Good year round grass for Fresno area Climate

We live about 10 miles east of Fresno and most lawns (including mine) are some breed of Bermuda.

Mine dies immediately when the temperature starts to drop and is slow to revive in the Spring.

About half of my front lawn is shaded and my breed never really gets thick in these areas.

I am looking for either;

  1. A good Bermuda that will stay alive in Winter (Yukon?) so my whole front yard does not go brown.


  1. A different type of grass that will endure the heat and the cold enough to be a year round lawn.

I am going to rota-tile this month and plant so whatever I pick has to be able to take root as the days get shorter and the colder nights have already begun.

Anyone got any suggestions? That Yukon Bermuda I mentioned earlier seems close but they say “good Winter endurance” not “grows in Winter” so I don’t know if they just mean it will survive dormant or it will continue to be a lawn.

What I have now always survives Winter, it just looks like garbage 5 months a year. I am hoping to improve that situation.