This is what a trolling stink bomb looks like and sure enough it is from a WARMIST!

"Tisdale prefers interpolated and infilled data. In situ measurements stinks.


Bob Tisdale tries to help this dude,since it is his blog entry.

“wollie, did you read the post? Based on your statement, we’re left to believe you didn’t understand it.”

The troll comes back more feebly by the half hour as he tries to look smart and … fails,

“I understood Tisdale. You don’t trust thermometer readings from Florida Keys. You prefer interpolated and infilled data for HadISST.”

Bob with a growing distaste of the slime accumulation on his shirt tries again,with a lot more substance to see if it finally sinks in someplace in the rockhead of golly wollie,

"No. You didn’t understand my posts, wollie, if that’s your conclusion.

Please quote me chapter and verse where I stated or implied that I “don’t trust thermometer readings from Florida Keys.”
As I noted in a comment above, my graphs presented a what-if scenario: What would the long-term curve look like (1) if there was continuous supply of sea surface temperature data from the two reefs presented in Figures 2 and 3 of Kuffner et al., and (2) if the sea surface temperature data from those two reefs were corrected for the differences in measurement methods? Both the HADISST and ERSST.v3b datasets showed that the primary warming took place in the early 20th century after the lighthouse-keeper data ended, not during the later warming period of the 20th Century.

If you’re not aware of this, that’s consistent with sea surface temperatures of the waters off the east coast of the United States, from Florida to New Jersey. Do you recall my posts after hurricane Sandy?
Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies along Sandy

wollie,replies ignoring the question comes up with this stinker,

"Tisdale: Expand your grid to 5×5 and see what happens.

You will not make an addendum to your post with that. I know you won’t."


the idiot has not once shown any demonstrated errors on Tisdales part and ignores a relevant question to make this STUPID request.

Now Bob tries one last time,this time a total SMACKDOWN to show how idiotic wollie is,it is a beautiful read at this COMMENT

I love the smell of a roasted troll in the afternoon.