Gingrich on CNN


Last night I was skipping through the channels and happened upon CNN, which I NEVER watch. But, I stopped because Newt Gingrich was on. He was in a rage, to say the least. He was literally blowing up about the Benghazi debacle. The last thing he said before they cut to a commercial was something about BO being a liar (or something like that). He made no bones about it. I only got to see about 1 minute of it. Did anyone watch it? I sure would love to see the whole thing. The talking heads were dumbstruck. It was a beautiful thing to see, to be sure! If anyone has the video or video link, let me know!


FOUND IT!!! This is beautiful!! ****

**“If we can’t figure out what went on in a relatively open city in a country we had helped liberate, why do we think we know what’s going on with the Iranian nuclear program?” Gingrich asked.

Reports surfaced Sunday the White House and Iran have agreed to one-on-one negotiations about Iran’s nuclear capacity.

Gingrich excoriated Obama for taking offense at accusations that his administration is playing politics in response to the deaths of an ambassador and three other government employees in Benghazi.

“It is offensive for the president of the United States to pretend that being asked a serious question about a serious topic in a presidential campaign is some personality game,” he said.

**“The Obama administration failed to protect the consulate, failed to respond to requests, rejected demands that they get help. The ambassador was personally worried about not only his own life, but about violence, and the Obama administration did nothing, and if that offends the president, then that’s his problem, and he ought to get over it.” **

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