Glenn EXPOSES the far-left CULT destroying America

Glenn EXPOSES the far-left CULT destroying America

By definition, a true conservative cannot be an ‘extremist’ as well. Why? Because conservatives believe in conserving the things that work and are important. A true ‘extremist,’ however, pushes the adoption of new ideas that have yet to be tested — which is what the far-left in this nation continues to do. Glenn details how members of the far-left are the TRUE extremists, and he argues we must no longer be afraid to call out what the far-left REALLY is: A cult that continues to separate and destroy America

THIS is how the far-left RECRUITS Americans into its CULT

The far-left should no longer be considered a ‘woke’ religion, hyper focused on CRT, COVID restrictions, and gender identity. It’s actually worse than that, Glenn argues. The far-left in America has become a CULT — one that recruits, indoctrinates, and preys on vulnerable Americans in order to further its dangerous ideology. James Lindsay, founder of New Discourses, describes to Glenn the specific signs and tactics used by the far-left that prove this cult — one of the largest ones in human history — is a danger to all Americans the longer it persists.

You ever notice Glen Beck looks like a really old Guy Fieri?

Bill O’Reilly is ‘ANGRY’ about how the far-left USES LGBTQ people

Joe Biden, his administration, Disney executives, and many more on the far-left don’t ACTUALLY care about the lives and feelings of LGBTQ Americans, Bill O’Reilly tells Glenn. Instead, many politicians and business leaders are USING them to put themselves in a virtuous position. It’s a strategy that makes O’Reilly ‘angry,’ he says, because of the several unintended consequences that arise from it. In this clip, he explains those consequences

Bill O’Reilly has feelings? He described himself as a right wing automation simply telling it the way he sees it years ago I don’t think the man feels anything except when he has less or more talking space.

Dave Rubin’s message for liberals: It’s DECISION TIME!

Dave Rubin has been working with liberals for years now…and some of them DO now recognize the far-left’s woke INSANITY. But recognition of the ‘obvious stuff’ may not be enough, the BlazeTV host tells Glenn: ‘At some point, the rubber meets the road and you need to make a decision…you have to make a choice.’ In this clip, Rubin encourages truth-seeking, freedom-loving Americans to ‘blaze a NEW trail,’ he explains. Because the far-left won’t stop until their dystopian nightmare comes true. So, it’s time to take ACTION and build new institutions that allow us to survive — and THRIVE — without far-left ideologues forcing our every move