Global Warming Will Destroy The Washington D.C. Area Over Next Century…


The Washington D.C. area and surrounding government infrastructure will be virtually destroyed by global warming over the next century, according to the latest study financed by American taxpayers.

At the very least climate change will cause billions of dollars in damage to city and federal property in the District of Columbia, say researchers at the public institution, the University of Maryland, that disclosed the alarming news this week. This disaster will occur as a result of long-term sea level rise caused by global warming.

It gets worse, according to the esteemed academics that conducted the in-depth probe. “Potential for significant damage will be even greater in the event of extreme weather like Hurricane Sandy,” they reveal in a press releaseannouncing their findings. Over the next 100 years, continuing sea level rise could cause damages of more than $24.6 billion to Washington’s commercial property, museums, and government agencies.

Global Warming Could Wipe Out Govt. | Judicial Watch

Global warming will destroy Washington D.C–One can only hope.

Those who made this study really need a life. I believe it was in the 60’s where some one group wanted $100,000 to study miniskirts:rofl:


Oh, it’ll cause billions of dollars of damage all right. But not to Federal property; the billions of dollars will become Federal property…


Nah, by the time this “study” envisions, all those pols’ huffing and puffing will have …


So finally some good news about global warming


It’s not global warming; it’s the massive hot air coming from the congressional halls and the Oval Office. Enough to melt the bulletproof glass in the buildings.


Yep, it’s just “local” warming.


Trance: That’s exactly what I thought when I read the article!! Maybe this is God’s way of finally getting rid of the marxist-commie government! Well, after all, Algore is the “expert” on global warming and the founder of the internet…


:yes: :coffee_spray: :rofl: :yeahthat: :thatsfunny: :usa:


Al Gore: The messiah of gaia