Germany, rearmament, and Ukraine

German readiness is even worse than I had heard. I think this chart gives the best snapshot

Also recall, in 2018 of the 6 submarines in their fleet, none were combat ready.

… But the comparison to France, which spends $6 Billion less per year, is what really homes in how truly inefficient their defense spending is, and how little they’re getting from it.

That seems to be the very thing that’s plaguing Russia; on paper, they had it all over Ukraine, while the actual fight is telling a different story.

In Russia it’s corruption, in Germany, it’s bureaucracy. Endless rounds of litigation, and people not caring their military was getting weaker and smaller over time.

They’ve taken 10 years to decide on a helmet.

And they have no agreement as to what their Army should be. Should it even be a combat force? Or is it just an emergency aid force?

They don’t set long term budgets, so they don’t give their defense industry clear expectations, which mostly gets by through external sales, rather than domestic upkeep.