Good News! Bill Nelson's chances for re-election to the Senate are almost impossible!


That was the headline on my computer browser this morning when I got on the Internet. There are over 5,000 ballots where the signatures with the ballot do not match the ones that are on file in the election records. Nelson’s lawyers have been trying to get them counted, but even if he gets them, it won’t be enough to re-elect him.

That means that Mr. Botox Face will no longer be able to serve as Chuck Schumer’s favorite puppet senator. He voted with Chuckie almost 90% of the time.

Scot lacks charisma, but he’s been a darn good Florida governor. He’s kept the taxes down, and he has created atmosphere here for a strong economy. In Washington he will a strong new voice.


Holy Shiite, Batman,

First, The Bad News: It was just announced this morning that now Broward County cannot account for another 4,000 ballots that FOX just now announced were to be part of the hand recount - before they went missing.

Second, The Good News: Brenda Snipes feels confident the ballots are still somewhere in the building.

My God - it is impossible to conceive of a series of “cluster fleukins” more undermining of the democratic voting process than that which we have been witnessing and are now continuing to witness in Broward County, Florida. Banana republics do better than this.

The Florida Secretary Of State’s office is scheduled to certify the state-wide election results next Tuesday. You can bet your ass, Democrat lawyers are crafting multiple lawsuits challenging the vote count in Broward in an effort to discredit the entire process and/or /hold up certification (until more Nelson ballots can be manufactured - mine)…

Is it possible that a judge will order the complete recount of ALL the ballots in Broward? - In other words, repeat the entire county ballot counting process from scratch? I doubt it, but what the hell - who could have foreseen the heretofore uncharted depths of incompetence/fraud?/combination of both? being played out on an hourly/daily basis within Broward County? Could it be thousands of newly “found” ballots will be flown in from Guatemala and Honduras in time for the recount? Just kidding - I think.

If the goal has been to irreparably discredit the entire 2018 Senate election process in Broward County, the Democrats have been successful.

I still think Scott will ultimately win, but his victory will undoubtedly be viewed by many as tainted and significantly undermined by the shenanigans pulled off in Broward County - I can hear his opponent in 6 years promising Floridians two cars in every garage, a chicken in every pot and, oh yeah, the charge that “Scott stole the election 6 years ago”.


This reminds of the last few seconds of an Olympic basketball game many years ago between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. The referees kept restarting the play three or four times before the Russians finally got down the floor to score the winning goal. Then the crooked referees said the game was over.

Brenda Snipes is the crooked referee. She’s going to keep playing with the ballots until she gets Nelson re-elected or the courts call a halt to this farce. Brenda Snipes should indicted for breaking laws, but there are probably no laws on the books that can cover her crimes. This has gone well beyond mere incompetence. This is criminal.


It’s the Democrat way.