Get Em While They're Hot!!



I’ll take the third option.


So you can chase A Leppo and get high every day? Interesting choice…


I’d like to have:
A never Hillary cup for this election.
And an never socialism cup for all future elections.


This election is a reverse crap sandwich, with the electorate the stuff in the middle caught between two layers of crap… America has passed the tipping point. I see no salvaging the country from it’s impending ruin.


They asked Hillary what Aleppo was and her answer was: I feed my dog Alpo every day…


Where I cannot find it on the net, I want to buy the BIG one


Trump Coffee & Travel Mugs | Zazzle

Trump For President Coffee Mugs | Trump For President Travel Mugs - CafePress


I have no information about the site other than it’s url.
I hate ordering ‘stuff’ on the internet from places that I don’t know about.


This is the company that sells them


GOT and GOT IT! Thanks, went for the 15 oz coffee mug…


So that my drink won’t taste like an elephant turd or Donkey manure.

I don’t see why I’d ever want a #2 in my cup, but I suppose some like their coffee when: