Glen Beck should join the Hillary Clinton election campaign.


I listen to Glen Beck on the car radio when I’m going shopping or the Post Office. He can be interesting and entertaining, but at times he drives me nuts. If any Republican doesn’t do what he thinks they ought to do, in his mind they should be driven out of office even if a liberal Democrat takes their place. I don’t blame him for getting angry at some Republicans, especially in the Senate. But I know darn what the alternative is, and in some states, like Maine, Susan Collins is the best that we can ever hope to get.
Beck has been totally against Donald Trump since the beginning. He has railed against him day after day. I understand the frustration because I’m not big Trump guy either, BUT now that he has the nomination, AND we know that know that Hillary Clinton is Democrat nominee, the time has come to vote for Trump because he is really the only choice.
As I have stated elsewhere, I’ve gone through the list ofmajor party presidential nominees from George Washington in 1789 the present 2012 election, and I can’t find anyone who less qualified than Hillary. She is crooked, dishonest and incompetent. You can read another of my posts if you want to know why I’ve come to that conclusion.
That doesn’t cut it with Glen Beck. Day after day he continues to rail against Trump and bring up every piece of dirt he can find,both true and manufactured. He’ll say bad stuff about Hillary, but only now and then. The main object of his ire isTrump.
It seems that Mr. Beck is quite influential. His followers seem to be quite devoted. Therefore what he says matters, and what he seems to be saying is that Trump is so bad that you can’t vote for him.
So for whom should you vote? Beck is totally short on answers. All he says is that we have no good choice. The way he keeps badmouthing Trump, it’s obvious that Beck wants him to lose, which leaves us with Hillary as the next president.
For that reason, I think that Beck should just cut the chase and endorse Hillary. The less perceptive listeners to his program will know exactly where he stands and judge him from there. Beck doesn’t seem to care that the next president might get to appoint three or four justices to the Supreme Court. That could drive the country leftward for decades.
There are already indications that Clarence Thomas is going to step down after November. His shoes will be very hard to fill given the sorry state of the U.S. Senate. Trump has already indicated that he is going to give a list of possible Supreme Court nominees. We all know what kind of nominees Hillary will name - a bunch of people to the left of Lenin. So what choice do we have if we care about the country? None of you listen to GlenBeck. :sick: :banghead:


I’m afraid my opinion is that we don’t have any meaningful choice in this election. Trump talks a good talk, but before he started running for President, he talked a different talk. I don’t trust him to keep a single conservative promise. The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend.


So you think that things will be better with Hillary. Seriously, what choice do we have? The Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson, would have us pull out of foreign affairs completely, and leave the Middle East to Iran with Israel as the only buffer, on its own. He would also legalize all drugs, which would leave us like the Dutch. I agree that Trump is not a great choice, but what can do? A lot of conservatives sat out the 2012 election. Romney was not the perfect answer, but have we been better off with Obama? As Bill Buckley said years ago, half a loaf is better than none.


I am, once again, in agreement with the lesser of two evils crowd.

Why did the Libertarians have to nominate Gary Johnson, again?

I can’t go there. There is just as much chance of me going to vote for him as there is voting for Hillary. Absolutely none.

Maybe Trump is lying through his teeth. I don’t know. At least his stated positions on most issues are at least tolerable.


EVERY. STINKEEN. DAY. he is on this.

If he succeeds in destroying trump…then who is the repub nominee? It will be Hillary.

Beck is an idiot. He’s lost his mind.

If Hillary wins, beck is done.


Beck, by his own bombastic hand, has been marginalized for some time - I don’t think very many people pay all that much attention to him.

That said, let me offer a word of encouragement - given Trump’s level of idiocy in conducting his campaign since he secured the nomination and in spite of taking the narrative up one blind alley after another and despite the mainstream media’s virtual pounding of him - some of it deserved - 24/7, Hillary is up by ONLY 7 points nationally in the polls.

While Clinton up by 7 may sound like terrible news to some - and while I’m pissed at Trump for not taking advantage of recent events (jobs report/Orlando attack) and his legion of campaign mistakes - under the circumstances, one would expect his opponent to be up by 15+ points.

In other words, Hillary Clinton is such a miserable candidate that even a mistake/gaff prone novice like Trump can spend the last 6 weeks publically stepping all over his member on a daily basis and still be very close to being within the margin of statistical error in the polls.

Now, IF Trump can simply manage to get his head out of his butt just occasionally and IF he can sound like he has actually given some thought to the issues every now and again, he could conceivably defeat Hillary in November. However, that’s a big IF!!


No, I did not say that things will be better with Hillarly, nor did I imply such. I think that Trump and Hillary are both unacceptable choices, and I shall vote for neither. At this point, I’ll probably write in Ted Cruz. Trump promises half a loaf, but talk is cheap; especially when it’s different talk from his pre-election talk.

And I notice that the GOP didn’t reign in Obama when they could have. I don’t think that we’re going to be able to vote ourselves out of this mess.


If Ted Cruz only provides half a loaf for you, I don’t know who can please you. Cruz has fought a long, lonely fight in the Senate. If you don’t like Cruz, I can’t imagine what you think of John McCain. Remember, you might be the only candidate that is acceptable to you, but you need millions of other votes to get elected. No politician can please you 100% of the time.


Stupid Beck took on Charlie Sheene as an ally yesterday in his anti Trump campaign. Sheene claimed that Trump gave him a pair of base metal cuff links that Trump said were made of gold. Given Sheene’s history with drugs and booze it’s had to tell if he would be lucid enough to tell a straight story.


If the cuff link story is true, Trump probably thought Sheen was either too stupid and/or too anesthetized to tell the difference between gold and dung.

Please note - If Clinton beats Trump, Beck will be first in line at his piss and moan celebration that is certain to follow her victory.


Conservatives should abandon Glen Beck. With friends like him, who needs enemies? He is just a disruptive force who brings nothing constructive to the table. He’s more interested in whipping up his fans and pushing his TV network than in really doing something worthwhile for the country.


No; I was saying that Trump (not Cruz) promises half a loaf. I’m also saying that I have no faith in him to deliver a crust.


I liked Cruz enough to donate and volunteer for his senate campaign. He lost me when he took on a Bush and Phil Gramm into his campaign. He fooled me once, never again.

I take heart in the fact that everyone I loathe on both sides of the aisle hate him.


“Took them in.” You mean, their endorsements? Is THAT “taking them in”? A Bush endorsement at the last minute?

Glenn Beck endorsed Cruz too. That doesn’t mean that Cruz is as crazy as Beck. I think highly of Cruz. I have no use for Beck or the electrons he wastes.

That he’s hated on both sides of the aisle, should be taken as proof that he represented a chance to END…BUSINESS AS USUAL. Just as both sides are comfy with a Billary win, both sides are TERRIFIED of a true Conservative ascending.


As I’ve said in other threads, the enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend.


I liked Cruz enough to donate and volunteer for his senate campaign. He lost me when he took on a Bush and Phil Gramm into his campaign. He fooled me once, never again.

If you are going to win elections you have take on some people who might not be “pure of heart.” When Cruz won his seat Bush and Gramm were still power brokers in Texas. You could work with them, or you could go home. That’s the nature of politics.


I have a little different viewpoint. I absolutely refuse to vote for anyone whom I feel will further the destruction of this country. Certainly voting for Hillary is not an option. Trump hit the nerve of a very angry electorate in the beginning; talk of building a wall and making America great got many behind him. I saw him as a possibility, but wasn’t quite sold on him. He and Cruz held a rally against the Iran nuke deal and I thought things were looking pretty promising. That was until Cruz pulled ahead in the polls in Iowa. Trump’s bombastic, narcissistic personality took over and its been downhill ever since. He continues to attack and insult people and he flip flops on every issue. His recent softening on the 2nd amendment and accusing veterans of stealing was the Trump finale for me. I have absolutely no doubt that he’s been in this to hand Hillary the White House.

I see that I only have two options left; writing in the candidate of my choice, or voting for the Constitution Party.


Okay, so Trump is a pariah, and you can’t vote for him. So you throw you vote away which is the same as voting for Hillary Clinton, who from my reading of U.S. history is worst candidate ever nominated for president by a major political party. She is corrupt, incompetent, utterly dishonest and ready sell out anyone and anything, including the country, for wealth and power.

I’ve learned that you can never change people’s minds when it comes to politics. When their minds are made up, it’s over. But when Hillary sells the country out for a contribution to her foundation, don’t come complain to me. When she raises taxes to confiscatory levels, not to fix the the deficit, but in “fairness” because “all pigs should be equal,” don’t complain to me. When Hillary appoints socialist yes men and yes women to the Supreme Court, and the people are powerless to do anything because Congress is powerless, don’t complain to me.

But you will still have your principles. You will have said, “No!” to a man who, unfortunately perhaps, won the presidential nomination in the primaries. And you will have enjoyed your little protest, which will have proven nothing.


Uh-huh. “So you better VOTE for TRUMP, or else you’re electing BILLARY!

Oddly, that doesn’t cut both ways. When the rumor mill puts out that the Party chiefs are planning a Dump-Trumpy initiative, all we hear is how all the Trump cultists are gonna WRITE HIM IN.

Which is the same as not voting. Because you don’t vote for President - you vote for pledged Electors. If a candidate has no Electors, the votes he gets written in are discarded.

So…the trumpies can act like spoiled kids; but WE…have to just SUCK IT UP.

Not playing. I know the stakes and I can make a logical determination in the voting booth. But I have my emotions, too…and THIS sort of bratty acting-out just makes me BURN.


The attempts to block Trump at the convention will not work. He has too many delegates, and if the anti-Trump faction were to win, the Republican Party would be as badly divided as the Whig Party was in the 1850s when it imploded over slavery.

Like it or not we are stuck with the Hillary - Trump choice. It’s a lousy choice. I’d be the first to admit that, and I wish that we could have done better after eight years of Obama, but it’s all we’ve got.

The real fault lies with the establishment Republicans. Some of the 16 candidates, or whatever it was, had no business running if they really cared about the country. It’s amazing how an old, worn politician will reach for ultimate political gold ring when their careers are over.

The other aspect was the assumption that Jeb Bush would be the nominee. I for one don’t want royal families for president. That’s was part of the reason why I had no interest in him, and that goes for Hillary too. Trump correctly observed that he brought no energy to the table.

The only adult in the gang of eight or ten who hung on was Scott Walker who got out early when he saw that he could not win. The rest hung on until the bitter end. If they had cared about the country they should have gotten out and thrown their support to one candidate to stop Trump, but perhaps it would have been too late by then. Trump’s fans heard the sizzle, but never understood the substance.

Trump is a master salesman, and given the support he got from the main stream media who wanted him to be the GOP candidate because he looked to be the weakest, most controversial candidate, he won. The main stream media was always looking out for Hillary. If you don’t believe me, look back to 2000 when they propped up John McCain against George Bush in the primaries for as long as possible so that Bush would have to waste valuable campaign money to beat him.

Trump, like all GOP presidential candidates, has an outside chance at best because of the Electoral College. Given the fact that he has “foot in mouth disease,” and a main stream media that will stick a knife in him every chance they can get, his prospects are even lower.