Giving conservatives a bad name

I have a friend at my work who is a die-hard republican. I think he’s pretty funny until last night. Now I’m questioning everything. Again.

My job is gearing up for Biden’s new “everyone has to get vaccinated or be miserable” program. I never go upstairs. Upstairs is where the cafeteria is. Yesterday he texts me a picture of what appears to be some sort of plastic-covered-tent-thing in the cafeteria; something I’ve never seen before but then again I never go up there. Then he tells me that this is where all the unvaccinated people have to go get tested once a week now. Oh, and we have to pay for our own testing as well.

Because I trust this guy, I immediately confront this woman who is a die-hard Biden fan, a hardcore TDS (trump derangement syndrome) sufferer. She also refuses to get the vaccine which is a strange combination. She nearly pees her pants in anger at me. I mean, seething with rage instantly. I’m just saying I think this is being done intentionally to make vaccinated people look bad; why test people for the coof in a cafeteria? wtf?

Two hours later my friend tells me he was just kidding; they are doing some sort of construction in the cafeteria is all. Now this woman hates me. My friend fed me his own brand of fake news. Lesson learned; don’t trust news from any one source ever. Do your own research, reach your own conclusions, but don’t ever listen to just once side and formulate your opinions. Thank heaven I only talked to this one woman about this.

I trusted this dude because he’s a conservative… evidently not a good reason to trust anyone. And then I realize I have a propensity to trust any sort of conservative news source first ask questions later. Whether it’s left or right, all news in the USA has an agenda; don’t trust anyone. Research both sides.



I don’t think a friend would knowingly feed false news during this climate. I think it’s BS you have to do this and most of the Bernie types probably feel the same. In fact Unions are the ones pushing back against this.

Unions protect workers, Companies protect bottom line nuff said.

I hope this chick is chill and forgives you. That being said you know why we are here at this point, America is having a hard time finding common ground. Not everything is black and white its in the end very grey. On personal matters I really really urge people to make a personal choice.

No. Union leaders cover their butts and line their pockets first.

As for companies, the good ones know that you have to treat good employees right.

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@sendgop why are they going out on a limb for their workers personal choice when no one else will? Do you see Walmart or any Fortune 500 company fighting for those who have objections>

Not “'nuff said.” What Sendgop said. Unions started out for a good cause once upon a decade, but the larger ones are every bit as greedy as the corporations they castigate. Furthermore, they’re pricing American labor out of the market. That’s why everything is made in China.

Workers have no say over where the product is made manufactures do. Now I live in Michigan and we were told Jobs were sent to Mexico so we could have any amount still here. The unions fought to keep them here at one point FCA was going to move all production to Asia and Mexico. The UAW was willing to sue for breach of contract to protect their workers. I’m UFCW 951, and they saved my arse more times than I would of personally. One thing Trump had going for him was he was a Union whisperer he knew how to talk to us.

Not just a catch phrase …IMG_20210918_132134



This is terrible advice because it is always misconstrued. “Do your own research”, always ALWAYS means, “believe in the vague conspiracy theory I’m asserting”. This pretty much sums it up:

By all means do your own research. And then realise that your five seconds with Google is not going to surpass someone who has spent decades of their career on the same subject.

I have no sympathy. The manufacturer owns their company. They can move it wherever they want. Basic property rights. The only real alternative is state control (communism/socialism); that’s no good.

There is, of course, the issue of those who have spent decades of their career on a subject and lie through their teeth about it. Which makes the U. of G., even with its legion of flaws, look more and more attractive…

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It’s not terrible advice. Terrible advice is listening to the experts or anyone else that you trust and then formulating your opinions based specifically on what they tell you.

The point I was making is that I’m more apt to trust a conservative than a liberal in any given situation on any given day. I didn’t realize that my buddy was a “joke liar” who will feed you BS and then take it back several hours later after the damage has been done. I’m never going to make that mistake again.

I can’t comprehend how you would argue the concept of getting knowledge from as many sources as you can before reaching conclusions. Definitely a democrat thing. Not good.