"good guy with a gun is a myth!"

If you get rid of the good guys with guns, no matter how few they may be, what does that leave you with?

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It’s unfortunately circular. Yes, it generally takes someone with a gun to stop someone else with a gun, but it would be far easier if neither of them had guns. Arming the good guys with relative ease inherently means you also arm criminals.

Do you think the people of the U.S. would accept the swiss model? It seems like things are going backwards with the right. A few years ago they seemed far more accepting of things like red flag laws, but recent discourse by politicians has shown a reversal and more extreme stance.

But crucially that is irrelevant to domestic laws and tyranny of where I am because I do not live in NK

And critically it’s been a never ending stream on military support from the U.S. that has kept South Korea free of domination from the North. My point is that the form of government that you advocate is extremely prone to dictatorship and oppression.

That has nothing to do with domestic tyranny though. Firearms are banned here and it’s still a safe and prosperous society

Our current situation no one is good here show me someone good.

1 Yet. I quote again: “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” History has shown that time and again. Good governments seldom last more than about three generations.
2 At that rate (which is unprecedentedly high, in spite of the fact that, other than the period of the Bill of Wrongs’ “assault weapon” ban, gun control is at an all-time high), it would take about 300 years to match the 13 million of the Nazi purges, 330-440 years to match the 15-20 million of the Stalin purges, and 650-1,300 years to match the 30-60 million of the Mao purges.

And the mass shooting victims that you cite are a pittance of that 40,000-45,000 a year.

I’m not saying it can’t happen here but I always see it as a right wing phenomena here were told you want to kill us. At least when I believed the left, we were told you planned to liquidate us. Now you’re hearing the left wants to do you in? The left would never fire the first shot nor write the first law. In fact one could argue the war on drugs was a mass kidnapping made up by Nixon.
“The Nixon campaign in 1968, and the Nixon White House after that, had two enemies: the antiwar left and black people,” former Nixon domestic policy chief John Ehrlichman told Harper’s writer Dan Baum for the April cover story published Tuesday.

“You understand what I’m saying? We knew we couldn’t make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin. And then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities,” Ehrlichman said. “We could arrest their leaders. raid their homes, break up their meetings, and vilify them night after night on the evening news. Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course we did.”

I do believe they are uses the pre-text of extremism to get rid of the rural white trash. Many Neo nazi gangs have been busted in Michigan with guys getting pusher man like sentences.

1 The Nazis were the radical left of their day.
2 Then why has it almost always been the Dems who have pushed gun control?

They killed the communists, trade unions, and social democrats first. They had the support of large private business and it was right wing parties that banded together to pass the enabling act.

cause a lot of black folk are killed by guns and group that votes 92% democrat they need everyone of them. Preservation of their voters simple.

They controlled large private business; they were socialists (kissing cousins of communists).

And selfish interest/power mongering has nothing to do with it? Hogwash. They’ve been caught in their own hypocrisy time and again; disarm the peasants while their bodyguards are packing enough iron to sink an aircraft carrier.

The actual socialist party around that time in Germany was the Social Democratic Party all of its leaders were killed prior to the holocaust in Aktion T4. The nazi’s were only for big government when it came to locking up and killing minorities and building a large army. Outside of that they actually expanded private gun ownership.

Perhaps if you took the Black criminals off the streets instead “catch and release,” if they are apprehended, that would improve the situation. Do you oppose the soft on crime DAs, or are they party of your political coalition, which you cannot oppose?

are you calling them game? Are the police fishing?

I no longer support the left I support the abolishment of the state if Weak Da’s allow civil issues to fracture then yes if strong da’s cause civil fracture then no. At this point I think we need a restart.

First, the name “Nazi” literally means “national socialist party.” Second, they disarmed the Jews.

“This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our example into the future.” – Adolph Hitler; 1938

Back then it was a catch all word like Populism, or Freedom. They were not inspired by any known socialist and never inspired any further socialists. I hate The USSR, I hate Socialism. I hate Nazi’s but they are right wing authoritarian. Socialism is left wing Authoritarianism. I answer to no one but Christ at this point wither it be AOC’s utopian socialism or Josh Halweys Fascist Authoritarianism I will do as I please until someone stops me. I care no longer to please man. I care no longer to please a government that sees me as a number. I realize society can’t handle itself when everyones “Triggered”. The wealthiest country in the world consuming itself is a sick thing but it’s happening. Anarcho-Christanity whatever you want to call it. The government doesn’t solve problems. I call it self emancipation, or free association. I will avoid all organs of the state as much as possible to maximize my time to myself to enjoy my intellectual pursuits. The idea of the state was holding me back thinking it could be reformed. Its much more looking like spreading seeds in its decline to influence what comes after it.

The mass shootings that make the news are those carried out by lone males, obviously seriously mentally disturbed. My guess is that their disturbance is related to the on-going decline of traditional norms in America, America’s on-going decline as a world power, and the on-coming future transformation of America from a country where the majority of the population derived its culture from Europe, to one where the majority of the population will derive their culture from Africa or Latin America.

There is nothing that can be done about this, so the next question, can we remove really deadly weapons, like the AR15 and AK47, from the hands of future crazies? Could we force them to rely on handguns, ordinary hunting rifles, and shotguns?

Probably, we could, to some extent. Ban all so-called ‘assault rifles’, inflict severe penalties on people who refuse to turn theirs in. It would be a huge undertaking, and of course directed mainly at patriots. But it might be possible, at least a bit. Then the psychos would have to rely on handguns, like Glocks with 17-round magazines; or ‘automatic’ shotguns like the 17-round (counting one in the chamber plus a full magazine) SRM Arms 1216.

Of course, you could go even more draconian, and ban all weapons with a magazine capacity greater than ‘X’ (usually liberals like ‘X’ to be = 10 … but why 10? Why let 10 children be killed, when you could just demand that any weapon, except a revolver, be a single-shot one, killing only one child.)

But none of this is going to happen now, independently of how desirable it might be. If we went back fifty or sixty years, when America seemed to be a stable country, growing steadily, steadily resolving issues of justice towards minorities … then most conservatives would probably have favored various gun control measures. (In fact, when the Black Panther Party turned up in the California State Capitol brandishing shotguns, Ronald Reagan quickly passed gun contol measures. [Here’s a Lefty take on that: https://sundial.csun.edu/123708/opinions/the-nra-black-panthers-and-gun-control/ … he bemoans the idea of keeping guns out of the hands of the Black urban masses. Right.]

But that’s not where we are. Millions and millions of Americans sense, with varying degrees of alarm, that we are headed for some sort of dramatic conclusion of our traditional Republic.

And they agree with the (probably apocryphal) observation of Al Capone: you can get a lot further in life with a kind word and gun, than you can with a kind word alone.

And so they want, and have acquired and are acquiring, the most effective guns that they can get which will be of use, along with kind words of course, in the future that is coming. These are so-called ‘assault rifles’ (yes, rightwing gunnuts, I know this term is meaningless).

What a total ban on them, combined with outlawing ‘high capacity’ magazines might do, is make them hard to get for 18-year old lunatics, who would be forced to murder with handguns or pump shotguns. (Although that kid in Uvalde apparently spent $5000 on all his weapons and tactical gear. Where did he get that sort of money?)

Of course, few patriots would turn in their weapons or magazines … all of which would have been lost in an unfortunate boating accident. And a huge blackmarket in high-capacity magazines and ‘assault rifles’ would open up … another source of income for the cartels. (Yes, we could declare a ‘war on guns’ to go alongside our ‘war on drugs’. That would work.)

Patriots: some advice for you, something to do right now: collect old beer cans, pipes, steel rods.

Go out at night to the nearest vacant lot, public park, even your own land if you have some. Bury some of these a couple of feet deep in the earth, in a narrow trench … ie lined up. Ten or so crushed beer cans, a couple of feet of metal pipe, or iron rods. Don’t make your excavation, after you’ve filled it in, conspicuous. Make several such burials. This metal, like Hotspur’s saltpetre, was “digged out of the bowels of the harmless Earth” and you’re just returning it, doing an eco-friendly deed.

I would argue the superpower status plays a lot. I think Latin American is more European than the US and Canada as they actually speak a language similar to Roman Latin (Spanish). English is Alngo-Celtic. So were becoming Spaniards rather than Anglo-Celtic-Germanic. 300 years ago Natives were here, 300 years now it might be a global fusion. The first lie Americans ever told ourselves was we were a “white county”. Now were a multiracial country with White Power and now that power is in decline. People over 45 already spent most the money they every will, they’re all catering to that 18-40 demographic the 6-10 prime time spot on cable tv. Yet nobody under 45 watches cable. That being said the freaks and geeks of previous generations would of loved growing up as Gen Z as the freaks and geeks are in the majority. So yeah sad preppy boys abounding.

No I don’t support this as long as the suicide rate out paces the homocide rate which it has 4x. Less people = Less problems call me Malthus.

See you have UK eyes no ones realistically doing this here if they didn’t do it in Newtown with a big Democratic Majority in all 3 branches they won’t. Joe Manchin and Sinema are pro NRA.

Yes at one point they did want to disarm the blacks but they can no longer justify it. Large black militias are forming as fast as the white ones. There used to be a bar on the outskirts of Cadillac Mi where Neo Nazi and Black Power types used to get in fist fights every Friday night as a show of power soon it will be a spread of bullets.

Yes this

Kind words are gone.

Some kids do well with cash here. No idea how. Gen Z is a mystery even to us they work a lot then suddenly quit and spend it on drugs and partying and living on the beach in summer.

You do understand that it’s easy to bore out an area of a wall and keep them in there. My sister makes cabinets that looks like dressers with secret doors you couldn’t find unless you pressed a certain way. Most states don’t have gun registries and if they do very few people use them. You have a really UK way of looking at this. We have more guns than people. Even people who bemoan gun laws own guns.

I own my gun for the reason a majority of the reason US Gun Owners own guns 1 in 3 gun fatalities is a suicide. I have a right to end my life if it need be.