Glenn’s FIERY Stance Against Vaccine Mandates: ‘THIS Is My Line’

Glenn’s FIERY Stance Against Vaccine Mandates: ‘THIS Is My Line’

Glenn says he’s recently struggled with clearly defining those ‘lines’ in life he refuses to cross. But THIS time, he says, it’s easy. In regards to the federal government’s vaccine mandate recently placed on businesses, Glenn says your message should be: ‘I will NOT comply.’ ‘If we allow them to cross this line, there is no freedom left,’ he explains. So, Glenn has made HIS decision. What’s yours?!


Glenn Beck is absolutely right. I appreciate him standing up against fascism.


The vaccines do pose issues about freedom. Personally, I have taken it three times, including the third booster shot on Friday. I got sick as a dog for 24 hours after the last two. I hope it’s worth it, and I hope this does not go on forever. But this was my choice.

The question is is, how far can the government go with this? How much can they demand that you put into your body? Does the government have the right to deny you a livelihood if you do not obey its dictates?

These are reasonable questions that must be posed in a “free society.” How much control should government have over you? Don’t answer off the cuff because we don’t know how far the Biden administration and the Democrats are prepared or planning to go.


The MANDATES pose issues about freedom. Mandates are getting shot down in court as we speak.

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A couple months ago they announced at my job that everyone would have to get vaxed, or get weekly testing. I don’t know where to begin here.

#1: The vaccine doesn’t make you immune from getting covid. IT DOES NOT MAKE YOU IMMUNE. It does not prevent you from spreading it, or from contracting it. What it does, is make the symptoms less severe. Theoretically, if you’re vaxed, you can get covid and transmit it everywhere to everyone and you may not even know that you have it.

I talked with an employee where I work. He told me that the reason to get vaxed is not to help myself, but to protect everyone around me. This does not make sense, as all the vax does is help YOU. The lie perpetuated by the media, the government, as well as the medical industry. Get vaxed to protect everyone around you… yet all it does is help YOU. Your chances of survival jump from 99% to like 99.5%. You can still spread it. You are not immune. It’s a lie.

#2: It’s a political statement and not much else. Somewhere along the way the vax became an anti-conservative stance. I would rather take my chances getting sick than inject an experimental liquid into my body and permanently change my immune system while not knowing what the long term effects will be. Liberals don’t care what the long term effects will be; get shot up now or you are the enemy. They actually take great pleasure in these mandates, as they are now able to use the government to force conservatives into compliance. Maybe they can’t force me psychologically to bend to their will, but having authority over my body is good enough - even better.

#3: The golden ticket. The coof is their golden ticket. No matter how petty it is, liberals love this virus because they have slowly been able to shape society. They have watched our rights be taken away. The goal is for everyone to live in total abject fear; until you do what they want. Get the vax. Even though it doesn’t protect you or anyone else. It’s the thought that counts here. Comply. Or else. Or else not only lose your life (as they want you to believe) but also lose your job, your livelihood, your family, your friends; everything.

All it would take would having the democrats be anti-vax and the entire narrative would change. Unfortunately Trump was president when this virus hit. Now it’s just a tool to implement whatever facets of communism it will allow. Just shut up and get in line; this is for your own good.


Thousands and thousands have stood their ground and walked off their jobs over their employer going along with these fascist mandates. What will you do?

I’ll do their weekly testing thing. When the day comes when I don’t have that option I’ll probably quit.

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Yes, the vaccine mandates are about control as much as anything for “Progressives.” And yes, as I have said before, Covid is one of the best campaign workers that the Democrats have ever had.

If you believe in conspiracy theories, old man Fauci funded the research in China so that the Chinese could send it here. Old man Fauci has certainly been able to feed his giant ego during this period as a result. There is no denying that. He should be fired for arrogance and incompetence.

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Their golden ticket. :expressionless:

Thats quite a burden. You will tire of it soon, especially if you pay for it.

This is all a part of their plan, and unfortunately there’s not much I can do about it. I don’t want to lose my job as it’s a pretty good job.

What if the new democrat fad became chopping off your left hand to show solidarity? Of course republicans would laugh at that and laugh at the people who permanently maimed themselves to be good lefties. But what happens when the government steps in and forces everyone to chop it off? The unintended psychological consequences would be devastating. And this is what’s happening right now in real life.

Curious, do you think it should be legal to burn the American flag as part of a protest?

Are laws that prevent it about taking away freedom and choice?

Do I think vaccines should be mandated?

Probably only for people that work in high risk areas, healthcare, retirement homes and similar places.

But here’s the question.

Should the government be able to force people to take vaccines?

In the past the answer has been a resounding yes. Your kids cannot go to school without them.

Then the anti-vaxer movement springs up making demonstrably bogus claims, but thanks to social media engenders a large following.



People no longer trust government.

However, I don’t think government has changed much at all from the times people were more likely to trust government and today.

I think what has changed is the capacity to sew mistrust though various mediums. Some of it is warranted, but other claims are made by people who seek power in their lies.

Now, please notice, I didn’t blame the right or the left. The question I have for you is.

How can you tell the difference between people misleading you for their own selfish purposes and legitimate areas of concern when it comes to trusting the government to do what is best?

The problem here, is that few people question the things they already believe. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE is guilty to some extent, including me.

The actual “anti-vaxer movement” remains small. What is new is the anti-vaccine-mandate movement which is big and picking up steam.

And there’s something else that’s new–DANGEROUS vaccines. Some years ago there was a vaccine (can’t remember what it was for) that killed something like 28 people so it was pulled from the market. How many have the covid vaccines killed?

VAERS reports they’ve literally KILLED THOUSANDS of innocent people and caused neurological damage in many thousands more.

And no one is pressuring time-pressed medical centers or doctors to enter data. And no one is tracking down suspicious deaths to determine if they are really a result of the vaccine. There are various estimates of the actual number killed and they are all a multiple of the reported number.

But pharmaceutical companies are not responsible. The government protects them from being sued for wrongful death or injury, so they have little incentive to stop the gravy train that’s killing and maiming innocent people.

Amen! You got that right. And that lack of trust is backed by very solid reasons. FRAUD! Starting with the 2020 election which was fraudulently altered such that the much-loved landslide winner appeared to actually lose to some stooge in his basement. How can anyone trust such a government?

Add to that Dr.Mengele Fauci that paid to have the covid virus developed (“It’s worth the risk.”) and has never stopped lying about these dangerous vaccines from the day they were available.

Add to that the extremely safe off-patent drugs that have proven effective at treating covid. The government and the all-hate media lie constantly about their effectiveness and safety so they can push their damned hateful dangerous vaccine for maximum profit.

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I just sent this letter to my governor, state senator and state delegates. I try to avoid strong language, but the fascism has gotten so bad that it’s appropriate here.

Dear Governor Hogan:

Why has Maryland not yet joined the 26 other states that are filing lawsuits against the immoral covid vaccine mandate? We should! Please do it.

Covid is not the problem. We now know that people with high levels of vitamin D are largely protected and that there are also a number of antiviral therapeutics that fight it if we get it. And several of these are off patent, so they’re inexpensive.

No, the problem is that there are way too many shitheads in government that love to inflict wrongful mandates on the people. Instead, they should be guaranteeing that companies not abuse people for profit by selling dangerous vaccines that kill thousands of people and make others suffer permanent neurological disorders.

Please fight to stop every requirement that wrongfully coerces people to get one of these dangerous covid vaccines against their will. Please vocally protest and file a lawsuit against the administration’s wrongful mandate.

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Yes you can burn whatever you want as long as it isn’t alive.

I don’t care about kids taking vaccines. They have all passed the testing phase. Your wu-flu vax still needs about 8 more years. And it’s not a vaccine.

I don’t trust the government to do anything.

If you’re referring to the self-reporting site VAERS, that’s simply false. Dying after taking a vaccine is not the same as dying because of a vaccine. Every day people eat Cheerios and every once in a while, some of them die. Was it the Cheerios? No. Same thing.

The VAERS database includes many reports that suggest a death is not related to a vaccine at all. For example, a 64-year-old man who was in hospice care for metastatic cancer received a COVID-19 vaccine last December. His death seven days later is included in VAERS even though a physician’s notation states: “The patient’s death was felt to be due to underlying terminal illness” rather than the COVID vaccine.

Some reports in the VAERS system include deaths that occurred weeks or months following vaccination, and others provide only vague or confusing information that leaves epidemiologists puzzled.

FIrst, let’s remember that people claiming that they should be free to choose to take vaccines point to the low death rate, often reporting numbers like 0.1% (even if the actual rate is higher).

Even if every single death on the VAERS site were 100% caused by the vaccine (which they aren’t) More than 377 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines have now been administered in the United States, according to the CDC. As of September 8, VAERS received 7,086 reports of death that’s 0.0018% among people who received a COVID-19 vaccine.

So if the number of deaths from covid are no big deal, then the number of deaths reported to VAERS should be even less of a big deal.

Once you look into the reports, the number of deaths is a tiny fraction of what you think they are.

So are cops, does that fact mean they have no incentive not to hurt or kill people?

Given you’re comments so far, I suspect that at least some of the problem is you. Of course, you are where you are because so many people make money fueling your rage. Emotion drives donations.

… people dying while they had Covid-19 also isn’t the same as dying of covid.

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Quite right, so how can we tell if COVID is the cause?

If they’re in a car accident and have their head smashed for one

But I guess that would appear to be Covid