"good guy with a gun is a myth!"

But it’s too late guns have already been invented. … ???

good on you just don’t piss off the cops

Just take a second to imagine; if all teachers were required to be armed.

  • Kids wouldn’t be getting killed at schools anymore ever.

As for the demographic transition of the US, putting whites (‘Anglos’ as we used to call them in Texas) into a minority … it’s hard to predict how this will interact with all the other negatives.

Blacks dominate and will increasingly dominate the big cities. But they are scattered across the US, and so cannot sustain a separatist movement. (And, their cultural level is too low.)

Hispanics dominate and will increasingly dominate the Southwest and California, but they merge over into the European population, both genetically and culturally. Most of them don’t want to be classified as ‘non-white’, a sort of alternative Black. But the temptations of political power are great. We’ll see.

As for South America being European … this has always been a great puzzle to me. Take Argentina: almost entirely of European stock, but very ‘South American’ in terms of murderous military coups, 100% reliability in debasing the currency, etc. Why?

Or Mexico: it has grown economically, has now, I read, a majority middle-class population, their kids (some of them) study calculus in school … [See Fred Reed at Unz.com for more on this: he’s a former Marine, wounded Vietnam vet, has views on things which would curl the hair of all liberals and even many conservatives … but he periodically takes on the people who think Mexico is just a backward shithole, a Latin Africa.]

But … Mexico is corrupt from top to bottom, and the Army cannot even defeat the cartels in an open battle. So as poor Mexicans and Central Americans pour over the border, the influence of the cartels will come with them… and, more importantly, whatever it is about the culture of those places that allows them to be corrupt.

And yet there are no doubt many Hispanics – probably including recent illegal arrivals – who don’t want to live in such a society.

So how the Hispanics will fall as the USA as a whole falls apart, is an open question. My guess is that they will split along roughly economic lines.

What should be clear to any patriot with a brain is that the white patriots must do everything they can to link up with and support their Black and Hispanic counterparts, even if they are a small minority within their own communities. In a war, you don’t reject even the weakest allies.


The trouble is @Doug1943, how much can you compromise your principles to get these people under “the big tent?”

Actually the police in my town want nothing to do with me. I worked for a sheriff who they generally loathed and I can fight their fire with fire. I could do nearly anything but, rape or shoot someone or invoke the wrath of the feds. I just wish the average American didn’t have to boot lick. Self emancipation etc.

listen I had some wacko teachers that could of had a bad day and made Uvalde look weak. At this point we just have to accept mass shootings for what they are, Incels and Neo-nazi’s crying bullets into children and civilians.

The trouble is @Doug1943, how much can you compromise your principles to get these people under “the big tent?”

That is, of course, the Question.

In the first place, for some of them, you need not compromise your principles at all. They are just as principled as you, and agree with you. But that doesn’t mean one mustn’t make the effort to find these people, and make them welcome.

I’ve seen good conservatives write things which may be true, but which were utterly unnecessary to say. (A principle which we all need to take to heart is that there things which are believed, and not said. There are things which are done, and not said. And there are things which are said, and not done.)

For example, I recall one person writing, I think in response to a Black person – not a leftist – posting something, that he – the white conservative – bitterly regretted the slaveowners bringing Africans over to America. Now why say that? They’re here, they make up 13% of the population, and if we can win even 10% of that 13%, that would be a significant gain for our side – several million people. But we won’t do it by lecturing Blacks about Black-on-Black crime, or saying how sorry we are that they are here. (By the way, white liberals feel the same way, but they aren’t so stupid as to say it.)

In the second place, we must take a ‘color-blind’ approach to things. This does NOT mean endorsing formal racial quotas for jobs and college admissions, etc. But it does mean crafting our policies to address that part of the Black community who have conservative values – for instance, Black mothers who don’t want their children to grow up in the depraved culture of the Black ghetto, and who want them to get a real education. Thus School Choice. (Which has to be tied to real educational methods, like those carried out by Michaela Community School in the UK.) And endorsing programs that would allow ambitious Blacks to move out of the inner city.

Let’s take a concrete example: suppose we’re choosing a half-dozen people for the executive committee of our county Republican Party, out of several hundred members. If we have some Black members, and if some of them are minimally qualified to serve on the exec committee [let’s leave aside what that means], and if the voters we must appeal to have a significant Black component – even two percent – then I would look very hard among those Black members for someone to serve on the executive committee. I wouldn’t just say, 'pick the six “best”, whatever that might mean. Why? Because we’re fighting a war, and we want to win over as many Black voters as we can. (This is worthwhile not just in terms of getting as much support as we can, but also in terms of demoralizing white liberals, who like to think of us as incorrigible racists, because it makes them feel virtuous, at the same time as they make sure to live as far as possible from Black areas.)

That is to say, our executive committee needs to be chosen on the basis of ‘how will this person help us defeat the enemy’, not on the basis of ‘how many college degrees do they have’, or some other abstract metric.

Thirdly, the real nub: suppose you are a libertarian conservative, who believes in the pure free market, and is against all government ownership of anything not strictly necessary to carry out the functions of government.

I would then urge you to compromise on those beliefs. For instance, pure libertarians want to auction off the National Parks. But if they’re smart, they won’t advertise this (insane) policy widely. Similarly, there are government progreams – socialist in spirit – like minimum wage, workmen’s compensation, health and safety regulations – that help the bottom half of society, at the expense of the top half. And this means they help Blacks disproportionately to whites.

I’m all for them (in principle), but even if I weren’t, I would postpone fighting over them until we’ve saved what portion of the Republic we can.

A Black UAW member who loves America, who hates the Left, who does’t want his children drenched in propaganda normalizing sexual abnormality … but who is a loyal union member, who supports the minimum wage … I want him on my side.

I want to stop the flood of illegals coming into the US. But in my arguments, I want never ever to say anything that would needlessly offend men like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_oUtJxE4sjs
I want men like this on my side.

We’re not doing normal politics anymore. It’s a war. We have to think differently from the way we thought fifty years ago.

With respect to ‘Good guy with a gun is a myth’ being proved at Uvalde, obviously, this phrase means ‘Good guy with a gun who is able and willing to use it’.

If all the nation’s liberals were issued with guns, despite the fact that they are, with respect to murdering people directly, ‘good guys’ … it would make no difference at all.

What is of interest is what is wrong with the Uvalde police/sheriff’s department? I could understand such behavior if we were in, say, San Francisco … I don’t know exactly how rotten the police have become there, but i wouldn’t be surprised if the quasi-military nature of the police in that city has been eroded by various liberal/progressive ‘social justice’ inititiatives, carried out by that Weatherman DA. But in Texas?

‘One Riot, One Ranger’. But that was long ago.

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The police have been reviled so completely in woke cities like San Francisco that it is surprising that there is any law and order left there. It’s no wonder the stores are closing because stealing. You can’t call it “shoplifting” any more because it’s done out in the open. Thieves walk in, take about all they (Supposedly there is a limit of just under $1,000) and walk out, maybe a little faster than normal.

“Progressive” politicians have voted for this behavior and totally support it. Woke DAs won’t prosecute criminals for much of anything short of murder.

Why visit these cities? Why pay sales and room rate taxes that feed the corrupt governments than support criminal behavior? I have only been to California once. I shall never return.

California is a beautiful state. Or was. I lived there for a few years in the early 70s. (Including in Bezerkely!) Some of the fondest memories of my life are backpacking in the National Parks and Forests there. I have good (liberal) friends in Petaluma. (They’re not happy with what’s happening to liberalism by the way.)

My wife and I took her grandchildren there a few years ago … to San Francisco, which was my favorite American city … horrible. At that time, I hadn’t followed the disgusting degeneration that liberals had brought to the city and was not aware of how it had changed… feces in the streets … needles. Horrible.

But there are plenty of sensible people left there, as also in Washington State and Oregon. In the coming renewal of America, which will necessarily require re-adjustments of borders, I hope to see substantial parts of these states join with the patriots in the ‘redoubt states’ next door to create a decent society.

Speaking of what liberals are doing to America, read this: https://thepostmillennial.com/nyc-public-school-teaches-middle-schoolers-how-to-do-drag-makeup

I’ll repeat my Standard Sermon to Conservatives here: we must not make the coming fight a traditional-conservative/libertarian-vs-traditional-liberal one, nor, even worse, a whites-against-everybody-else one.

There are literally millions, tens of millions, of decen people who have always voted Democratic, who are becoming increasingly uneasy with what is going on. We must seek ways to reach out to them. In the short term, we should work together wherever we can to reclaim school boards, city councils, state legislatures, Congress.

To some extent this will be in tension with what we will need to do with government power when we get it. So we may have disputes with our allies over various issues, when we do things like trying to cleanse the state apparatus of the degenerates and anti-Americans. This is what politics is about, there is no getting around it.

If I were forming, say, a group believing in ‘Parents Rights’, and choosing some of them to run for half a dozen school board seats, I would NOT want this half-dozen to all be ‘traditional conservatives’, if I could help it. If we had some ‘traditional Democrats’ in the group, I would want to include one or two of them as our candidates. And I would not be happy to see the group dominated by fundamentalist Christians. (Part of the coalition, if they’re there, yes, and some of our candidates, possibly. It’s politics, you have to compromise where it’s necessary to do so to win.)

For instance, if schools have abandoned the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag, we need to introduce it, and terminate (I mean fire, not kill!) teachers and administrators who refuse to implement it. This might bring us into conflict with reflexive trade unionists. We have to explain to them that if we’re serious, this is necessary, but not berate them or lecture them on the evils of government employee unions, or of unions altogether. (Although we might remind them that FDR was against government employee unions.)

But we should try to avoid clashes over ‘traditional’ Left/Right issues where we can. People learn in struggle. We want to lead current Democratic voters away from the liberals, not just in a tactical-voting, just-this-time sense, but permanently.

We have to get them to despise, to hate liberals. And by ‘liberals’ I don’t mean the ordinary person, but the ‘intelligentsia’ who are leading the destruction of their country. The worst of the Left have a deep hatred for the USA. The less worse are just weak and afraid to defy the treasonous insanity of their leaders.

This won’t be a road-to-Damascus situation for many of them. People learn in struggle, over time, slowly. We have to give these people new friends: invite them to our informal social events, include them in joint work for mutual goals, expose them to the decent Left – like Glenn Greenwald – who, without abandoning what they see are their decent desires for a better world – are not going along with the destruction of their country. Step by step.

The Hard Left will be our allies here: they will revile anyone who doesn’t knuckle under to what they’re doing as ‘traitors’, even as ‘unAmerican’. (What a laugh! As they tear down statues of Americans, they vote to honor Americans who were Soviet spies!)

Good. Invite our new allies to co-sponsor, and attend, patriotic rallies. Make sure Anti-Fa are alerted, and hope they show up to throw half-bricks at the patriots. Best educational event imaginable, when a patriotic Democrat gets hit by a rock thrown by an AntiFa sewer rat. Even better if the rock-thrower gets accidentally and reluctantly arrested, and prominent Democrats pay their bail.

Lenin said that to be a good Bolshevik required patience and a sense of irony. So too to be a good anti-Bolshvik.

Ya been in England too long she’s cooked done over, and any of your friends with High Intelligence can tell you that if you phone them. Anarchy could be a good thing yes the struggle changes people and anarchy is a struggle.

Not sure what you mean. England, and all Europe, are going down the tubes as well, but slower than America, and with the additional factor that they’re committing national suicide.

Can you imply nationalism without race? it’s like implying communism without class. Yeah no white people move to other non white nations well for reasons, outside of far east asia the world doesn’t exactly like a European much. The point is America is paradoxically different because the Africans brought here as slaves, the natives who interbred with the french and the Spaniards. The Asians who were here for cheap labor on the west coast, and the White people who came here at the ports. I had an asian girl who told me all races can get along except black people because they want to be the loser or the victim and the pimp and the powerful at the same time. Now I’m quoting a person of color describing another person of color and wither her comments had any merits its not for me to judge. Doug its got so bad here I think after a month of anarchy we’d be closer to sorting it out, all the people running their mouth off would drop dead like flies. Even Guts mentioned that. Suspend the rules give everyone a gun, and see whos left standing at the end. The people left standing would be the meek, the kind, the working, the quiet, the respectful. There are a lot of rude loud mouth republicans and lot or loud rude mouth city scum. I’ve seen trans people attack religious people in the comments and I’ve seen baptists preachers defame them beyond belief. At the end of the day the people I appreciate the most are the ones that shut up, get stuff done and don’t walk around with a bag and a gun or a badge and a gun and yell at everyone. Powertrippers, Gangsters, Police, Terrorists. Pimps and Thugs. I’ve seen pimps prostittues and hoes some lying in gutters some got their own tv shows. Now I’m a cynic I’m post partisan I can’t help but see the lies and hypocrisy on both sides. Biden and Trump both had 41% approval ratings cause they’re just both awful but you don’t see a pro biden cult. No one is for biden they are just simply against Trump. I wish people could see that here. Alaska and you are somewhat logical. Sometimes FC is super on point, but he’s jaded in a way. He’s mixed his faith and politics too deep to come back from that. I’m post partisan, I was toying around with a third party before I got here the American Solidarty Party and I still think it’s a good middle point. I’m not anti-isolationist as I’ve told Alaska we should have that talk, about leadership in the 21st century and if all we getting is ungreatfulness see how much China likes doing it. Part of me wants this to start over and draw the lines back at 1999. 9/11 was our eternal wound, were scarred were killing each other because we don’t know what happened still. Like Hiroshoma psychologically damaged the japanese they never overcame that.

My favorite ‘Guide to Life’ saying is this: No one knows the future.
The world, and the US in it, is like a very large, complex machine. It may be, in theory, understandable at a high level … but we haven’t succeeded in doing that yet. We’re like highly intelligent Victorians, given a computer or a TV set. They just don’t have the concepts to analyze it.

And the US is itself, embedded within the world, a large, complex machine. Even the parts which we can try to isolate from the world and figure out, are really beyond us.

We can see that somethings wrong with the American machine: it’s beginning to smoke, we see sparks, we feel intermittent jolting … it’s like my old VW camper: sometimes – usually out on I10 between San Antone and El Paso – when I would push down on the accelerator and nothing would happen … for a while.

But, as Adam Smith said, there is a good deal of ruin in a nation, and the USA has been a nation like no other. So we’ve got a lot of capital, human and physical, to run through before we go bankrupt/burn up.

Plus we play a special role in the world: nuclear weapons, and 400 military bases spread across the globe, billions of dollars sent to various governments and quasi-governments everywhere.

So we don’t know how the collapse is going to occur, or even if it will be sudden, or long and drawn out.

What rational people must do is make a ‘worst (plausible) case analysis’, and prepare.

First, prepare yourself and your family: accumulate the necessary physical stocks, those which will be used up (mainly food), and those which won’t. Then improve your human capital. Can you deal with a sucking chest wound? Do you know how to approach someone who has been electrocuted, but is still alive, lying on a possible live wire? Do you hae the tools and materials to board up your windows?

Then try to organize a local group of like-minded people. That way you’ll get a division of labor: not everyone can be an electrician/plumber/auto mechanic/expert gardner/nurse or combat medic/radio ham/gunsmith all at the same time. But assemble a few dozen families into a community defense team, or call it what you like, and you’ll probably have access to most of these useful skills.

What you don’t want to do in assembling your local group, is to be in any way politically, racially, culturally, religiously, exclusive: so long as your group members are basic patriots who love their country and see the approaching dangers, they’re in, or should be.

We cannot now say what sort of political arrangements will emerge from the collapse. But what is true is that if even just five percent or so of the population are prepared, and organized, in anticipation of it, the outcome is a lot more likely to be one conducive to reconstructing a decent society, perhaps with new borders.

And speaking of a decent society: it will always, always, have police. Lord Acton noted that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. So we need to be vigilant and make sure our police are professional. But we must have police: we’re a nasty species and have to be kept in order. ‘Original Sin’ – the Christians sure got that one right!

Not entirely true; teachers can commit mass murder, too. And in this day and age, I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens (just disgusted and p***ed off).

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Yea, some of these teachers look pretty unhinged to me. I would not want them with a gun in a classroom with my kid or grand kid.

Bad guy without a gun is the real myth

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Things the like Paris attacks shows why’s it’s necessary. Even in societies with strict gun laws, you will still have attacks, and thus you need armed people who will guard vulnerable areas.

Everyone adopted stronger airport security after 9/11. The Paris attacks had a similar effect on security more broadly.

Sure, but do you really think the answer is leaning into vigilantism?