Gizmoe, My Neighbor's Dog for President

I’ve had this custom button for my neighbor’s dog Gizmoe, as my signature for a while. I thought that you should know, however, now that the third parties might begaining to gain strength, that Gizmoe does have some issues.

First, Gizmoe is elderly. He’s 15 years old, which in human to dog years works out to 105. Like John McCain in 2008, there could be whispering campaign that “He is too old for the job.”

Second, Gizmoe has been having some problems with his back legs. They just don’t work as well as they once did, and like his main opponent, HillaryClinton, he just can’t climb stairs the way he once could. Judging by a picture I’ve seen, Hillary is having trouble with her back legs too.

Hillary is having trouble with her back legs too.
She spends too much time on her knees in front of terrorists asking for donations.


It seems to me that one part of the oath that doctors try to live up to goes: “First, do no harm”. Gizmoe just might be able to live up to that unless he bit someone. I’d vote for him. On the other hand I sure wish that our politicians had to agree to something like that.