Glenn’s FIERY Stance Against Vaccine Mandates: ‘THIS Is My Line’

Ok, so let’s be serious for a moment. If I understand you correctly, you’re saying that you don’t think COVID is as bad as is being claimed? Like it’s being blown out of proportion?

There is a way to figure out, to a reasonable certainty how many deaths are being caused by COVID without knowing how any single person dies.

You can lie about why people die, what you can’t do, at least on a national level, is hide the bodies.

So here are total death stats:

Can you explain why total deaths shoot up at the same time COVID comes to the US? I mean, with this chart we aren’t looking at any single death, rather we’re looking at total deaths.

Now, all you’d have to do (or any news outlet, blog or YouTuber) to show there is widescale misrepresentation of death statistics is how how the total deaths do not align with COVID stats.

In other words, if we go back 10 yeas and normalize for population, the average number of deaths hovers at about 55k. So we’d expect about that number this past year, 55-56k, because that many people die every year…

Here at the top 10 reasons:

Now all that would have to be done to prove COVID is a fraud, is show, on average why these numbers (in the chart above) have dropped and instead were called COVID.

In other words, if, on a wide scale, deaths that should have been heart attacks, car accidents and suicides, we instead falsely being called COVID to the tune of, (looking it up…), 757,000, then the math tells us that the causes of death on the list above would all have to drop dramatically at the same time.

Now, you can’t make that number up because there are bodies that go with that number, so we know people aren’t faking it. A little investigative journalism would uncover that pretty quickly. Maybe the nations largest news network could handle that?

So, we know that 757,000 people are claimed to have died from COVID. If, in fact these numbers are really other causes of death, then it stand to reason that the other categories would be falling dramatically, right?

Is that what we see? No. And you know why Fox, Newsmax, Brieghtbart, Dailycaller etc aren’t looking into this? Because they already know the fact don’t support it.

Now as far as your claim about car accidents being called COVID, I’ve heard this one before. Can you show me a single documented case of where that acctually happened? I mean, I know that’s been reported on right-wing media, but I call BS.

But even if it’s true, you still have all your work in front of you showing that it’s widespread pattern of disinformation rather than an anecdotal example and the numbers I posted about prove it.

I’ll believe your Covid #s when you believe conservatives aren’t plotting to overthrow the government and discriminate against minorities

That’s just it Guts. I’m not quoting “COVID numbers”. We’re just looking at total deaths. So what you’ve said has nothing to do with anything.

Fact: Deaths have risen sharply since the outbreak of COVID

How do we know?

Looking back at the number of deaths per week over several years we see a very consistent trend. Any deviation from that trend should be explained. For example 2018, deaths were above average and that can be explained by a particularly virulent flu.

Now, people can lie about the cause of death, but if a person dies in a car crash but it’s called COVID, than it stands to reason that there would be 1 fewer car crash death.

If we call 15,000 car crash deaths COVID, than it stands to reason that there would be 15,000 fewer deaths from car crashes (when looking at the average) compared to the past.

If on average 2.9 million people die in the US per year. From March of 2020 to March of 2021 500k people are reported to have died of COVID. That 20% of the total number of deaths in a year. So the question is, did we see an increase in total deaths increase by about 20%? Did we see a decrease in other areas?

Are car crashes, are they falsely being reported as COVID deaths? If yes, we’d expect to see a decrease in car related deaths.

I was surprised to learn that car deaths were up by 7.2% in 2020 (despite people driving less), so that cannot be the source of COVID deaths are coming from, right?

So what is it? If COVID reporting is false, the number of bodies don’t lie. You can’t hide that many bodies all over the country. You can’t do it.

Simply saying you don’t believe it is the functional equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears and closing your eyes and screaming.

That said, I will concede that mistakes have been made and lessons have been taught. We as a nation and as a people haven’t handled this problem in the best way possible, far from it, but if we can’t admit the problem even exists, how can we do better next time?

Secondly I believe in personal choice, if a person signs something acknowledging they have a 10x greater chance of death, and private parties may make options in engaging in economic opportunity similar to smoking. A lot of shops won’t hire smokers, same thing with the vaccine. It’s a person choice, that what it is. Now most hospitals will not hire active smokers or people with a BMI over 35, they should be free to do the same with the vaccine. As long as consent is respected I am fine with people rejecting if they know they are less safe from infection and more likely to lose employment. Individual employers should decide not the government.