mouths bugs me.
His desire to see the government take over the internet infuriates me.

I DO, however, like when he refuses to let up on a major Screw-Up until said ‘Screw-Up’ is made to answer for his/her crime. Can’t think of a specific, but, i.e., principals who’ve fouled up massively, and especially judges who let child predators go free. He hounds without let up, and I thank him for that.

Back to John Stossel. He’s a perfect example of O’Reilly putting words in somebody’s mouth. I don’t always agree w/Stossel, but can’t count the number of times I wish somebody could tell O’Reilly, “That’s not what he said.” But seeing as Stossel, himself, can’t, I guess nobody can.


Yeah, O’Reilly does well when the issue is clearly a right/wrong scenario and someone is attempting to make it seem muddled. He hangs in there like a dog with a bone.

He gets lost when the discussion shifts to a matter of philosophy about how to address a wrong. I also don’t agree with Stossel all the time, like most Libertarians I have encountered he seems to want no exceptions (even Constitutional exceptions) to individual Liberty. But at least with Stossel he is consistent, and O’Reilly consistently misses his point.

He does the same with Dick Morris and Morris laughs at him, you can almost see smoke coming out of O’Reilly’s ears during that segment sometimes.


LOL! But what cracks me up most about those segments is that I don’t much like Dick Morris, either. It’s a crack up!
Bottom line is, O’Reilly’s malfunction is that he doesn’t listen.
(Which isn’t to say that I could do a better job. Then again, I never claimed to be a paid, professional interviewer with a pay-scale the likes of what he enjoys.)


I spun out because he was on a channel called ‘fox news’ and in Oz it’s almost law that news has to be impartial…it’s the media code. I didn’t realise his show was infotainment lol. I actually thought he was a news presenter so that added a dimension of humour to it for me.