Giuliani 2012?


America’s Mayor was defeated in 2008 when he challenged fellow Republicans for the Nomination, but some are suggesting a 2012 bid could actually treat Giuliani well - considering his well known Conservatism on fiscal and foreign policy issues.

Christian Heinze of *The Hill *has suggested former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani might be the perfect dark horse candidate to come in and clean up the 2012 Republican nomination. I’m still aggravated that Giuliani decided against running for either the Governorship or the Senate in New York this year, but a potential 2012 bid would explain his hesitation to both appealing public offices.

Remember - Giuliani did receive the Primary endorsement of Pat Robertson, due to this foreign policy credentials, so I’m quite certain anything can happen. What do you think?

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I sure won’t vote for him. I don’t remember what all the issues were, but he was on the left side of a bunch of them.


He ran the worst campaign in American history. Back when Pat Pulson ran every year as a joke he hit more states the Rudy managed.


Pat Robertson, is the first Pro-Weed Pastor I ever heard of, so I don’t take him seriously. Also, I like Rudy, but wont support him.


Rudy Guilianni COULD have made presidential material, but he is now damaged goods, just as is Newt Gingrich.
As Jewish Conservative said, Guilianni is incredibly likeable. Only problem is, at this point, that is ALL he has going for him. Yes, even given his incredible record as Mayor of NYC, the opposition would make hayday out of his divorce. They’d also blame HIM, unwaranted as it may be, for all those firefighters, etc., who went into the infernos on September 11th, and are now coming down with all kinds of ‘syndroms’. (Why ELSE do you think that’s being highly advertised these days?)
And then there’s that clincher: He’s pro-choice.