Gone with the Wind is Racist?

It’s hard to keep up with the left they’re always changing the definitions and the situations. That’s either one of the Alinsky tactics OR leftism is a mental disorder.

Now Gone with the Wind Is Racist. Well…if that is the case…isn’t The Help racist? of Django? or Roots?

“Gone With the Wind” was a reflection of Civil War era attitudes. I have imagined a scene between Rhett and Scarlet that would have made the left happy.

“Scarlet, you know that William Lloyd Garrison is right about slavery. You need to tell Papa to let all of your slaves free.”

“You’re right Rhett. We’ve got to start an abolitionist movement here in Georgia. I’m sure Papa will set everybody free and talk to President Davis and General Lee. Why fight this silly war? War, war, war! That’s anyone talks about!”

This would make “Gone WTH the Wind” PC.

The left loves to take real and fictional characters out of their time and condemn them for not fitting in with their progressive point of view.