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**God and Government
**The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans

Play God and Government, Part 1 - The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans

God and Government, Part 2 - Listen to Dr. Tony Evans from The Alternative


Waiting right now for the first link to come up - but I love Tony Evans! Used to listen to him on the radio a lot when I was driving back and forth between here and the Cleveland area on weekends, when I worked near Cleveland.

Oops, it’s audio, and almost as hard to access as video on slow dial-up.


It may be better for you to go to his website and download an MP3 version onto your desktop or to a file on your computer. This may be quicker and more effective with your connection. **Radio - tonyevans.org
Tony Evans and Charles Stanley are my two favorites. I like Chuck Swindol also. I have listened to Ron Moore of the Journey recenly and he seems pretty good. I posted a recent two part broadcast of his here **http://www.republicanoperative.com/forums/f22/assurance-salvation-38015/

**Also with his it may be easier to go to his website and download an MP3 version. Home | The Journey Radio Ministry with Ron Moore