German Intelligence: Iran Seeking Banned Nuclear and Missile Components


President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran was sold (quite ineffectively, it must be noted) to the public and to Congress through deliberate media manipulation and the creation of a propaganda “echo chamber.” One core pro-agreement argument was that if Iran were to cheat, they’d be caught by an (underwhelming) inspections regime, and would suffer the consequences. These assurances were less than satisfying, given that previous happy talk from the administration had been contradicted by Iran’s actions on fronts ranging from nuclear enrichment to sponsorship of terrorism. Following the great global fanfare that accompanied the signing of the accord, Iran has launched multiple tests of long-range missiles widely seen as delivery systems for nukes, in contravention of UN mandates. Obama has been forced to admit that yes, sanctions relief money flowing back to the regime could very well be used to finance terrorism (it already has), and no, Iran is not honoring “the spirit” of the deal.

As Gomer Pyle would say Surprise surprise