Global Warming Once an Alarming Topic, Now Buried by the Left:


I wonder why the left isn’t talking about Global Warming in this election. They have certainly changed the vocabulary from the doomsday event that the world is supposed to experience soon, if we don’t spend every last dollar we have on mythical green jobs and green energy. Now, they are talking about energy independence and wind + solar as well as all the other natural resources out there. That sounds like what the right ALWAYS have said.

Now, sure Obama mentions green topics in his speeches sometimes. But where are the warnings about Global Warming and how it will destroy us? Where are the leftists that yell at the conservatives for not believing in the green scheme? Where are the activists groups trying to push more regulations onto companies to do more to “help the environment”?

All I hear is crickets. The question we need to ask ourselves is why? Why are we not hearing about it? Did the left give up? Are they all so focused about getting their kind re-elected that they forgot about the green movement?

Even though, this has nothing to do with the topic. I saw O’reilly and Bob Beckel battle each other last night. It was about media bias. Beckel fought with him for the whole segment. At the end, he said he agreed with O’reilly’s original facts about media bias. O’reilly looked dumbfounded and asked, “why then did you spend the whole segment arguing about it with me?” Beckel basically said it’s because he is leftist. Is that the reason for the Global Warming debates we have had??? Just because Conservative don’t agree with it, they argue for it? Of course many dems still believe in the stuff, but they are quiet at the moment.



The Extreme Left has already institutionalized the economically destructive policies that they were using the global warming scam to justify, they have two candidates running for President that both embrace this ridiculous religion as well so they cannot lose however things turn out.

The Demoncrats cannot gain more support by playing this card because Romney’s record is more committed to the Enviro-Nazi agenda than Obama’s.


If you think Romney has more of a green agenda than Obama does, then you are seriously misguided!!! Why don’t you research what your favorite person Obama has done with the green movement when he had a democratically controlled congress? He went to the UN and tried to pass world wide green tax laws and even created one himself!!! I am just glad that other counties like China and India saw right through his scheme!


[quote=“jjf3rd77, post:3, topic:36778”]
If you think Romney has more of a green agenda than Obama does, then you are seriously misguided!
[/quote] Please list all of Obama’s ***successes *** in establishing laws and policies to perpetuate the global warming religion.

Rhetoric is irrelevant, Romney has accomplished more Enviro-Nazi goals than Obama. That is why the Left is not playing this card and Romney’s refusal to include this element of his history in the list of things he has flip flopped on is why I can never support him.


The thing about Obama is that he has the entire world at his finger tips, so he doesn’t necessarily have to pass the laws himself, that’s mostly the EPA’s job!! But off the top of my head I can name a few.

Solyndra and various solar company schemes
Killed the coal industry
monopolized and forced green regulations onto the car industry
Killed the keystone pipeline
strengthened the Clean Air Act
Still supports Global UN Taxes
Not to mention all the little laws his administration has passed regarding regulations for every single thing that runs on energy or made by his favorite company GE!

**Romney’s plan does not mention anything about energy conservation! **Energy | Mitt Romney for President
So I have no idea what you are talking about. Nothing Romney has ever done in green energy, (if anything) can come close to the damage Obama has done by spreading Al Gore’s religion. SO what exactly has Romney done that can trump all of those things? I don’t think you can list anything. I certainly can’t think of any. Can you?


This was just pork spending, no different than all the pork spending that preceded it and that will follow it.

Obama did not “Kill the coal industry”, Obama refused to challenge the E.P.A. on many of its draconian measures but Romney has never expressed a desire to abolish the E.P.A. or remove its regulatory authority. Several GOP Primary Candidates took an “Abolish the E.P.A.” position but Romney was NOT one of them.

Calling the Coal regulations an Obama victory is ridiculous, Nixon gets 100 percent of the credit/blame (depending on your perspective) for the E.P.A.'s horrific actions.

Congress has been mandating MPG standards on cars sold in the U.S. since the 1970’s, I have NEVER once heard Romney describe this as an abuse of Federal Power. Romney has however imposed his own mandates on U.S. cars when he was Governor just as California has done for years.

C.A.F.E. standards are not Obama’s doing, they preceded Obama and they will endure post Obama regardless of who wins this election because both candidates AGREE that the Federal Government has this authority and should use it.

This is not a law, it will carry no authority after Obama is gone.

Did not oppose is not creating, Romney also did not oppose this.

Rhetoric is not a law.

Name these and you will have provided a list.

I will compile a list later tonight.


I have never seen a so-called conservative defend Obama as much as you have in this post. Most folks on the right would agree with me about how horrible Obama’s green energy record is. Apparently you don’t see it the same way…hmmmm.

  1. He still spent it!!! You can’t defend pork spending if you are supposedly against it. Wow.
  2. Um Romney doesn’t have to declare that he will Abolish the EPA to help bring back the coal industry. He does state numerous times that he will lower regulations and slash some of them. Romney is smart and he knows he won’t get the EPA abolished! The abolish the EPA talking point is also not a guarantee that the coal industry will come back. The candidates who “promised” to abolish the EPA lost!
  3. He said he wasn’t for the auto bailout!! What more do you need? Can you read between the lines? Romney knows that bankruptcy would probably have helped the car industry more than government money.
  4. Obama’s direct involvement and VETO of the initial Keystone Pipeline idea sent jobs to Canada and China. This was done to please his environmental lobby.
  5. He did strengthen it with more regulations. You are putting words in my mouth.
  6. Oh I’m sorry I guess I should have spelled it out for you. The UN GLOBAL TAXES THAT HE TOOK CREDIT FOR CREATING!!!

Alright I have Obama’s damage somewhere in my files. I will get the specifics for you later. This was just off the top of my head. You have to compile a list and try your hardest google searches to find anything bad about Romney! There is one thing you can be certain of. Romney doesn’t believe in the Hippie Green Agenda.


Oh another one I just thought of. You don’t hear Mitt Romney advocating for the idea of an invisible global carbon market to control any and all corporation as well as individual taxes based on energy output/input. That was the main goal of Obama’s 2010 UN Climate Meeting. Most of it passed too. The plan ran into trouble when Obama tried to impose this plan on the rest of the world!!! It took Obama’s “creativity” working with China to agree on some portions of that idea as well. Again, I’ll find the specifics later.


You are way off the original mark, my statement that you took issue with was;

The Demoncrats cannot gain more support by playing this card because Romney’s record is more committed to the Enviro-Nazi agenda than Obama’s.

The context of that statement was regarding Enviro-Nazi policies and laws that have destroyed our economy.

I asked you for examples of Obama’s accomplishments in establishing long term economic destruction in Law

Nothing you have listed so far is an established law that will continue its destruction after Obama leaves, you cited E.P.A. actions and Congressional actions that are nothing new and that have been killing American jobs for decades.

Obama wanted cap and trade, he failed. I am aware of no other global warming legal effort that he has undertaken.

Romney supported and passed a “clean air bill” designed to shut down 5 power plants in his State that he referred to as “Killers”.

Romney established an aerial enforcement division to torment “polluters of wetlands”, check out the definition of “wetland” some time if you don’t think this is scary.

Romney decided Massachusetts should lead the nation by removing perchlorate from their water to “protect sensitive populations”.

Romney increased “environmental enforcement” by 54% as Governor.

Romney implemented his “Climate Protection Plan” to the praises of the E.P.A. and all the other Enviro-Nazi groups.

Romney established the “Ocean Management Task Force” to torment fisherman and other businesses on the coast. This is quite a gem of an explanation*** “We have accepted zoning as a means of planning on land for appropriate uses of largely privately-owned property, while virtually no planning is done for ocean spaces” ***Romney also petitioned the Federal Government to create a Federal version of the “Ocean Management Task Force” but fortunately they declined.

I have only listed Romney’s*** accomplishments*** here, that is why it was going to take some time to separate the information. I have MOUNTAINS of evidence archived from when I researched this Enviro-Nazi during the Primary but much of it is speeches where he is endorsing the absolute worst of the worst crap at the Federal Level and States like California. If the challenge was "Who has a bigger record of pushing Enviro-Nazi crap, Romney or Obama" then Romney would win the rhetoric battle as well but we were discussing actual Laws and Policies that these men are responsible for.

Romney left Massachusetts with several new bureaucracies that will grow in size and destructiveness for generations and laws that will harm their economy and strip their private property rights away from the citizens for generations as well.

The Liberals will not bring up global warming because Romney has more Enviro-Nazi cred than Obama, the GOP won’t bring up global warming because they know that most Conservatives and business owners are being crushed by these policies and they do not want to draw attention to Romney’s Extreme Left record on this.

I will bet you 100 dollars to your favorite charity that you have absolutely no idea what I just wrote and you will instead respond to a completely different subject than I have been addressing this entire thread so far, answering the question that **you posed

**I wonder why the left isn’t talking about Global Warming in this election.


I would love to see your sources for this stuff. If true, but most of it sounds like rhetoric or what the liberals under his command advocated for. And besides this stuff was done on the state level with Mass being 87% liberal!!! Therefore if you try to compare the state level programs with the federal laws that Obama has done. You can’t compare state and federal laws/regulations! It’s just as silly as the Romneycare VS Obamacare debate. One is state, as in it doesn’t affect other states! One is federal as in it affects everyone. In Obama’s case one is GLOBAL!!! But, yeah. I must not know what I am talking about… BTW I hate when people with agendas, try to paint me as if I am some type of political idiot that has no idea what I am talking about. That’s a last ditch effort.

Back to Romney. None of that stuff combined equals the damage Obama has done with the UN and his Global Tax Plan which is slowly but surely being implemented as we speak. I’m sorry but I don’t think any liberal will agree with you about Romney and his environmental agenda. They seem to think he wants to have dirty air and water, not the other way around lolz.

Now, Romney attacked Obama during the debate for his own personal involvement with investments in solyndra and various other green energy companies. Why wouldn’t Obama attack Romney for all the environment stuff that he has done, if the information above is credible?


You asked for a specific list:

As soon as the President was elected, The White House went on to order the EPA to enforce energy standards for appliances, invest more in energy by focusing on alternative fuels, wind, and ocean currents to produce electricity.
In 2008, the Supreme Court declared CO2 along with five other so-called Greenhouse gases pollutants.
In 2008 the House of Representatives passed the American Clean Energy and Security Act. In 1500 pages Barack Obama and the Green Lobby outlined their vision for the world starting with the Energy Industry. “At its core was an economy wide cap and trade system” based on invisible gas carbon and its non-existent market.

Beginning in 2012 the law would force the US to reduce their emissions from 5.7 gigatons down to 5 eventually bringing that number down to 1 gigaton by 2050.** The impact of this law affects every single major American energy supplier, from nuclear power facilities to manufacturing companies.** Since economic stability was in question Congress allowed certain privileged companies to buy and sell the gas.

The following is what happened at the UN in 2009:

With days left, Obama and Hilary Clinton agreed to help struggling countries get funding from public sources with their target range being more than $100 Billion. Obama and China’s Wen Jiabao drew up an agreement which Obama later took credit for creating that all nations had to meet. “Nationally appropriate mitigation actions will be subject to international measurement, reporting, and verification.” The agreement included what each nation would have to do in order to stop Global Warming before it reached 2*C.

It’s clear Obama wants to set up entirely new systems and spending schemes for dealing with this fake problem, while it seems Romney’s liberal appointees went wild with power, only in their state and oh he still maintained a balanced budget!!!


The E.P.A. requires no White House Order to act or regulate and they never have.

The E.P.A. did this, not the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court only said that the E.P.A. must render an opinion on these elements and the case that spurned this ruling was from MASSACHUSETTS.

Yes, and Obama was a Senator from Illinois at this time meaning he was one vote out of 100 in one house of Congress. The bill was revised in 2009 and passed by the House but DIED in the Democrat controlled Senate.

George W. Bush was the President of the United States in 2008.

The United States is not bound by this, this is not a new law or a new agency that will endure, these are not examples of Obama accomplishing any Enviro-Nazi crap that will endure beyond his administration.

I answered your question and your challenge, you don’t like the answer because you have convinced yourself that Romney is what you want him to be instead of who he has proved himself to be for decades.

***“To thine own self be true”***, a man who lies to himself has no respect for himself.


Wow those are weak defenses. You can’t possibly know the effect of the climate change damage Obama has fought for with the UN. He personally did this stuff and you don’t seem to care. Wow. I’m just shocked that a conservative such as yourself is defending him so much when you don’t even give sources for half of your made up scenarios that you accuse Romney for, and “Has no affect since he is no longer governor of Massachusetts!!!”

Besides it doesn’t affect you. If you don’t live in Mass! So you can’t accuse Romney of doing the things that Obama and his cronies have done on a federal and global level which DO affect you! You are just nitpicking Romney’s state run record, when he has **never **implemented a single environmental law that will affect us nationally!!!


You ignore your own question to build Straw Men to cover up the fact that you cannot accept who Romney is.

The only difference between Romney and Obama on Enviro-Nazi issues is that Romney has succeeded in implementing Enviro-Nazi laws and founding Enviro-Nazi agencies while Obama has failed to establish anything but temporal pork spending and spew powerless rhetoric.

The fact that Romney’s efforts have only crushed the peoples Rights in one State is because Romney has never had authority over more than one State, it is you who desire to give him Federal authority and it is you who are trying to sell the notion that he has completely reversed his lifelong opinions on these issues in his mid 60’s.

Tell yourself whatever makes you comfortable but don’t expect me to suspend all reason and common sense to help you lie to yourself.

Romney is VERY competent, Obama is astoundingly incompetent.
What that means is that Romney will have far more success than Obama at implementing Enviro-Nazi travesties at the Federal Level if he becomes President.

That is what I determined at the beginning of the Primary and that is why I have vehemently opposed Romney since the beginning of the Primary, this issue above all others will determine our economic future.

I have lived this horror and watched countless good men lose their livelihoods, homes and the fruit of many years labor in addition to their Property Rights. I will damn sure not allow you or anyone else who has never been crushed under these abominations to lecture me on this subject or get me to pretend that real people are not living real horrors because of the philosophy of the candidate that you are stumping for.

Vote for whoever you want but don’t look to me to give you cover, everything we need to know to determine who Romney is can be found in the public record and I will not pretend to be ignorant of it.

  1. So your opinion about Obama’s UN regulations are that they are only administration rhetoric??? My father’s business is personally impacted by this stuff, don’t lecture me about rhetoric!
  2. I haven’t heard Romney utter one thing about doing the harmful environmental things that Obama has done. If he does do massive damage to corporations through environmental laws and invests money into failing green corporations (two things that he has stated he will not do) I will personally hold him responsible and come back onto this thread and say that you were right about Romney all along.

BTW, you still never sourced your information. Do you care to?

  1. Not one U.N. “regulation” limiting carbon emissions is enforceable on U.S. soil.
  2. I am not surprised that you have not heard Romney endorsing the Enviro-Nazi agenda, you do no research EVER and you routinely ask for “links” regarding well known events and issues as if they are obscure.

You are more comfortable making things up and building Straw Men whenever you are called on it to keep from admitting that you do no research before you become dogmatic about things.

Absolutely not, everything I mentioned is easily verifiable by anybody who gives a damn about being informed, do your own homework.

Preferably do your homework during the Primary instead of 2 weeks before the election when it is too late to fix your ignorance, some of us do this every Primary.

  1. You should read the regulations then. They absolutely have an affect on US Soil!!! What you just said is a complete lie, and nothing I say is ever “made up” but the fact that you can’t or won’t list where you got the information from is telling!
  2. Ask any Romney or Obama supporter about Global Warming and they will look at you with a blank stare. Well, if you find an extreme liberal then they will say they believe in it, but they will not know Obama’s position, let alone Romney’s! It’s simply not talked about this election season and frankly most of the topics that they are talking about are stupid. The fact that Romney says he won’t invest in green energy companies is good enough for me.

Romney apparently did say that one coal plant was killing people, and that’s because it was, but nowhere can I find that he purposely shut down as many as you listed!


Romney has a different philosophy when it comes to governing on the federal level compared to the state level. The fact of the matter is, even the global warming activists are not happy that neither Romney nor Obama is mentioning Global Warming when during the 2008 election republicans were ridiculed for not believing in it!

What Romney or Obama has done is irrelevant as it can all be questioned. The fact is, it is not an alarming topic of discussion anymore and Romney’s Massachusetts Record, (if true and if he should take full responsibility for all of it) has little to do with it. You want me to believe that most liberals have looked into Romney’s record as Governor??:coffee_spray: Most people never even heard of Obama before they elected him!!!


Green cars with a 7 stick, plus the pillow cases that fight for the intrepid on the soup tank.

See, I can ignore everything factual and change the direction too! I just don’t need to because I research candidates and issues before I decide what I will support and oppose.


No, now your just spouting nonsense. You were the one who first brought up Romney into this, because you believe that he is going to be some green energy hero? That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard especially since he is courting republicans to be in his cabinet who don’t even believe in it!!! They won’t let him, get away with what you think he is going to do.

I originally asked why liberals aren’t complaining about Global Warming anymore. Liberals feelings about Global Warming activism has very little to do with who the President is. Although I shudder to think what would have happened if Al Gore was elected… You never even answered any of my original questions. Instead you just went off on an anti-Romney rant.

It’s funny that you think Romney has some secret green agenda. would you mind elaborating on what you think he is going to do? BTW, if he does implement Environmental regulations, but maintain a balanced budget, or gets us on the right track to one. Why would that be so bad?