Glen Beck wants to throw the presidential election into the House of Representatives


I was drivingto the bank this morning when I heard another plan from the [FONT=Verdana]conservative gremlin, Glen Beck. His new strategy is to push for Gary Johnson, the Libertarian, in three or four “really deep red states” in order to switch their electoral votes from Trump to Johnson. The idea is to get 35 or so electoral votes for Johnson which could prevent the two main candidates from getting a majority in the Electoral College. <o:p></o:p>[/FONT]
That would throw the election into the House. The candidates would be the top three Electoral College vote getters. There each state would have one vote regardlessof its size. The Republicans currently hold a majority of the states in theHouse, and if that holds up in the 2016 election cycle, they would have the opportunity to vote for Johnson instead of Trump and make Johnson president.

Of course Johnson has not even returned Beck’s phone calls when the **[FONT=Verdana]conservative gremlin **has asked him to come on his crummy little show. Yet despite the snub, Beck continues to cow-tow to the Libertarian candidate who treats the **conservative gremlin ******with implied distain. ****

The last time the presidential election was thrown into the House of Representatives,was in 1825. Henry Clay probably engineered a vote for John Quincy Adams whohad finished second in the general election. The Democrats under Andrew Jackson, who had finished first, cried foul and called the Clay - Adams combine “acorrupt bargain.” Adams appointed Clay to be the secretary of state,which is those days was viewed as a stepping stone to the presidency. Adams spent his four years in the White House under a cloud and was voted out in 1828.

If Johnson were elected president after only getting 30 or 40 votes in the Electoral College there would be cry across this nation. Despite the fact that people are not pleased with the Hillary - Trump choice, the idea that some guy who came in a poor third would win the White House would not go down well.

Beck is a fool and a clown. Conservatives should listen to him only for the entertainment value of his program. His ego is far larger than his brain, and his plans for this country would be disastrous if they were even implemented. He is poison to the conservative movement.

You want to listen to radio try Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham or Mark Levin. They are much better and speak with some decency and common sense. [/FONT]


I “think” that I’ve seen Beck on TV or U-Tube but didn’t bother to watch it. I used to watch Rush long ago though. My problem with all of them is the same problem that I have with the news. I’d like for them to tell me when they wander from actual facts to what they think or their opinion. That’s why I stopped watching Rush. He would start out with this happened yesterday & then expand on it until he got to the outer space alien invasion (not really but you get my point). I get that it’s all “entertainment” but honestly I get tired watching the news, politicians, programs like this & wondering what are they saying that real & what’s made up.