Global Warming Expedition Stopped by Arctic Ice!

I wasn’t sure where to post THIS since “Global Warming” is ANYTHING BUT “science.”

A bunch of nuts proposed to travel from Alaska to Norway through the “Northeast Passage” and are currently stuck in Murmansk, Russia; blocked by ice that they claimed on their website doesn’t exist!


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I wasn’t sure where to post THIS since “Global Warming” is ANYTHING BUT “science.”

A bunch of nuts proposed to travel from Alaska to Norway through the “Northeast Passage” and are currently stuck in Murmansk, Russia; blocked by ice that they claimed on their website doesn’t exist!
[/quote]:coffee_spray:You would think they would learn after this happening over and over to these nut cases.

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Didn’t something similar to that happen in the area of Antarctica a few years ago? They had to be rescued - then the rescue ship had to be rescued by an icebreaker if I remember correctly.

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Global Warming… My thoughts: Well first off I always wonder when a political party comes up with a new agenda item (ok, when the left comes up with one). So on stuff like this I tend to not say much & just wait & see how it plays over time. I do know that it has become warmer over the years so I’ll agree that the weather is changing. But how do we know that it hasn’t been changing all along & this is normal? In fact there could be a cycle that is being played out that has been playing out since before man started keeping records. I don’t believe that looking at cores of the earth would be exact enough for us to really know what was going on long ago. So again my feelings are wait & see.
What I do know is that a lot of the “facts” that they have predicted haven’t been true. For instance a while back the Northern polar cap should have been almost gone (that was the prediction). Instead it was 60% bigger. Just on the face of that it tells me that they are kind of guessing & as it turned out it was an uneducated guess. On the other hand I think about those cities that they find every now & then off of the coast (in the ocean) & I wonder was that rising water or sinking land? I don’t know. So basically I’m down to OK, let’s clean up the most things we can with the lowest cost. Make it a national objective? No because it’s not proven yet nor will us spending billions do anything unless the rest of the world joins in. I kind of think they won’t join in unless there’s proof because they aren’t all as dumb as the American people.

Is a Mini Ice Age Coming? ‘Maunder Minimum’ Spurs Controversy
By Elizabeth Goldbaum, Staff Writer | July 18, 2015 07:50am ET
Is a Mini Ice Age Coming? ‘Maunder Minimum’ Spurs Controversy
Image of the sun taken by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory on July 18, 2015.
Credit: NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory
A** scientist who claims waning solar activity in the next 15 years will trigger what some are calling a mini ice age** has revived talk about the effects of man-made versus natural disruptors to Earth’s climate.

Is a Mini Ice Age Coming? ‘Maunder Minimum’ Spurs Controversy

How Volcanoes Influence Climate

Mount Pinatubo Eruption, 1991
A huge cloud of volcanic ash and gas rises above Mount Pinatubo, Philippines, on June 12, 1991. Three days later, the volcano exploded in the second-largest volcanic eruption on Earth in the 20th century.
Credit: USGS

Volcanic eruptions are responsible for releasing molten rock, or lava, from deep within the Earth, forming new rock on the Earth’s surface. But eruptions also impact the atmosphere.

The gases and dust particles thrown into the atmosphere during volcanic eruptions have influences on climate. Most of the particles spewed from volcanoes cool the planet by shading incoming solar radiation. **The cooling effect can last for months to years depending on the characteristics of the eruption. Volcanoes have also caused global warming **over millions of years during times in Earth’s history when extreme amounts of volcanism occurred, releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Even though volcanoes are in specific places on Earth, their effects can be more widely distributed as gases, dust, and ash get into the atmosphere. Because of atmospheric circulation patterns, eruptions in the tropics can have an effect on the climate in both hemispheres while eruptions at mid or high latitudes only have impact the hemisphere they are within.

How Volcanoes Influence Climate | UCAR Center for Science Education

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As usual someone looking to the media to educate them on the science of global temperatures.


The press release in question was an announcement of a presentation to be given by Valentina Zharkova, a professor of mathematics at Northumbria University in Newcastle.

So the “science” in question was a statistical look at solar cycles by a mathematician, not a climate scientist. She and her team of researchers had analyzed the sun’s 11-year cycles from a purely** astronomical perspective**, meaning she didn’t look at climate here on earth, rather it described conditions on the Sun, not how any change in output might affect the earth.

Then we had lots of stories based on this “press release” that the suns output would fall by 60%:

["]Science daily](
[Daily Mail]Is a mini ICE AGE on the way? Scientists warn the sun will ‘go to sleep’ in 2020 | Daily Mail Online](
Random blog

And the list goes on and on…

But you see, I know none of these sources actually understand science because if they did they’ed know that a 1% drop in solar output would have significant impacts on climate. A 60% decrease in solar output would probably annihilate all life on earth, forever.

Now going back to the paper written, what Zharkova and her co-authors actually wrote, is that the amplitude of the solar cycle may decrease by 60 percent, not that solar output would fall by 60% as the media falsely reported it.

This is of course why people need to stop getting there information about what “science says” from the media.

As far as Volcano’s and their impact. That has been understood for a long time, but their effects are short lived, relatively speaking.

oh no not again:coffee_spray:

I wonder if the knuckle heads like that ever learn their lesson?

They BARELY succeeded,because of a lot of Fossil Fueled technology in use, from Diesel fuel,Satellite imaging,Ice Breaker support,drones and more. They would have failed 100% without Diesel or Satellite data.

It was a failure because they needed the Fossil Fuel to make it by a SINGLE day!