Glen Beck is now through with Ted Cruz


[COLOR=#222222][FONT=Verdana]Yep, I heard it from the horse’s mouth, or perhaps it was from the other end, last week. After Ted Cruz said that he is going to vote for Trump, Glen Beck has turned with his former hero.

Perhaps the time has come for Beck to go back to comedy. He said years ago that he needed to run a show that stayed away from so much politics. Since Beck knows nothing about the art of negotiation and compromise perhaps he and his buddies can get gig like Howard Stern has on satellite radio.

Or maybe he could be Hillary Clinton’s press secretary. He’s certainly done alot for the Clinton campaign.



I am always amazed that anyone even knows what Beck is saying, how can anyone take him seriously after the last Presidential election?


I don’t recall thinking him crazy with the last election. For me it was the dawning of realization that he was duplicitous and probably has some type of almost God complex or at the very least King maker complex. Started for me with the Cliven Bundy thing…and the fact that Beck has been bellyaching about this that and the other for a number of years now and he had no ideas on what to do about it. He ACTED like he had the answers but no cultist has solutions. I just got plain fatigued with his bull hockey.

Beck is the Mormons’ answer to Alec Jones.


I’m usually a bit surprised when someone even mentions Beck. I honestly never hear anyone talk about him IRL. This forum is literally the only place I’ve seen him mentioned in years. Is he still a major radio presence, or is more of a web following?


Beck has a following. He’s on the radio for three hours a day in the morning when I live, and he’s got a news service and has a string of best selling books.

He did wear out his welcome on Fox, however. His ego is huge, and he thinks he has all the answers.


I don’t know how I feel about Alex Jones or for that matter Rush. On the one hand they are way over the top when they talk & yes every now & then (ok, more often than not) they are so far out there that they need to buy a plane tickets to fly back to normal. But then I also know that they are political entertainers rather than newsmen. In a way I like the way they present things better than broadcasting newsmen because they don’t pretend to be “real”. So I will watch them every now & then if the subject catches my eye.


Rush and Jones are not even in the same ballpark. Rush might apply a little spin here and there but he sticks to facts. Jones is into conspiracies, distortions and unsubstantiated facts.


I concur. Jones is a whacko!

Republican Operative / Selling Fear


Hey, why are the many conservatives here turning their own backs on Glenn Beck? Just because people may say his ideas are conspiracy or crazy doesn’t mean his ideas are wrong. Yes, we’re doomed. That really sucks, I know, but it’s so true.


Glen Beck is a spoiled child. If he doesn’t get everything he wants, he does everything he can to take his ball and go home. I wish that Glen Beck would become a liberal Democrat. He would do less damage to the conservative cause if he were not “on our side.” He’s not on our side. He’s cult figure who is only on HIS side.


Jones is into conspiracies, distortions and unsubstantiated facts.
Now remember just because the voices in your head are telling you that they are out to get you doesn’t mean that they really aren’t out to get you. (wink).


But I thought it was perfectly legit for people here as conservatives to believe that “the man (especially the government) is out to get you”. Whatever happened to that? Remember the well-documented scandal involving the IRS persecuting conservative tea-party groups?

And I always thought Glenn Beck was revered as the top conservative hosts in America.


Beck has never been a Conservative or revered as a Conservative, he has always been a populist who attempts to lean Libertatian and claims conspiracies regarding stuff that everyone knows and that is done in the open.

And Rush is in no way similar to Alex Jones, Rush is a respected Conservative thinker who always has sound and defensible reasons for his opinions, even the ones I disagree with.